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If you don't know what contra dancing is, check out Gary Shapiro's page. And join us on the Usenet newsgroup <rec.folk-dancing>, which is also a "Google group"... but it's much more pleasant as news.

Bob Stein took the time to thank me for coming up with the idea of a national dance page. I'd like to thank all the people who have taken the time over these 12 years (yikes!) to create and maintain all the local pages, especially Bryan Walls and Gary Shapiro, who were there first and whose fine pages inspired mine.

I'd like help updating the listing by day of the week--it's often hard to get that information out of the local pages. If you have new entries, please send them to me; if you see entries that should be deleted, likewise. I'd prefer (or hope, anyway) that any new entries have links to local Web pages. And I'm also looking for more entries for the dance weekend listing.

Some Contradance stuff

A collection of information about contra dancing on the World Wide Web, Usenet, and other parts of the net.

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Some noteworthy articles on dancing

Some new articles

Chip Handler's About Contra Dance page includes some animated diagrams.
Stokin' the Contra Fires by Sheridan Hill
Contra Dancing and Matrices by Ivars Peterson, about Bernie Scanlon, a dancer and mathematician from California.
Chapters from Erik Hoffman's fine book Contradictations.
Mark Carroll's article page.
Ryan Thomson's reviews of dance and music events also includes various other interesing writing.

The heart of this page is the index of articles on dancing,
mostly written by the denizens of <rec.folk-dancing>.
There's no place like home... by Caroline Fahrney
Dancing the Woman's Role by Bob Golder
Good Contra and Square Dancing Defined by Paul Tyler
Everything About Dancing That Nobody Ever Talks About by Dave Goldman
Changes in contra dance choreography by Jenny Beer
Improving Problem Dancers by Dave Cottle
Contra Classifications by Carol Thompson and Steve Satterfield.
Guns and Etiquette at the Dance by Bill Meyers
More articles on dancing...

...and some photo galleries.

Karl's Contra Corner NEW!
Dance Trance 1999 NEW!
Doug Plummer's gallery NEW!
Some Clifftop photos NEW!

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