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a few of Kiran's Favorite Tunes

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Robin Loeffler <tenp@earthlink.net> asks:

What a wonderful chance to review my tunes! Thanks Robin. I'm quite curious to see what tunes are liked by people from various parts of the country, too.

I like to match tunes to dances, but I don't have any particular attachment to specific tune-dance matches. I do like to call dances that fit certain favorite tunes or medleys--The Brumley Brae, Skippin' Cat & Ragtime Annie, for example--but I have a variety of dances to fit the tunes.

Here are a few tunes I don't hear often enough. (I won't list favorites that I hear all the time.) Some of them, of course, have to be straightened to work for contras. Others are not two-part tunes, but any competent caller should be able to handle that problem. And a few of them aren't contradance tunes at all. :-)

It recently occurred to me that many classic dance tunes are no longer being played for contradancing. Golden Slippers, Red Wing, Turkey in the Straw, Arkansas Traveller, Old Joe Clark, and yes, even Ragtime Annie have all fallen into disfavor, to name just a few examples.

New additions:

Bell Cow (sp.?)
Fleur de Mandrigore (sp.?)
Jan's Tune
Greasy Coat
Come Along Jody by Tex Logan (?)
The Cellphone Tune By C.W. Abbott
Tuba City Truck Stop by Al White
Vladimir's Steamboat by Jay Ungar
Cantrell's Retreat by Mark Burhans
Benton's Dream by Benton Flippen (sp.?)
Arkansas Traveller
Old Joe Clark
Red Wing
Goodbye Liza Jane
Greasy Coat
West Fork Gals

If you know any other recordings of these, let me know.
Arkansas Traveller
Bell Cow (sp.?)
Benton's Dream by Benton Flippen (sp.?)
Buck Mountain
Buffalo Gals
Buzzard's Breath by Art Shuster
Cantrell's Retreat by Mark Burhans
Cherokee Shuffle (straightened)
Chinkapin Hunting
Come Along Jody by Tex Logan
Devil's Dream
Dick Gossip's
Drunkard's Reel
Evil Reel by Tom Troszak
Forked Deer
Fleur de Mandrigore (sp.?)
George Booker
Goodbye Liza Jane
Golden Slippers
Grapevine Twist
Gravois Creek Pump by Geoff Seitz
Haphazard Breakdown by Julia McCrory
Hog Wallow by Erik Sessions
by Matt Gordon and
John Lover's Gone
It Ain't the Heat, it's the Humidity by Erik Sessions
Jan's Tune
Jeff Davis
Late for the Dance
Leather Britches
Lit Splickety by Mark Simos
Lullaby for Liza by David Cahn
Mississippi Sawyer
Muddy Road to Kansas
Music for a Found Harmonium by Simon Jeffes
Nail that Catfish to the Tree by Steve Rosen
North Carolina Breakdown
Oyster River
Pow Wow by Rodney Miller
Pulaski Skyway by Sam Zygmuntowicz
Puncheon Floor
Ragtime Annie
Red Wing
Reunion Jig by Russ Barenburg
Rhinoceros for Sue by Sam Bartlett
Rock-A-Bye Baby by Daniel Steinberg
Rockabilly Reel by Rodney Miller
Seneca Square Dance
Sequatchie Valley
Seventeen Days in Georgia
Sligo Creek by Danny Noveck
Tam Lin
Turkey in the Straw
The Brumley Brae by WIlliam McPherson
The Cellphone Tune
The High Part of the Road
The White Leaf
Thyme on Our Hands by Erik Sessions
Tuba City Truck Stop By ? (I should know this!)
Vladimir's Steamboat by Jay Ungar
Waiting for Nancy by Curtis Carlisle Bouterse
Ways of the World
Wild Hog in the Woods
Wizard's Walk by Jay Ungar

Enough for now. Got to pack. See you at Sugar Hill, I hope.

Kiran "MIDI archive, anyone?" <entropy@prismnet.com>

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