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Homepages of bands, musicians and callers

Like all of the rest of this stuff, this page is always under construction. Last updated on March 2, 2000

Many of these people hang out or at least quietly lurk on the Usenet newsgroup rec.folk-dancing, which is also the Folk Dance Mailing List.

What's new?

Martha Edwards, one of my favorite people anywhere, maintains Stringdancer's homepage. They're from St. Louis.
The Last Gaspe are one of my favorite dance bands; I can't say enough about the pleasures of calling with them at the final Northfield Dawn Dance. (RIP) They showed up at 8:15, danced till three, then played till 7, keeping a hundred dancers on the floor till dawn. A worthy finale. They're from Madison, Wisconsin.
The Hotpoint Stringband are some of the sweetest people I know (and a smokin' band too). They're from Athens, Ohio.
Ten Penny Bit, from Louisville, are another great dance band and form the core of Louisville's legendary Monday night open band, the band (and the community) that made me a dancer and that's still the best place I know.
Mike Richardson maintains the Childplay homepage. They're from all over the place, and all the fiddlers play instruments made by Bob Childs.
Charlie Hancock maintains the ContraBandits homepage. They're from the San Francisco Bay area.
Pigs Eye Landing is a fine dance band from the Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul.
Mat La Rose maintains the Fingerpix homepage. They're from Philadelphia.
Jeff Hersk maintains the Carnival Knowledge webpage. They're from Nashville.
David DiGiuseppe maintains the Footloose homepage. (North Carolina)
The Elftones homepage. Two people, who sound like four.
Cora Bigwood maintains the Permanent Wave homepage. They're from Houston.
Guy Byars maintains the Brittany Bay homepage. They're from Cincinnati.
Bill Dudley maintains the Squirrely Germs homepage. They're from Florida.
The Hillbillies From Mars homepageThey're from the San Francisco Bay area)
The Atomic City Rhythm Rascals are from Knoxville, Tennessee.

Bands and musicians

Julie Mangin maintains Mando Mafia's homepage and the Buzzard Rock Bayou Boys' homepage. They're from the Charlottesvile and Harrisonburg, VA area.
Greg Anderson maintains Scrod Pudding's homepage and a page for Bill Olson and his dances. They're from Maine.
Wendy Morrison maintains a homepage for Klezmos, Swing on a Dime and her other bands. They're from the DC area.
Jay Ungar & Molly Mason have a homepage with information on the Ashokan Fiddle & Dance programs. They're from upstate New York.
Monkey Island has a homepage.
Dianne Britton maintains Holly Ridge's homepage.
Ed Baggott maintains the Red Moutain White Trash homepage. They're from Birmingham, Alabama.
KGB's homepage. They're from Seattle.
Nightingale's homepage. They're from southern Vermont.
Peter Amidon maintains Popcorn Behavior's homepage. They're from southern Vermont.
Bob Stein maintains A Band Named Bob's homepage. They're from Philadelphia.
George Marshall maintains the Wild Asparagus and Swallowtail homepages. Both bands are from Western Massachusetts.
Donna Slonim maintains Roaring Jelly's homepage.

Some Musicians' Homepages

Pete Marshall, of Mando Mafia, has a page on the Web.
Elke Baker's homepage. She's from DC.
Bo Bradham's homepage includes information on his bands.

Some Callers' Homepages

Donna McAllister has published her dances on the Web. (This is currently AWOL.)
David Kirchner's homepage includes several of his dances.
Bob Dalsemer's homepage includes many of his dances.
Eric Conrad's homepage includes several of his dances.

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