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This page has not been updated since March 1, 2000 and should be considered both obsolete and unreliable. If you link to it, please delete your links. If you found it in a search engine, go to the index of local Web pages, which is much more likely to be up to date.

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This page has not been updated since March 1, 2000 and should be considered both obsolete and unreliable. If you link to it, please delete your links. If you found it in a search engine, go to the index of local Web pages, which is much more likely to be up to date.

Many wonderful people maintain local homepages and regional info pages.

Also see the index by state.

There are now enough of them that I've reorganised this list by region, from east to west. Feel free to quibble with my geography; I use the regional divisions from the _Interstate Gourmet_ books. This page was last updated on February 26, 2000.
The Lavender Country Dancers provide nationwide information on "gender-role-free" dancing, which might also be termed non-hetero-centric dancing.

New England

Some of the finest contra dancers I've met come from Maine, and you can read about Maine folk events on the Downeast Friends of the Folk Arts (DEFFA) homepage. Bill Tomczak's pages include a Pioneer Valley (Western Mass and Southern Vermont) page and a Brattleboro Dawn Dance page. Burlington, VT's Queen City Contra series has a homepage. Richard Hart maintains a New Hampshire dance info page.
Red Townsend maintains a Montpelier, VT contra dance page.CyberYankee's Contratopia page includes information on a Burlington dance, dance, and a Bristol, VT dance. Chip Hedler maintains a Wolcott, VT dance page. And Tom and Val Medve now maintain the Northeast folk dance info page from the Dance Gypsy.

Several people maintain pages for the Boston & Cambridge area. Terence Gaffney maintains the CDS Boston Centre page. They sponsor Tuesday dances in Cambridge. Dan Pearl maintains a NEFFA page which includes Thursday contra schedules. They dance at the VFW in Cambridge. Lydia Ievins maintains a schedule for the Monday night dances at the Scout House in Concord, MA. New England comprises six states, but the Folk Arts Center of New England [sic] pages include information only on a small part of one small state, in particular contradancing around Boston. Go figure--and you may want to set your browser for black & white. (And let's not mention these fake domain names Ultranet users seem to like.)

Dick Forsyth maintains the Folk Arts Center of New England contra dance page Bruce Meyer maintains a Woodbury contra dance page and a Wallingford Grange contra dance page. Gary A. O'Connor maintains the Country Life, Dance and Music Society page for Pittsfield, MA. The Western Massachusetts page covers dances for the Guiding Star Grange in Greenfield and the Munson Library in Amherst. Jon Weinberg maintains a Northboro (MA) info page, and Charlie Seelig maintains a Rehoboth (MA) page. Gary Wachs maintains the ContraSENE page for southeastern New England. The Round Hill Country Dances in Greenwich, CT now have a homepage. Rob Lindauer maintains the Hartford (CT) Country Dance homepage, and Bruce Meyer maintains the New Haven Country Dancers page and also maintains Henry's International Sheep Home Page. For other animals' pages, see my hompage.


Mike Miller maintains a Syracuse, New York page. Richard Sauvain maintains a Country Dancers of Rochester page Richard Sauvain maintains the Country Dancers of Rochester page homepage. Hilton Baxter maintains a Binghamton, NY page. And Cynthia Van Ness and Lisa Seivert maintain the Queen City Country Dancers homepage. They dance in Buffalo, New York. Ted Crane maintains the Tompkins County Country Dances page. They dance in Ithaca. And Ed Bugel maintains the Oneonta (NY) Dance Society page.

Greg Robie maintains the Hudson Heritage Country Dances homepage for Orange County, NY, and Tamara Henderson maintains the Hudson Valley Country Dances and Walkill Valley Contra Dance pages for Hyde Park and New Paltz, NY.

Country Dance * New York now has an official homepage, which joins Will Linden's recently revised NYC area page, apparently created while the CD*NY board was fussing with administrivia. Sherri Guthrie maintains the Long Island Traditional Music Association's homepage. The Folk Project now has pages for their Swingin' Tern and Highland Park dance series.

Pat Palmer maintains the Princeton Country Dancers homepage, Bob Stein maintains the Philadelphia (Thursday) contradance and Philadelphia Third Saturday Dance pages, and Robert Stockton maintains the Lambertville Country Dancers homepage. They dance in Yardley, PA.

The Chicory House pages include a Wilkes-Barre schedule. Chris Sacksteder maintains a Central Pennsylvania Country Dance Association homepage for State College, PA. Bill Frysinger and Pete LaBerge maintain a Chester County (PA) dance info page. Susan Denise maintains the York (PA) Folk Dance Association homepage. Tom Rhodes maintains the Valley Contra Dance homepage for Bethlehem, PA, and Laurie Dickson maintains theCountryside Contra Dancers homepage for Lewisburg, PA.

Terrie Wheeler and Sam Blackburn maintain the Pittsburgh (PA) Community Dance Network schedule page.

Bob Taylor maintains the Arden (DE) Folk Gild's dance page, David Dustin maintains the Baltimore Folk Music Society homepage, John Wells maintains the Annapolis Traditional Dance Society homepage and Renee Schreck maintains the Crab Contras homepage for Easton, MD, and John Roberts maintains the Southern Maryland Traditional Music And Dance page.

Rory Martin maintains the Dixie Contra Dance site for Front Royal, VA. Kathy Bilton maintains a Sheperdstown (WV) Music and Dance info page. Marguerite Plank maintains the Mid-Maryland Folk Arts Council page. They dance in Frederick. Dennis Cook maintains the Folklore Society of Greater Washington homepage. and Keith Gillis maintains the Glen Echo Friday Night Dance web page. They both hold dances near DC.


Many people feel Southern Michigan is dance heaven, and you can find out more about their dances on Bob Stein's Lansing and Ann Arbor, Michigan area info page. Charles Roth maintains the Ann Arbor Council for Traditional Music and Dance (AACTMAD) information page. Phil and Carol Good-Elliot maintain the Folk Music Society of Midland page. Jamie Dougan maintains a Bayside Travellers page. They sponsor dances in and around Traverse City, Michigan.

Marlin Whitaker maintains the Northwest Ohio Traditional Music and Dance page for Toledo, OH, and Bob McKimm maintains a Cleveland and Northeast Ohio area info page.

Harold Cheyney maintains the Big Scioty Barn Dance homepage. They dance in Columbus. He also maintains the Southeastern Ohio Traditional Dance Society page. They dance in Athens. Ed Delaney now maintains an Oxford, Ohio info page. Cityfolk's pages include info on the Dayton (OH) Community Dance.

Clint Sprott maintains a Madison, Wisconsin page. The Chicago Barn Dance Company's pages also include Valparaiso (IN) Barn Dance info.

Some Minneapolis/St Paul contradance info can be found on the Tapestry Folkdance Center homepage.

John Brockman maintains a Cincinnati Contradancers homepage. David Ernst maintains a Bloomington (IN) Old Time Music and Dance Group homepage. Barry Levitt maintains the Indianapolis Traditional Music and Dance homepage, and Jonathan Sivier maintain the Urbana Country Dancers homepage.

David Kirchner now maintains pages for Cape Girardeau (MO) and Carbondale (IL) as part of the Childgrove Country Dancers' homepage. Childgrove dances in St. Louis. Michelle Emory maintains the Mid-Missouri Traditional Dancers page, listing dances in Columbia, MO and the area. Lawrence, Kansas has one of the finest local dances I've ever attended, and Brad Levy maintains a Lawrence (KS) Barn Dance page. Marion MacDonald's KCFOLK page includes some info on Kansas City area contradances. Ed Gebauer maintains a Kansas City regional page. Liz Granberg maintains pages for Moundridge, KS and the Flint Hills Barn Dance in Manhattan, KS.

Martin Gaskell maintains a Lincoln, NE contra page.

Roger Alexander maintains the Central Iowa Barn Dance Association homepage and an Iowa regional dance calendar. And Dan Treadway maintains the Iowa City Barn Dance page.

Mid-South and South

Some of the other finest dancers I've ever met come from Kentucky, and many of them dance in Louisville. Dwayne Johnson maintains a Louisville Country Dancers homepage which includes information on Murray, Kentucky. And Cary Ravitz now maintains a Lexington (KY) Traditional Dance Association homepage.

Richard Findlay maintains the Contra Corners homepage. They dance in Greenwood, near Charlottesville, VA. Steve Clement maintains Friends of Appalachian Music's homepage. They dance in Norge and Williamsburg, Virginia. Shawn Brenneman maintains the Albemarle County CDSS page. They dance in Charlottesville, VA. Rich Holmes maintains a Hampton Roads (VA) dance page. And some folks known only as Henry and Kathleenmaintain the Traditional American Dance and Music Society (TADAMS) page. They dance in Richmond, VA. And Peggy Neil maintains a Virginia (I-64) Regional page Contra Dance page.

Earl Vanover maintains the Blue Ridge Country Dancers homepage. They dance in Floyd, VA. Mary Swim maintains the Morgantown (WV) Friends of Old-Time Music Web page. Marguerite Plank maintains a Shepherdstown Music & Dance page, and Kathy Bilton maintains a Shepherdstown (WV) info page.

The Knoxville (TN) Country Dancers holds the hottest dance weekend I know every year on Presidents' Day Weekend, and you can read about it on their homepage, maintained by Toby Koosman who also maintains a nice collection of related pages. Kevin Liske maintains an Atlanta, Georgia dance info page, and Kathy Laurenzo maintains the Athens (GA) Folk Music and Dance Society Web page.

Bryan Walls maintains the North Alabama Country Dance Society homepage and a Contra and Folk Dancing in the Mid-South page, as well as Nashville and Memphis info pages.

Joyce Cauthen maintains the Birmingham Country Dance Society homepage. And Clyde Bailey maintains the Arkansas Country Dance Society homepage. Daniel Luecking maintains the Fayetteville (AR) info page. And David Forrest now maintains the Greater New Orleans Folk Society Web page.

You'll find a LOT of wonderful dancing in Western NC. Carol Thompson maintains the Fiddle & Bow Country Dancers' homepage. They dance in Winston-Salem and Greensboro, NC. Virgil Sealy maintains a Triangle area (North Carolina) dance info page, Dean Brock, who maintained the first Harvest Moon Folk Society, has passed the torch to Steve Dodd, who maintains the The Old Farmers Ball (Swannanoa, NC) homepage. Jim Alexander maintains the Charlotte, North Carolina info page. Oscar Knight maintains a Boone (NC) Country Dance page. Weogo Reed maintains the Harvest Moon Folk Society homepage. They dance in Greenville and River Falls, South Carolina. And Mike Praeger maintains aDown East Folk Arts Society homepage,which has contra dance information for Beaufort, NC.

Carl Hilton maintains a Charleston area contra dance page. Dianne Britton maintains the Columbia (SC) Old Time Music & Dance homepage, and William Ellis maintains a Florida dance page for the Gainesville Old-time Dance Society. Bill Dudley maintains a Tampa dance page. And Charles Dyer maintains the Jacksonville Country Dance and Song Society dance page.

Marty Spencer maintains the Lake Worth dance page and the Miami dance page. And the Orlando Contra Dance now has a page, maintained by HalseyDog. You might want to set your monitor for black and white.

Southwest and West

Chris Hardage maintains the North Texas Traditional Dance Society's homepage. William Watson maintains an Texas contra dance info page, and Glenn Hebert maintains the Houston (TX) Area Traditional Dance Society Web page.

Laura Estes and Rab Cummings maintains the Bozeman Folklore Society page that lists contra dance information. The Missoula Folklore Society has information on contra dancing in Missoula and the Bear Hug Mountain Festival.

Friends of Traditional Dance in Fort Collins has a schedule on the Web, and Jared Gottlieb maintains a Colorado contradance info page. Mark Ohrenschall maintains the Colorado Friends of Old-Time Music and Dance (CFOOTMAD) page. Lisa Sieverts maintains the Boise Contra Dance Society homepage. Michael Drews maintains the Cache Valley Folk Dance Web page which includes Utah information. And Mike Runow maintains the Sierra Contra Dance Society page for Reno and Carson City, NV.

Michael D. Drews maintains a Utah Contra Dance page. Dan Allison maintains the Southern Nevada Old-Time Contra Dancers page. They occasionally dance near Las Vegas. Lonnie Ludeman maintains the Southern New Mexico Music & Dance Society page, with dance info for Las Cruces. Ron Nieman maintains an Arizona info page, including info on Phoenix, Prescott, and Flagstaff dances. Terry Friedman's Arizona Folk Dance page and Dianne Phelan's New Mexico Dance Page include some contradance information, but you'll have to dig for it.

West coast and Pacific

Gary Shapiro maintains the Santa Barbara Country Dance Society homepage, which has a schedule and a neat logo, and also maintains the Ojai Contra Dance page. Harold Hallikainen maintains the Central Coast Country Dance Society info page. They dance in San Luis Obispo, California. Rich Cageao maintains a California Contra & English weekly calendar listing upcoming dance camps, weekends and events throughout the state, and also maintains a California Dance Co-Operative info page. They dance in and around Los Angeles. And Steve Barlow maintains the San Diego Folk Heritage homepage.

Mark Carroll maintains the North Bay Country Dance Society's homepage. Craig Johnson maintains the Bay Area Country Dance Society homepage. They dance in and around San Francisco. Paul Fussell also maintains a Bay Area info page and the Sacramento Dance page. The Santa Cruz/Monterey Country Dancers have a homepage as well.

Caroline Klug and Erik Weberg maintain a Portland contradance info page and a Bend, OR contra dance page. Hal Mueller maintains the Corvallis (OR) contradance page. And Mark Lewis maintains the Northeast Oregon Folklore Society page which lists dance info for Grande, OR.

Matt Fisher maintains a Seattle, Washington area info page. Judi Gibbs maintains the Three Rivers Folklife Society homepage. They hold monthly dances in Kennewick, Washington, and the pages includes info on other southeastern WA dances. and the Spokane Folklore Society's page includes schedules for Spokane Wednesday contradances. Kathy Howard maintains the Friends of Acoustic Music page, which lists dances in Walla Walla, WA. And the Northwest Folklife Festival has a homepage.

Steve Boyd maintains the Dancing Bears homepage. They dance in Fairbanks. Sally Donaldson maintains a Juneau contradance info page. Gary Newman maintains the Contra Borealis Dancers' pages. They dance in Fairbanks, Alaska. He also maintains a page for all Alaska contradancing. And Robert Bley-Vroman maintains the Contradancers of Hawaii info page.


Eric Praetzel maintains the Toronto (Ontario) Country Dancers' web page.
Bill Gibbens maintains a Vancouver, BC info page, and Steven Nagy maintains the Hamilton Country Dancers' homepage.

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