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Awesome Double Progression Dance

By Donna McAllister

A duple improper double progression contra.

Donna wrote this dance in 1989 when she forgot her cards on the way to call a dance in Knoxville. Initially called "Panic Button" for obvious reasons, then "Dead Easy Double Progression," it acquired its current name when Robert Cromartie called it, and Gene Hubert asked him "What was the name of that awesome double progression dance?"





Donna also wrote Caught in the Act, The Brown Bag Reel, Contra Clockwise #1, and Follow the Lady, which are collected in Midwest Folklore and other dances, a wonderful book of dances published in honor of Orace Johnson by the Urbana Country Dancers.

David Kircher wrote Ralph and Donna's Dance for her wedding to Ralph McAllister.

Ralph and Donna wrote Highway Hypnosis.

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