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Batja's Breakdown

By Tom Hinds

A Becket formation contra, progressing left.

The dance is named after long-time dancer and folklorist Batja Bell.





The dance is often done with a gypsy and occasionally a do-si-do or balance in the B1

"Pass through to an ocean wave" (called "pass the ocean" in club square dancing) can be visualised in two ways. The latter more accurately reflects the usual flow. Note that an ocean wave is distinct from the typical "wavy line," because the women allemande halfway to trade places before forming the wave.

Tom also wrote Fisher's Jig, named for Laurie Fisher of the String Beings, and many other dances collected in his three volumes of Dance all Night. These books can be ordered by snailmail from Tom Hinds, 120 Three Forks Lane, Faber VA 22938.

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