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Beneficial Tradition

By Dan Pearl

A Becket formation, clockwise double progression contra, which I learned in Louisville, Kentucky






Dan notes: "I always loved this zig-zag gimmick when I danced it in Cor Hogendijk's "Pat's Tradition", done by English country dancers. A dance by Steve Schnur that featured it motiviated me to try my own. The dance was written for and first performed at the Dance Musician's Development Fund annual benefit dance. The Fund sprung out of a one-time benefit dance to help Susan Worland, a fine fiddler in Boston, replace her stolen instruments. From that, the Fund formed as a subcommittee of the Folk Arts Center of New England. At the annual DMDF dance (12 hours of varied dancing) funds are raised to benefit research and special projects for Boston-area dance musicians. The title gives a nod to "Pat's Tradition" and the beneficial tradition of the DMDF.

"Little did I know that when the dance started getting around, people would start yelping, hooting, etc. during B2. I think this started in Philadelphia. They have my blessing! Certainly, the "pulls" in B2 should be done with strength, tension, and other good contra-type connection. Foot-stompers have my blessing, too! ;-)"

Dan also wrote The Rendezvous, a great dance to end a medley, and Marshmallow Surprise. email him at <pearl@sw.stratus.com>
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