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DUI #4

aka Doin' Time

By Gary Shapiro

A duple improper contra.

Gary writes "Warning! This dance is very strange! Do I dare try it out at the fabulous Carrillo Ballroom in Santa Barbara this Sunday? Comments? Choices? Trash it?"






Gary notes, "In A1, the set is a squashed circle formed by joining across at the ends."

"End effects: if you pull by R in B2 and there seems to be nobody there to give your Left hand to, there is somebody there: your partner! Participate in the pull bys, balance & swing in B1 and get ready to join the dance with your Left hand at the end of B2/beginning of A1."

Gary also wrote Ken & Barbie #1-#6, and three Sprung Floor Fever dances. You can email him at <gshapiro@rain.org>
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