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Fisher's Jig

By Tom Hinds

A Becket formation contra, progressing left.

This dance is named for dancer, musician and organiser Laurie Fisher, who's from Asheville.





Tom writes "I must give credit to Margaret Spellman, who wrote 'Kate's Contra.' This dance is a Becket formation version of Margaret's dance, with some other slight variations."

The men can swing in the B1, but callers need to prompt this a bit sooner than they'd prompt women to swing, because the men should begin swinging when they meet in the center a second time, before they have finished the hey (which would leave them facing out!) Wait till the dancers are in the groove before changing the call, then alternate or change it randomly.

Tom also wrote Batja's Breakdown, named for Batja Bell, who illustrated his books of dances, and many other dances. His three books can be ordered by snailmail from Tom Hinds, 120 Three Forks Lane, Faber VA 22938.

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