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Katie's Trip to Starbase Twelve

By Merilee Karr

A duple improper contra written in September 1992.

Merilee writes, "Katie is my eleven year old niece, and a Star Trek fan. She really may go to Starbase 12 someday. Think about it."

"I am flattered that people like it so much. It's probably the best dance I've ever written, and surprisingly easy for beginners."





Merilee notes, "This is a good dance for beginners. When I teach it, I emphasize spinning the stars only as fast as the slowest person wants to go. You can really make this sucker move.
And dancers should not lean back when spinning, because there are other heads in the next star moving very fast in the opposite direction.

Also note that this dance would work well for a gender-free night, with the A2 partner swing turned into a dosido once and a half."

Merilee also wrote "Roll me Over in the Clover" and "The Left Hand," which won the Ann Arbor Dawn Dance's Bad Contra Contest in 1994. You can email her at <merilee@teleport.com>
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