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Ralph and Donna's Dance

By David Kirchner

A Becket formation contra.

David writes, "This dance was written for the wedding of Donna and Ralph McAllister, two mainstays of the Knoxville (TN) dance community. Donna was one of my most helpful mentors when I first began calling."





David notes: "An enjoyable dance, but not for the timid caller. End effects are vicious and should be thoroughly understood before attempting to teach the dance. At the end of the B2, couples generally have to slide to the left just slightly to find the couple to circle left with. The ladies's gypsy to a swing in B2 is copied from Tom Hinds' dance "Thanks to the Gene"."

David also wrote Dr Brown's Prescription, A Proper Trifle, and Fast Living, a double contra. You can email him at <david6@artsci.wustl.edu>
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