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Terry Meets the Gypsy

by Marilee Standifer and Steven Dast

A duple proper contra.

Marilee writes, "Terry Meets the Gypsy" is named for our friend Terry. She was in the car while we were writing the dance, and she was going to her first contradance that evening. When we stopped for refreshment, we decided to walk through the dance with the four people in the car. So Terry's very first contra dance ever was this dance without music in a gravel parking lot. The "gypsy" part should be self-explanatory. It workes! really it does! :) "





Marilee adds, "It's probably best not to refer to "actives" and "inactives" during this dance because it's the number 2 couple which does the chase at the end."

"The left Gypsy for Four in A1 is like left-hand star with no hands. Make eye contact with your neighbor diagonally across the set and gypsy them as you normally would. This works best if everyone scooches in to the middle for a cozy gypsy."

"The dancers tend to get a bit confused about who is supposed to start the hey in the A2. It works out quite well for the number1 man and number2 woman start, but if someone else starts, it all works out in the end."

"After the circle left in B2, Gent 2 faces out while lady 2 faces in. The gent then walks around couple 1 and his partner chases him until she can cut through couple 1."

Marilee Standifer <>

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