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The Country of Marriage

by Susan Kevra <>

A Becket formation contra.

Susan writes, "This dance was written for Bill Tomczak on our first anniversary, which was celebrated upon Bill's return from a two week trip to Czechoslovakia in 1992. The theme of departure, separation and return are suggested in the dance's storyline, for those who seek meaningful symbolism in a contradance! After a bunch of wandering around, you finally find your partner for a swing. The dance takes its name from a poem by Wendell Berry.

Suggested music: Beaumont Rag (particularly if Bill's playing it!)





Susan notes, "At the end, wait out on side in Becket formation, so the gents can join in on the "zig-zag chain" (a la Mary Cay's Reel by David Kaynor) in B1. Next round of the dance starts wtih the couple containing the gents from the allemande Left.
Susan also wrote the well-known Trip to Phan Reel, and calls and plays with Evening Star and Sooz-A-Rama. You can email her at <>
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