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The Rendezvous

By Dan Pearl

A duple improper contra; a great dance to end a medley. I first learned its name in a medley of Petronella, Chorus Jig, and The Rendezvous, called by Ann Fallon at Glen Echo. If you dance the variation without a balance, which I think I prefer, it's a real workout.

Dan writes "The dance is dedicated to all friends, anywhere, who meet to go to The Dance."






Dan notes, "This was the first contra to feature the "Rendezvous progression" in which you shift or slide along the line to a new couple. When I wrote the dance back in 1980, I simply wanted to codify the "circle onto the next" that you find in Appalachian big circle dancing."

"The original working name of the dance was "The Waterview Rendezvous", to commemorate the weekly dance carpool meeting that happened every Tuesday night before a pile of friends and I trekked out to Brimmer and May School in Brookline, Massachusetts to attend the CDS Boston dance. It actually was near water. The apartment building complex in which I was living at the time was called the Waterview Apartments."

Dan also wrote Beneficial Tradition and Marshmallow Surprise. You can email him at <pearl@sw.stratus.com>
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