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Trip to Phan Reel

by Susan Kevra

A Becket formation longways contra that progresses counterclockwise!

Susan writes, "The title is a play on words. Tryptophan, as you probably know, is an amino acid found in turkey which supposedly induces drowsiness. The dance was conceived on Thanksgiving night in 1993, after a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with Arthur and Helene Cornelius, to whom the dance is dedicated. The "Trip to" is an oblique reference to all those other dances about trips: Trip to Kilburn, Trip to Paris, etc."

Here's how it works:





Susan notes: "This is not a beginning dance, by any means. It also causes trouble for experienced dancers who refuse to believe that a Becket dance can progress this way. [Note also that the progression occurs in the middle of the dance.] I usually introduce the dance by telling them the dance has surprising features and a dizzying effect. This usually eliminates the frantic waving of arms of helpful souls wishing to inform you that "it doesn't work!" During the walkthrough, a demonstration of the B2 is often useful."

Gary Shapiro adds: "One thing I think would help might be for the dancers to line up improper, then circle right one place into Becket formation. This way couples will progress in the direction they'd expect based on the initial lineup." [Many people seem to think that the notion of active and inactive are unimportant or even irrelevant in Becket dances. A few, however, do pay attention to the direction of progression.]

Tune suggestions: flowing reels; but not too fast!

Susan also wrote The Country of Marriage, and calls and plays with Evening Star and Sooz-A-Rama. You can email her at <>
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