My Personal Philosophy

Reason, logic, science and critical thinking are the most reliable methods for uncovering truths about the way things really are. Competing methods such as faith, superstition and wishful thinking have very little value beyond the comfort they provide against the fear of the unknown. I have nothing against comfort, except when its price is ignorance.

There are certain schools of philosophy which contend that 'truth' is a meaningless concept. They argue that since we can never have absolute direct knowledge of anything (all of our impressions being filtered through our limited perceptions and preconceptions), certainty is impossible and thus to search for 'truths' is a pointless endeavor.

I have two arguments against this line of thinking. First of all, if one presumes that it is impossible to gain real knowledge about anything, then we should give up trying and go back to living in caves. Second, while I recognize that our perceptions are imperfect, I do not agree that imperfection automatically leads to failure.

Imperfect understanding is better than no understanding at all. By comparing multiple instances of imperfect knowledge about something we can arrive at a single more accurate understanding of that thing. This is not to say that we can ever have absolute, perfect knowledge about anything - but that is not the point. The point is that we can have more accurate knowledge than we have now if only we are willing to work at it.

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