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00001       POCKET UNIVERSETM Basic Rules Set

This book contains the basic game mechanics: character generation (attributes, personal traits, skills, & contacts), weapons & armor, skill & attribute checks, combat, and character development. What's amazing is that all of this fits into a 16 page book about the dimensions of a typical paperback! We've achieved this through the miracle of PSP ("Pretty Small Print") technology, and by not putting in a whole lot of useless fluff. The rule book comes with a character sheet and introductory adventure insert, and the whole package comes wrapped in a stunningly attractive ziplock baggie. Two ten-sided dice are required for play, or one ten sided die rolled twice as many times.

PRINT EDITION from UNIGAMES: $4.95 plus shipping



TEENAGE DEMON SLAYERSTM is our first POCKET UNIVERSETM Campaign Book. Inspired by a popular TV series, you get to play human or demon high school kids secretly protecting the world against creatures of darkness. New personal traits like "Popular", new skills like "Research", new weapons like "Wooden Stake" and all sorts of crazy cool demons you get to hunt down and slay while trying not to get too badly expelled. The Basic Rules are required for play. Comes complete with a really keen introductory adventure!

PRINT EDITION from UNIGAMES: $4.95 plus shipping


Quicksilver Cover Image

20001       QUICKSILVERTM 2nd Edition: 86 pages

QUICKSILVERTM is a complete fantasy role-playing game using the Pocket Universe game system! QUICKSILVERTM takes players to the Kingdom of Seloria where subjugated Goblins and visiting Elves vie with the ruling humans for possession and mastery of the magical metal known as Quicksilver. Skilled psychics can mold Quicksilver into any shape they desire, and enchant it with amazing magical powers! The game comes complete with 6 player races, 10 sorcerous disciplines, character advantages and limitations, creature bestiary, history, maps, and detailed background descriptions for all of the major towns and cities of Seloria. Check out the QUICKSILVERTM web page for more information, and a bunch of free goodies.





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30000       CAVEMASTERTM The Paleolithic Role-Playing Game: 104 pages

CAVEMASTERTM is a serious Stonepunk tabletop fantasy role-playing game of stone-age adventure using the Habilis game system. It's the RPG that cave-men played!

The HabilisTM game system is an archaeological re-construction of the role-playing game rules first used by our Homo Habilis ancestors approximately 2 million years ago. HabilisTM requires no components that canít be found in nature: rocks, sticks, and bits of animal hide rather than paper, dice, or plastic or metal miniatures (though you certainly MAY use modern components). It requires no written language or detailed record-keeping either, and its mechanics are simple enough to have been passed down verbally from each tribeís Cavemaster (CM) to his (or her) apprentice(s).

Abilities are represented by groups of small stones on your Ďcharacter skiní. In a challenge, you pick up the relevant stones and secretly divide them between your two hands. Your opponent (or the CM) does the same. Each participant picks one of the other personís hands, and the stones in that hand are revealed. If you reveal more stones, you succeed!

In the tradition of Cyberpunk and Steampunk, Stonepunk is an exercise in speculative fiction. Stonepunk turns the clock back to the end of the Pleistocene Epoch (approximately 10,000 years BCE), and asks what might have happened if the culture and technology of that age had developed further, or in exciting new directions!



30001       DINOSAURS OF THE LOST VALLEYTM: 86 pages

The canyon is a mysterious place, lush and green. Unfamiliar sounds reach you through the mists. Looking about, there are plants not seen in millions of years. Suddenly, an impossibly large creature steps out from the palms and cycads. The hairs on your fore- arms and nape prickle...

It towers over you, three times your height. Its weight is measured in tons, not pounds. It welcomes you to the Lost Valley with a rumbling roar that you feel from your collar-bones to the soles of your feet. Eureka! At last you have discovered the Dinosaurs of the Lost ValleyTM!

This is a sourcebook for CavemasterTM, the award-winning Stonepunk role-playing game. Included are dozens of new dinosaur species with illustrations, plus two playable saurian breeds! The CAVEMASTERTM RPG core rulebook is required for play.



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