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WarChest Data File for Army BuilderTM - 08/18/02

Now you can use Army Builder from Lone Wold Development to build WarChest squads! Go to http://www.wolflair.com/static/fantasy.htm and scroll down.


WarChest Figure List Updated - 06/03/02

We've added the stats for all of the Terrain and Fortification counters from Booster Pack #1 to the WarChest Figure List. The printable .pdf version has also been updated.


Old WarChest Yahoo Group Gone, Replaced - 04/05/02

It has just come to our attention that the official WarChest discussion group at Yahoo has mysteriously disappeared. We don't know exactly how long it's been gone, and have been unable to discover an explanation for its disappearance or instructions on how to re-activate it. So in order to solve the problem, we've had to set up a completely NEW official WarChest group. The new URL is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/warchest/. Whether you were a member of the old group or not, please go sign up at the new group to talk with other WarChest players about strategy, army design, painting tips, and so on. Plus, we announce all new developments there. Sorry for the hassle!


New Figures for the Holidays! - 12/19/01

Six new figures (the long awaited Darklands Cyclops, three other Darklands Bog creatures and the Saurid Nest Mother by Kevin Contos, and the equally awaited Ogre Punk by Mark Kay) are out in time for the holidays. Painted samples visible at:


As usual, you can check the WarChest Army List for the new figures' stats:



Four Player WarChest Variant - 10/11/01

The long awaited four player WarChest variant rules have been posted to this site. Click here to read it!


Origins & GenCon 2001 Report - 08/11/01

This convention season has been so crazy, I haven't had time to post about the conventions themselves. And even so, this is going to be shorter than the previous reports because I want to move on to other news as well.

Origins turnout was poor, but Lance & Laser did no worse than anybody else so it's nothing to worry about. Everybody's expecting Origins 2002 to be much better due to new management that'll be taking over the con. We were able to preview Kevin Contos' beautiful new Saurid figures (and Clint Staples' Rakshasa), as well as prototype cloth WarChest boards that we're thinking about making. UNIgames shared booth space with Lance & Laser to premiere our new RPG system, Pocket Universe, about which you can read more here. Oh, and a deal has been signed with wholesaler Wizard's Attic that will help out our distribution immensely - meaning WarChest will be getting easier to find in stores.

GenCon was phenomenal! When 'Manda and I walked in on Thursday, traditionally the slowest day of the show, the dealer room aisles were PACKED. We had the Saurids & Rakshasa available for sale - and the Rakshasa sold out, along with many other WarChest and Living Legends figures. I had a chance to paint up the original castings we had on display at Origins, and they came out beautifully (see next story). We sold several prototype cloth boards, which improves the chances that we'll go into full production on those. All in all, things are moving right along!


New Figures Unveiled! - 07/18/01

Six new figures (a Rakshasa Demon by Clint Staples and 5 figures of the new Saurid fantasy dinosaur class by Kevin Contos) were shown at Origins. The figures will be available for sale by GenCon. You can see 'em all painted up and pretty at:


Also, check the WarChest Army List for the new figures' stats:



WarChest Player Directory - 03/21/01

As a new service for all you WarChest players out there, we're now hosting a directory of WarChest players around the world. All you have to do is send us your name, nation, state, city, and an email address and we'll post it so other players can find you. Check it out HERE.


WarChest Rules Version 1.1 Now Available! - 10/2/00

Click HERE to download an updated version of the WarChest game rules! Some additional clarification has been added to certain rules, and there have been a few changes made for the sake of game balance. Some of the main changes are:

Also, many of the points previously covered in the WarChest Rules FAQ have been incorporated into version 1.1 of the rules, and have been deleted from the FAQ.


WarChest Reviewed by The Games Journal - 10/2/00

The fine folks over at The Games Journal have just posted a WarChest review. Go here to read it!


Gen Con 2000 Report - 8/16/00
It was another stunning show for WarChest. We want to thank our friends at Dragonscroll for hosting the WarChest demos at their booth (right across from the Lance & Laser booth) on Thursday, and the fine folks at Gamers.com for taking an interest in our game and posting a story about us right during the convention.
The demos went over big, with the demo table almost constantly surrounded by onlookers eager to find out what this WarChest thing was all about. Once again, the reaction to the demos was universally positive.
Kevin Contos and Sandra Garrity were both there - Kevin even helped out by running some of the demos! How many people get to play games with the guy who sculpted the miniatures? It was a real treat! Thanks for the assist, Kevin!
One BIG surprise was that the WarChest tournaments, which never showed up in the pre-registration book schedule and which the WotC convention staff told me they never received any information on, WERE listed in the on-site program book. Suddenly I had to run off and moderate events I thought weren't going to happen! Luckily I found out in time, and didn't miss any of them. Attendance at the tournaments started out low, but grew to full capacity by the end of the show as word about WarChest got around.
We forged a number of new retailer and distributor contacts, which will help in our constant effort to get WarChest out there to your local stores.

Another interesting development was the announcement of TWO new "collectible miniatures games". It appears that WarChest created a whole new gaming genre when it came out last year. One of these potential competitors is Mage Knight, which is more of a traditional tabletop miniatures game with collectible plastic figures, and the other is just a vague rumor about something WotC has planned. That's okay, we're not worried! Onward to victory!


WarChest Reviewed at RPG.net! - 8/15/00

"The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about" - Oscar Wilde

There's another nice review of WarChest on the web, this time over at RPG.net.


Origins 2000 Report - 7/17/00

We just got back from the Origins game convention in Columbus, Ohio. What a great show!

14 new WarChest figures premiered, plus two new starter sets: Bandits and Kotharians.

Sculptors Kevin Contos and Sandra Garrity were on hand, chatting with their fans, and 'Manda and I ran a LOT of WarChest demos. As usual, just about everyone who played the demo fell in love with the game! 'Manda handed out beautiful hand-crafted WarChest buttons to all our customers, too.

Lots of retail store owners picked up flyers and promised to order the game; some of them even stopped by to pick up some of our leftover merchandise when the convention ended. Special thanks to the Dragonscroll and Acme Games folks for their extra-enthusiastic response!

We're already gearing up for GenCon in about 5 weeks. Kevin Contos is busily sculpting 6 MORE new WarChest figures, which we hope will be ready in time to premiere there. These new figures will begin an entirely new group: the Saurids, a race of intelligent dinosaurs. More on that as the time approaches.


The New Figures Are Here! - 7/1/00

At long last, the new figures have arrived. I have it on good authority that Lance & Laser has begun taking orders for them. This has taken way too long, but the figures are beautiful and make up for the wait! CLICK HERE for an image. Their prices and stats have been added to the WarChest Army List, but here's a quick list:

Figure Name: Catalog #: Sculptor: Comments:
Formless Aberrant 20103 Kevin Contos
Aberrant Glob 20104 Kevin Contos All I can say is... Ewww!
Aberrant Wretch 20105 Kevin Contos "I am not an elephant. I am a human being!" Well, no, technically you're an Aberrant.
Bandit Slaver 20204 Kevin Contos You'll love to hate this fat bastard.
Death Demon 20403 Kevin Contos
Imp Demon 20404 Kevin Contos
Gormanic Zealot 20904 Kevin Contos
Hobgoblin Attack Wolf 21104 'Manda 'Manda's first professional sculpting job, and it's beautiful!
Hobgoblin Warrior 21105 Kevin Contos
Mythical Dryad 21403 Kevin Contos
Mythical Satyr 21404 Kevin Contos I think this is the best sculpture of the lot, which is saying something.
Ogre Mage 21503 Kevin Contos
Underworld Mimic 21706 Pete Boundy This is the same war chest figure that you get in the starter sets - but this one has a point cost and special abilities.
Unseelie Sniper 21805 Kevin Contos He has a 2 damage, 4 range Missile that only works on attacks from the side or rear! I think that's pretty cool.


WarChest Reviewed by Role-Play News - 6/16/00

WarChest has recieved a very nice review from the Role-Play News web site. There is a link you can click on to add your own responses and comments. The URL is: http://www.roleplaynews.com/reviews/warchest.asp


Pentacon Report - 11/14/99

This just in from Joe Salyer, our man in Indiana:

Pentacon went extremely well. The double elimination beginners tournament went well and I think everyone who played left really liking the game and went off to purchase some merchandise. We had 17 players (two younger girls played the game together) and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes. I have pictures that I am going to scan later on today or perhaps tomorrow and put them up on the web page. Overall, it was fun time.

As far as player feedback, Dyanites and goblins were the favorites even though everyone who played Goblins lost the first round because they were all too scared to use the Enchantress in their armies. Once I showed them how powerful it could be, they all started using her. In fact, a goblin player came back and was in the finals and took second place.

- Everyone loves the terrain and fortifications and wants to see more. LOTS more!

- Ditto with Undead.

- The dwarves were just trounced through out the tournament which leads me to think that they might not be the best army to play in a beginning tournament OR I need to go more in depth on some strategy discussion with each army so people can play them a little bit better. Only one guy played them really well as he remembered or realized that they were really slow and extremely defensive. I already have some great ideas on how I can refine and better the entire tournament process for beginners as well as experienced players.

I have pictures of the new figs from kevin that I will put up and send to you ASAP. The slaver is my favorite, as it is just about everyone else's. I think this weekend was weird as Lance & Laser covered 2 cons simultaneously. It's unheard of in my experience with Lance & Laser, but exciting nonetheless!



Gen Con '99 Report - 8/12/99

Despite the lack of the actual printed starter set boxes, WarChest made a stunning premiere at Gen Con '99. The blister packs came out beautifully, and 'Manda made some wonderful signs to dress up the booth.

We knew something was up when the very first guy who played the demo at our booth on Thursday morning walked off with one of each of the four starter sets, and a ton of individual figure packs! It just got better from there. By Sunday morning we'd sold out of all the starters except for four of the Dwarf sets, and a couple of the individual figure packs sold out too! The three demo stations were constantly busy, and 'Manda, Joe Salyer and I were all close to losing our voices by the end.

Sandra Garrity, Steve Lortz, and Pete Boundy (sculptors of the WarChest figures) were kind enough to stop by and help kick off the release. Kevin Contos couldn't make GenCon this year - he's busily sculpting a dozen new WarChest figures, though, so we couldn't be *too* sad about that!

I actually recieved an offer, right there at the show, from a company that wanted to buy the rights to WarChest. It didn't work out. We were also the subject of intense scrutiny by Johnathan Tweet and several other WotC staffers. They didn't offer to buy the rights, though, at least not yet.

Look for WarChest at your local gaming store. It appears we're going to be kicking some butt!

-Jeff Dee



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