Four Player WarChest Rules
by Jeff Dee
last updated 11/29/2001

WarChest can be played by four players with the following rules modifications.

Game Board

A four player WarChest game is played on a 10 x 10 square board, instead of the standard 8 x 8 board. Each player's home territory is a 3 x 3 square area in one of the board's four corners. Terrain & Fortification tiles may be placed in any square adjacent to the player's home territory. See diagram A.

Diagram A


Randomly select one player to go first. That player places the first figure during the setup phase, and placement proceeds clockwise around the board with each player placing one figure at a time. If a player runs out of figures to place during setup, simply skip them and move on to the next player.


The player who places the first figure during the setup phase takes the first turn, and play proceeds clockwise around the board. The first, second, and third players each only get one Action during their first turn. Every player gets two Actions per turn after that.

Victory Conditions

The first player who captures another player's war chest wins first place and ends the game. Second, third, and fourth place are immediately determined by adding up the total Point Cost of all the figures captured by each of the remaining players.

The Point Cost of a figure is earned by the player whose damage results in its capture, even if other players have also contributed damage. If a figure is captured and then Reanimated and captured again, it is worth points for each separate capture. Counters with no clear point value are worth 3 points each if captured. Figures that are removed from play, rather than captured as a result of damage, are not worth any points. The player whose war chest was captured suffers a 10 point penalty.

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