WarChest Tournament Rules
last updated 07/03/2001

Suggested point limit: 60.

Each match consists of three battles. After each battle, the losing player may make modifications to their army (within the same point limit and limited to the figures they bring). The winner of the previous battle of the match must retain their current army.

The winner of two out of three battles wins the match, and advances to the next round. Advancing players may modify their armies as described above before the first battle of the new round.

If necessary in order to provide opponents for all of the players who legitimately advance, the losing players with the highest number of wins in the previous round will be allowed to advance as well. If the losing players tie for number of wins, extra advancing players will be chosen randomly.

The final round consists of one match between two advancing players. The winner of that match earns First Place, and his opponent earns Second Place.


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