WarChest Players' Directory

latest update: April 21 2002

What is this?

This page contains a listing of WarChest players who are looking for other players in their area.

How can I get myself listed?

If you'd like to be listed here, just email me (unigames@prismnet.com) and say so. Remember to include your real name, City, State, and a valid email address, and please put the words "WarChest Player Directory" in the subject line.

If you want, you may also include other comments such as preferred armies, point levels, house rules, and so on.

WarChest Players by Country, State, and City:




    Rik Fontana  rfontana@cfl.rr.com



    Jeff Stallard  jmstallard@msn.com

    Jim Brooks  GamingMan2000@aol.com



    Jeff Dee  unigames@prismnet.com

    Dr. Cat  cat@bga.com

  San Antonio

    CENTRAL COMMAND (Game Store)  http://www.centcomhq.com
    8180 Tezel Road San Antonio TX 78250  (210) 219-9223
    Friday 12am - 6pm  Saturday 10am - 6pm  Sunday 11am - 6 pm

    Robert Griego  INWO119@hotmail.com

    Blake Radetzky  5hussars@excite.com

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Jeff Dee / unigames@prismnet.com