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This site is for new fans of Living Legends as well as old-time V&V players. Here you'll find new material, ways to contact other players, and news about what's going on in the LL / V&V Universe!

Who Am I?

I'm Jeff Dee, the co-designer of V&V and designer of Living Legends. I've worked in the comics and the gaming industries for many years. I'm especially well known for my early work at TSR.

What Is Living Legends?

Living Legends is the sequel to Villains & Vigilantes. It features both point-based and random character generation, fast and exciting combat, and a world setting created with a true appreciation for and understanding of the superhero genre. Though it uses an entirely new game system, it's a "sequel" because it continues the V&V world setting.

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What Is Villains & Vigilantes?

Villains & Vigilantes is a superhero role-playing game, originally published in 1979 by Fantasy Games Unlimited. Jeff Dee and co-author Jack Herman were only 18 when V&V was first written, and yet it was popular enough for FGU to ask for a revised 2nd Edition, which was published in 1982. V&V was wildly successful, spawning more than more than two dozen published adventures and supplements.

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