The Real McCoy


(I do intend to put all this back up someday, somewhere. But. You know.)

This is going to be my New and Improved web-page. There will probably be a lot of broken links. Maybe I'll just put in a link to the old home page.

Now, if you really must know something about me... Well, there's my LiveJournal. (Please don't be creepy there. *grin*) Otherwise, you can pick it up as we go along, right?

I've written a lot of stuff for Pyramid. And, being the shameless creature that I am, I will provide links to the sample articles, and sample chunks of article, available. It's organized by date, with rating and number rating as an added bonus.

* IOU Designer's Article: 4.11 by 38 (8-1-1995) Did I mention I co-authored GURPS IOU? And get royalties? There's a handy "click here to order" link on that page...
* GURPS IOU Spells: 0 by 0 (2-1-1997) It's not got any rating because it was in a print issue, and never got put up for voting. I'm sure it'd be popular, otherwise. Have I plugged GURPS All Star Jam 2004 yet?
* Gray Renegades: 3.28 by 79 (2-26-1999) One of my first articles for In Nomine, and suffers a little from "first articleness." Some of the themes in it showed up in the Redemption chapter of the Infernal Player's Guide -- in a box of about 3-4 paragraphs. Heh.
* Liber Castellorum Designer's Notes: 3.06 by 50 (6-11-1999) The first book I edited.
* Liber Servitorum Designer's Notes: 3.29 by 52 (7-9-1999)The first appearance even close to canon of Kathriel, Angel of Sculpting, Malakite of Creation.
* Ley Lines in In Nomine: 3.48 by 126 (12-8-2000) My first GURPS-In Nomine crossover, really, in a twisted way. I get royalties if you buy GURPS In Nomine, too, by the way.
* Clothing College of Spells (for GURPS IOU): 3.49 by 257 (5-25-2001) One of my most popular ones. People like IOU!
* Like a Spanish Guitar: 3.73 by 233 (9-14-2001) A little multi-genre jobby. You have to be a subscriber to see it all, though.
* Demon Seeds: 3.39 by 150 (12-14-2001) A creepy-if-you-think-about-it little relic for In Nomine.
* Creatures of the Night, and Afternoon (IOU Bestiary): 3.44 by 235 (1-18-2002) Pretty self-explanatory.
* Cupid's Arrows (In Nomine Valentine's Day adventure): 3.47 by 170 (2-8-2002) I can't decide if the editor thinks that I'm good advertising, or no one would want to pay for me, that I have so many completely free sample articles.
* Mirror of Hidden Truth, Soulbreaker, & Weeping Wounds: 3.28 by 178 (2-22-02) Are there enough twos in that date?
* The Pythagorus Box: 3.46 by 214 (3-29-2002) A rather IOU sort of thing. Requires a subscription.
* Pyramid Review: Floorplans by Brian K. Moseley: 3.57 by 112 (5-24-2002) Since this came out, he's started doing them in book form, too, with d20 characters and stuff. Me, I actually prefer the plain maps. Requires a subscription for the whole thing, but the first few paragraphs are pretty informative.
* Pyramid Review: FATE Magazine: 3.68 by 107 (6-28-2002) You have to pay for this one. But I promise it's really good!
* Shadow Steeds: 3.15 by 176 (7-26-2002) Well, I liked 'em... Requires a subscription for the whole thing.
* Terra Incognita: Eden, the Lost Colony: 3.63 by 183 (10-11-2002) Loosely inspired by a series of books by Sharon Shinn. This article requires a subscription.
* The God WSHN: 3.06 by 190 (11-1-2002) For when you need a quirky religion. You have to pay for this one.
* Ethereal Player's Guide Designer's Notes: 3.59 by 143 (2-28-2003) It's got some good vignettes in it by R. S. Borgstrom (of well-deserved Nobilis fame and Hitherbys).
* Warehouse 23: The Dragon's Tooth: 3.64 by 210 (4-18-2003) If you want dragons, you have to pay. Typical, eh?
* Creatures of the Night: Warm-Blooded Vampires: 3.27 by 180 (5-2-2003) Another one you have to pay for; a quick trip to the blood bank will get you $20 for Pyramid, right?
* Strange Bedfellows Pregen Characters: 3.17 by 84 (9-12-2003) A much more detailed version available from e23, with actual point values and stuff.
* Strange Bedfellows Part 1: 3.21 by 92 (9-12-2003) Likewise, this is available in a PDF near you, with revisions and useful comments added.
* Strange Bedfellows Part 2: 3.34 by 77 (9-19-2003) For the slowly progressing final e23 project, I added Malakite, Mercurian, and Lilim resonance results to each and every one of those NPCs. I hope that GMs thank me for going through that slogging hades so they didn't have to.
* The Seven Lovely Sins: 3.55 by 143 (11-28-2003) Frankly, this is another of my favorites. Ah, well. The very last paragraph should be amusing, if nothing else.
* Warehouse 23: Painless Blades: 3.52 by 169 (12-26-2003) Steven Marsh's comment was that it was a weapon of Mass Production, on that issue's table of contents. He adds a lot of puns like that. You have to pay to see the whole article. (But the table of contents, and the puns, are freeeeee!)
* Animal Vessels in GURPS In Nomine: 3.22 by 91 (2-27-2004) Another instance of me suffering so GMs don't have to -- and it's all free!
* The Ratpire: 3.31 by 158 (3-19-2004) Gotta pay for this one. Not in cheese, at least.
* Making the Most of Non-Optimal Characters: 3.26 by 197 (6-4-2004) Another one requiring payment. Yes, I know there's a sentence that doesn't end. My only defense is that the editor didn't
* Golden Fire Seals: 3.56 by 122 (7-2-2004) Brian Rogers gave me great praise, "a concept so clever that I didn't know I needed it until I read the article, and now I'm definately looking for some way to use it."
* Baby Blood Dolls: 3.71 by 133 (12-3-04) Yes, just a tad creepy; requires payment for the full article.
* Mer-Children of Cain: 3.56 by 122 (2-4-05) Requires payment, arrrr.
* Chaos and Ritual: A Literary Magic System for GURPS Fourth Edition: 3.79 by 146 (3-11-05)
* King Prince of Beasts: 3.62 by 89 (9-30-2005)
* Designer's Notes: Lilith: 3.41 by 101 (10-28-2005)
* Getting Into the Game: In Nomine Neural Interfaces: 3.05 by 56 (11-11-2005)
* The Sorcerer's Impediments (IN "Hevvy"): 3.02 by 42 (12-30-2005)
* The Bridal Suite: 3.29 by 91 (2-17-2006) The blurb is "What do you get when you mix Hotel California with a wedding march?" Good blurb.

If you want to putter around looking at my fic, my Livejournal Memories have a fair amount of stuff. Or I can do a little one on another page.

I am recently reminded that there is an interview of me linked at Far be it from me to have any shame here! Kurt Wilcken (Pop Thought) also has an interview of me.