Andy the Hawke

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And yea, 'tis fortold that in the distant future*, e'en the fabled Quicksilver shall be caught in the net of Eros and let herself be talked into certain strange and crazy things -- such as having a child.

And know ye well that Andromeda "Andy" Hawke is indeed the true daughter of Quicksilver, and must be the best at everything she does.

And woe to the universe! for Andy desires to be a hotshot to eclipse e'en her mother's legends of piloting and pleasure...

The Kintaran clanships think that's a great idea.

Crafted in Painter 4 (for the PowerMac), primarily with the Pen&Ink Pen tool, but using the Airbrush tool to make the highlights on her clothing. I still hate perspective. Drawn while listening to Serrated Edge by Tempest.

Hopefully this will appease certain people who have been mentioning off and on that they want a picture of Andy.

* We're talking some forty-plus years out in our gaming timeline, here. If then.