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Here's some stuff that I've done just for grins. With the big stuff, I'm scaling them down so they display at half-size on the page. We'll see if this makes them display faster.

"Andy" Hawke (in skimpy outfit)

Arala, an Electrokinetic

Archangel <fnord>...

Arrival... (large) Warning: includes two milder swear-words.

Cassiopia Holmes portrait

Draco Ladies (kinda large)

Embereyes (fairly large, but scaled down)

Flare (large! but scaled down)

Gargoyle Girl (Huge: >300K; scaled down) (Yes, based on the TV cartoon...)

J. Quenton (a portrait; only exciting since it was one of my first "never on paper" sketches)

Karyn MacMillan sketch

Kendra's Parkathan Swimwear

Kybele Holmes in a low-G flight cavern

Mecalreealoni, an Irari (a race from GURPS Aliens)

Merfahs (animals native to Kintara; reptilian marsupials)

Mermaid (largish)

Misc Pictures

Moonfur, chasing a merfah (somewhat large)

Moonfur, solving a problem (contains implicit violence)

Oz Crossover... (contains a swear-word)

Psionic Nightmares

Quicksilver learns low-G flight

Quicksilver, flying (huge, but scaled down)

The picture for Quicksilver's "PC Card"

Quicksilver and female friend (huge, but scaled down) Warning: includes drinking and innuendo.

Quicksilver & Penny, dancing on tables

The "Eyecatch" for the Quicksilver TV Show

Salome Houri, dancer (large)

Salome, dancing

Another dancing Salome (darkhaired)

Selene Holmes portrait

Selene Holmes Sketch (the first one I ever did)

Siffle with Force Sword


Washing Kintaran sketches (HUGE but scaled down)

In Nomine Art (I moved it to a page of its own)

Sketches (Totally un-cleaned up, just scanned in raw.)

The Adults' Section (18 and over, please!)