Betharan and Tebah

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Betharan (Lilim) and Tebah (Djinn), Servitors of the Game... I've got some fiction about them, but only a few people have seen most of it. (There's one story I co-authored with Maya that is available.) This isn't the best picture, but it's only the first one that I've done, and Teb actually works out pretty well. (The "Betharan of the Game" picture is better of the Lilim.) Characters and art copyright me. Appearance concepts copyright Steve Jackson Games, since I got it from their In Nomine roleplaying game.

It should be noted that Tebah is generally described as having a wolfling head, a bear's body, rat-paws, batwings, and a draconic tail dragging behind. Scales are intermixed with his fur and his eyes are the color of dead leaves in clear water -- a metallic muddy copper. (He also has nictating membranes in his eyes, and a forked tongue, but those are not in evidence.) For a Djinn, he's cuddly. His partner, Betharan, is suffering from a light case of Bloodlust, which is usually most apparent in the needle-sharpness of her horns, and her tendency to stare fixedly at people she doesn't like and blatently imagine ripping them to little shreds. (She's not entirely nice.)