Caliah : Mirror

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This is a picture that I sketched based on a character by GR "Maya" Cogman (and who is, therefore, copyright her). Caliah is a Habbalite of the War, who managed to get all her personal tattoos replaced by Baal's symbols for "This is my messenger, my hound, mine." I had to make up a lot of doodles that would convey the right impressions. Part harsh, part beautiful (for surely a Balseraph Prince would be beautiful if he wished)... I am not entirely satisfied -- I never am -- and I don't yet know what Maya will think, but it's a start. (Maya later expresses great satisfaction and "throws flowers." Hopefully not using the Malakite of Creation attunement...)

I adore the rotate tool, though. <cue evil laughter>

Appearance concepts copyright Steve Jackson Games, since I got it from their In Nomine roleplaying game.

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