Cassiopia Holmes

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This is another currently-hypothetical daughter of Selene Holmes -- who might show up in some 50+ years... (Gaming deprivation, makes you invent various kids for existing characters just for grins...) Kybele is Cassie's elder sister (by about 20 years).

Done in Painter 4, using the Pen: Finepoint tool for starters, Watercolor to make her outfit, I think single-pixle Pen for her eyes, and KPT Gradient Explorer for her earring and Artemis pin. The background is Painter's "Glass Distortion" set to max, then a Fill of the original color, at 70% opacity. It is best viewed with jillions of colors.

This is Cassie in casual dress. She's also prone to appearing in outfits that wouldn't look out of place on Belldandy (Ah! My Goddess! / Oh My Goddess!, manga/anime series) in her Goddess mode. This is appropriate, for Cassie, due to her Grandmother Jones' tinkering (Circe's such an obnoxious gengineer sometimes), is a Swiss Army Psi. Everything but Anti-Psi. Yeek. However, she only has some of her mother's "trick memory" (first-level Eidetic memory, rather than 2nd-level Eidetic). Because of being an Astral ESPer Telepath (among others) makes Cassie a rather vague person at some times, since she's living off in her own little dimension...