In Nomine Art

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In Nomine is a game (adapted from the French) by Steve Jackson Games. Buy the main book. It's good. Trust me. The depictions of the various angels and demons are theirs, but the actual work here is mine. These are mostly characters, though some are merely generic instances of their type.

Betharan of the Game

Betharan : Bloodlust

Betharan and Tebah

Betharan & Tebah 2 (them again, cuddling a little)

Betharan & Tebah: A Very Gamester Xmas

Caliah : Mirror (a friend's In Nomine character)

Daimonique and Jordan, Em's Bright Lilim and my Seraph of Judgment, celestially. Dai thinks he's cute, and he's gotten nicknamed 'Slinky' (unbeknownst to him).

Family Portrait

Jahaziel (another sketch of an In Nomine character, in human form. Not very exciting.)

Jordan, my favorite angsty Seraph

Jude Gets a Plushie - another friend's character, Jude, new-redeemed Seraph of Judgment. Very cute!

Halfway (angel and demon)


Lilim, anime-esque style.

Ofanite -- a powerful one.

On the Tube

Opposites Attract


Shannen (another friend's character)



Urilebana: 9 years of Geasa (another picture of the above)

Zaza, Balseraph of Lust (a type of demon)