Judith Quenton

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As usual, done in Painter 4, and never saw ink nor pencil nor paper. Background by KPT Texture Explorer, with some glass-distortion from Painter. I hadn't thought of Judith as being mildy Asian in appearance, but I was doodling around and she just turned out that way; after thinking about it a moment, I decided I liked it. Since the New Garavar population is mingled, genetically speaking, her skin-tone is probably normal-to-light for her culture. (Extremes of skin color -- light or dark -- are what stands out in this colony.) Making it obvious that her patch of albinism goes back into her hair (mingling with the normal color-hair) was difficult to get looking right -- airbrush tool finally worked out, though, I think.

J. Quenton

The unusual part of this page is that this is the first one I crafted entirely in NetScape Gold, rather than using Adobe PageMill (and risking my system crashing, as PageMill oft does). I will say this for PageMill over Netscape Gold -- they have more good keyboard shortcuts; with all the obscure buttons in the edit-mode of NetScape Gold, you'd think I was working with Micro$oft Word 6+! PageMill does a better job of stealing NetScape's look-and-feel than NetScape itself! <snicker>

Still, I'll be able to use Now Utilities (I hope) to choose my own keyboard shortcuts, and NetScape Gold does nifty things like individual size, and color for words or letters, and a host of other things PageMill 1 doesn't do. And NetScape Gold doesn't crash my system when I'm working on my web-pages. Take that, Adobe! (Moral: don't do your web-pages in clay...)

However, I'm going to have to find the cursed person who did the default settings for Gold, and explain a few things about "compatible with Macintosh formats"... Giving me two carriage returns for the price of one is nice for paragraphs, but if I don't want to make a paragraph? (Such as the "return to" lists, above. Have to use the "insert new line break" rather than customizing... You'd think I didn't hit two returns automatically from all my net-posting! Bad feature, no donut!) Ditto double clicking on one word... I need to make a gripe page.