Kybele Holmes

in a low-G flight cavern

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This is the currently-hypothetical daughter of Selene Holmes -- at the moment, Kyb's not even a twinkle in anyone's eyes (except maybe Circé Jones', since she wants grandchildren and bugs Selene about it a lot). Despite sharing her mother's "trick memory," Kybele is somewhat more athletic and social, and enjoys low-grav flight in her custom-designed flight-suit(s).

Kybele can be prounounced "kay-BAY-lay," "k' BEY-ley" (my preference), or "sey-BEY-lay" (especially if using the alternate spelling of Cybele). "SIB-ih-lee" is another varient, but not one I favor. For short, you could probably call her "Kib." Don't call her "Kibble," though...

(From the names -- Circé, Selene, (Selene's sister, Minerva), and Kybele, you can guess that it's a family tradition to dig up old Greek and Roman names and use them. You'd be right.)

I used Painter 4 and KPT Gradient Designer 3.0 to make this -- most of the KPT gradients got messed with, using Painter's Airbrush tool, to make them work out more like I wanted them. This is best viewed with jillions of colors, since some of the gradations (especially in her wings) are very subtle.

I'm quite proud of this one, even if the neckline of her suit isn't quite symmetrical.