Misc Pictures

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My copy of GURPS Psionics was falling apart, so I typed in the first 3 chapters (the parts that were falling apart). Then it needed art... Arala and Visions are from that (Lightning and Telescan, respectively), as are Psi-Nightmares (Illusion), but then there's this batch... Some are scanned in from pencil sketches (from back when I was 16, some of them!), some are done on the computer.

Aspect, Cyberpsi, Psi Vamp/Addiction (Psi Vamp)
Aspect and Cyberpsi were sketched in pencil, then scanned in; Psi Vamp was done on the 'puter.

Mindsword, Metabolism Control (or just generic healer), Levitation (or maybe Astral)
All of these used to be pencil sketches, scanned in & tinkered with. Can you spot the Airbrush tool?

Dancing Kintaran (not in psi book, but hey), Telekinesis (getting tricky), Healing
The Dancing Kint and Healing were sketched in pencil, then scanned in (never draw on yellow legal paper...), while the Getting Tricky was pure computer art.

Psi Sense and Telepathic influence of dreams
Both of these were once pencil sketches on various things. I did touchup and went wild with Painter's Airbrush tool.

Clairvoyance, and an Irari I just had lying around.
Clairvoyance was computer-only, the Irari was sketched in at the top of a notebook page (it's about 150-200% enlarged here) and scanned in, with a little touchup.