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The art is copyright me, but I think the visualization of Seraphim as 6-eyed feather-winged snakes is copyright Steve Jackson Games, since I got it from their In Nomine roleplaying game. (Some of the art has been shrunk slightly. It can be opened as a JPEG in your viewer, probably, at full size.)

Sketched on the back of a placemat and scanned in, with some minor touchups. I had a really hard time making the eyes and head come out okay. Drove me nuts, trying to do a three-quarters view of it. I'll try again sometime...

This one was sketched during a game.

This one is annoyed... (And drawn in about 30 seconds or less, so it's kinda cruddy.)


And this pair was doodled during WorldCon 1998. (One's a Balseraph, but hey.)