This page is black because of the implication that two females could be more than "just good friends." Also because of drinking to excess (which is not reccommended, since we don't have alcohol-cleansing "drugs" like Purge in our culture!), which is actually something that I'd be more distressed about.

Silver and Penny at Halloween

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Penelope "Penny" Adair is a friend of Silver's. At Halloween, they went to Flare's Lucky Star (bar, pawnshop, casino and hair salon; very unique), and Flare gave Penny some unwatered "Kintaran Beer" (this stuff is really potentent!). Penny, not being used to alcohol in any amounts, got rather tipsy and finally went to sleep. Silver'd only had about one drink that evening (and that one without much alcohol content), and was nursing a bad case of the unrequiteds for her friend, so she was more than happy to prop Penny up. (She hadn't mentioned her interest to Penny, because Penny'd just gotten over being jilted and Silver didn't know how the other woman would react.) Flare is currently asking Silver if the pair would like a back-room (he's got two or three of those...), and telling the notorious Quicksilver that she's acting like a 16-year-old on her first date. Silver is telling him to go away and mind his own business and she knows what she's doing, frotzitall. Shortly after this, Silver used Purge on Penny, which neutralized the alcohol in her bloodstream and sobered her up instantly.

The Halloween decorations are little black Kintarans, instead of black cats. It's unique...

This is one of my early experiments with watercolor in Painter 3.1. Silver's mirror-reflective suit is reflecting everything around, or at least that's what I was trying for. *sigh* Penny's got her suit set for partial transparency here and there (to mimic a one-sleeved halter-top), with a coppery sheen. Her hair is nearly as metallic-colored as her suit!

Disclaimer -- nobody in this scene went on to operate heavy machinery (cars, motocycles, starships, etc.) afterwards. They walked home to their beds. Hotshot pilots (and engineers who hang out with them) know that getting wasted and wrecking something up is a really ignomenious and embarassing way to get into the hospital (or get a clone and braintape activated...).

Not to mention the bad effects excessive alcohol has on sexual functions...!