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These are all sketches -- I haven't cleaned them up significantly, and some of them are just plain bad. Nearly all of them have been shrunk down so that they can be viewed more easily, but if you "Open This Image," the image opened will be in full size, I believe. (Or larger-than-full -- I scanned them in at a high resolution.) I did them on class papers, handout sheets, the inside covers of my booklets... You'll notice certain themes, probably, and see my development of characters. You'll also see what I was doing during class instead of (or as well as) taking notes.

Welcome to the world of Beth's class folders.

Animal Sketches

ArchDean (& other IOU) Sketches

Draconic Things


Kintarans 1 (split for viewing convience; there's a lot of them!)

Kintarans 2 (more of the above)

Kintarans 3 (even more!)



Misc. Doodles

Misc. People

Moonfur 1

Moonfur 2

Moonfur 3

New Garavar


Silver "Quicksilver" Hawke