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Urilebana is one of my gaming characters, for In Nomine. She's a Free Lilim, and "only Renegade if they catch me." She's hanging out with angels, which is really messing with her head. (She's a demon, you see, but on the verge of swapping sides -- except that she owes eight years of service to whoever purchases her Geasa, and "whoever" just might be a Demon Prince... She may not live long enough to defect Brightside.)

I have been known to call her a "Gray Lilim," for various reasons -- not quite dark, not quite Bright, she muddles through life working at a women's shelter nights (when she's not busy with other business), and at the Foo.Bar.Com techie coffee-bar in Cambridge (Boston), MA. (The Foo.Bar.Com is an "angel-bar," which is one of the major reasons she's confused...)

I pencil-sketched this (with a pencil that had a lousy eraser!), with an effort to get "artsy" -- the upper two pics are of her celestial form, so you can see the Geasa, etc. And I tried to do a good "Body by Andre."