Ah My Student Goddess #1

By: James Nutley (jnutley@acadia.net)

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Subject: [PBEM-AMG] Ah My Student Goddess, Prologs to Move 1

Having secured approval from the players for you to see this AND repost it if you desire, and having played enough that I had a volume of text to send you, here's the campaign 'logs' so far. I'll keep sending at 2 week intervals, if you want to keep reading them.

The setting is Silly IOU, the Campaign level Cinematic and Overpowered in the extreme. Although I'd originally conceived of this as an AMG game with IN NOMINE mechanics, it has quickly evolved into an AMG/IN NOMINE crossover. The elements of AMG which change the game the most so far are:

1) Clearly visible God or Demon markings.
2) Celestials are born of parents, not made by Archangels
3) Teleport Focuses, Celestial Song of Motion comes with need to declare a 'focus' which the Celestial teleports from and to.

The fictional feel of the logs results from all of us, Players and GM, being Fanfic writers. Discussions of mechanics and roll results were kept separate, and can be inserted if you really want them.

The Players are:

Miryn: Calabite 'Gradthing', wannabe 1st Calabim of Technology. From her Character Background, she has gotten a promise out of Vapula that he'll accept her IF she can earn a technical degree at IOU. Her own entropy/nervousness keeps sabotaging her Thesis projects, so she's still here. As the game opens, she may have found a way to achieve her goals...

Vesty: Seraphim Freshthing, wants to be Yves Librarian. At this point she's more a servitor of Yves' Library than of Yves.

Kyri: Mecurian Freshthing, major undecided, leaning towards drama. Kyri has been raised as a human by her father and his wife, who ARE human. She's received some Goddess training, but Heavenly powers have carefully concealed the identity of her divine parent. The GM (Me) has ruled that cross breed children are either fully Celestial or fully Mortal, and Kyri is fully Celestial.

In the grand tradition of GM's I'm everything else. On with the game!


Ah My Student Goddess: Prolog to Move 1, Players Assemble!


The deep sound of the drums made a hard pounding rhythm in the background. Sputtering torches gave the deep cavern fitful troubling shadows to accompany the insufficient light. Along the walls stood or sat the most powerful Demons at IOU. 'Fred', Dean of Metaphysics was there, pulling on his cigar, and the current Dean of COUP in the obligatory cloak with deep concealing cowl.

Miryn, in her most formal, flowing black robe, stood in the center of the pentagram engraved in the floor. Her petite figure and short brown hair poised in a confident pose.

The drums grew louder, and more threatening. The ceremony began. First came the assistants. The blonde licked her lips and transformed her right arm into a long whip of flesh. She snapped it centimeters from Miryn's face and then again, near but not touching other parts of Miryn's body.

Miryn had expected this. She didn't flinch once.

Then the demoness with blue-gray hair gestured, and a gust of wind coated Miryn with an inch thick layer of ice. Miryn waited a few heart beats then gave her entropy field a burst of power. The ice shattered into slivers, and at a nice dramatic moment.

Then the master of ceremonies stepped to the edge of the pentagram. Kijima Touta, Demon of Destruction, a Calabim's Calabim and up and coming new faculty member in COUP. His buff, tall vessel towered over most of the demons assembled. His long white hair and his long, armored, articulated tail spoke only of menace. For a time, a malevolent blue aura of pure crushing force sparkled about him. His baleful eyes glared at Miryn, holding only the promise of a messy, instant demise.

Miryn held her ground, and Kijima's stare was met with one of her own.

When he was satisfied that she had no fear, Kijima let the aura ebb away, and spoke. "Demoness Miryn, you have asked the Demon's Circle for a gift, the gift of total, conscious, control over your own destructive aura, to become the first Calabim of Technology. We will give this gift to you..."

In her dark heart, Miryn exulted! Now nothing would stand in her way!

"...after you have performed a single service."

Miryn had expected some such condition. She allowed herself the hint of a confident smirk.

Kijima declared her quest. "Miryn, Demoness of Destruction. You will serve the Demon's circle . . . by serving the entire school year, as Resident Advisor to the female freshthings of the 13th floor of the Freshthing Dormitory."

The drums stopped. Miryn heart beat once, ...twice,...

[Resolution shifts from Detailed to Deformed, but not all the way to Super Deformed (SD)]

"NNNOOOOOOOOHOOOOHooooohooooo!" Wailed Miryn, as she fell to her knees and her eyes shot out fountains of tears, "ANYTHING but _THAT_ I BEG YOU!!!" "Can't say I blame her..." muttered 'Fred' to the Dean of COUP, who nodded its cowl in agreement.

[Resolution shifts back]


Ah My Student Goddess! Move 1 Section 1

Vesty looked with trepidation at the long dark aisle of books that seemed to fade away into the distance. So chilly and foreboding, quite unlike her own gentle and kind Library. She looked down at the terminator between home and this cold and alien realm she would have to spend the next four years living in. The rich dark wood, gleaming with a deep luster from the polishing of years of quite footsteps. The familiar odors of paper and furniture polish, mixed with the musky scent of thousands of leather clad books.

Then mere inches in front of her it shifted and the floor became dark, reflecting the overhead lighting in a sinister way that seemed to hint at insubstantiality, as if you might sink into the depths if you even dared to take a step on it's unfriendly surface. A slight breeze brought her the scent of rotting paper and disinfectant. Laced with the charnel smell of the skin of countless dead animals.

She felt heavy hearted and for the first time felt regret for the shortcuts Library provided. She had left her friends not twenty paces back. All it had taken was two turns and she was here, Behind was warmth and familiarity and ahead a cold and unfriendly world.


"I'm fine really, I just got some dust in my eye." Vesty plucked the handkerchief out of the air from where it had suddenly appeared in front of her.


"No, of course not in you, Silly. It must have blown in from over there." She gestured in the general direction of the other library.


"I'm sure that's unfair, it is most likely a fine library. It can't help it if its helpers don't dust properly. I'm sure it's not a sign of any moral decay."


"Oh and I'll miss you as well." Vesty exclaimed as she started to tear up again, she resorted to the now very damp Hanky in her hand. "But you mustn't feel sad, after a week you can come and visit me while I'm in the library here. It's only for orientation that I have to make it on my own with no help. Now cheer up, you know what excess humidity does to your shelves. You don't want to develop Mildew do you."


Vesty had to smile at the shocked and acerbic remark. She turned and once again looked over what she could see of her new world. As she did her eyes fell on a large book projecting half its width into the aisle. This would never do. Someone could knock this off the shelf and damage it. She moved forward to straighten it out, glad that she would have one more duty to perform before having to leave. As she grasped it however she scanned the title out of long habit. Deities were always misshelving books despite numerous notices to leave them on the reading tables for the curators and the Library to re-shelve. She gave a small start of surprise when she saw her own name on the cover:


She felt herself start to choke up again, "Oh...Oh I don't know what to say." She felt the air around her suddenly becoming much more dense and she was enveloped in a warm soft embrace as the Library gave her a goodbye hug. She felt the humidity rise sharply and then drop suddenly as the Library withdrew and with a last gently touch on her cheek faded out of that section of herself, leaving Vesty alone to face the quest for her Word.

With a sniff Vesty wiped her eyes one last time then gave a long noisy blow, then prepared to go forward. She took a minute to open her book bag and after stretching the mouth to fit, slipped her new book into the small section that contained her own few personal books Most of them gifts like this one.

She was just about to take the step that would take her from her old familiar world into her new unknown, and slightly scary one. Then she paused, it seemed not right somehow. Something so profound happening as the result of a small step. Such a profound change in one's Word should be accomplished with a more significant action than that of taking a simple step. She looked around for inspiration but saw nothing. Finally she decided to make the best of what she had. Moving back to the end of the Aisle she set herself, rocked back and forth a few times and then ran as hard as she could. Inches from the terminator line she launched herself into the air in a powerful jump. Behind her the aisle she had left shifted and seemed to turn itself sideways before vanishing from sight.

Vesty suddenly became aware of someone in front of her and desperately tried to halt her forward motion, discovering too late that her new body did not come with air brakes. She collided with whoever or whatever it was and the two of them became a tangled mass of arms and legs that rolled down the aisle together like an ungainly, half deflated beach ball.

A charicature of a human face, like something from a book by mortal Maurice Sendack stared at her eye to eye.

"EEEKKK!" screamed Vesty as she desperately disengaged herself.

For a moment they faced off at a short distance from each other. Against one stack of the aisle, the slim, red haired Goddess and her bookbag, on the other,... a thing. No legs, but eight arms with hands. No nose, but a comically wide mouth and two huge staring eyes. In between those eyes were,...DEMON MARKS?!? Then the thing opened it's mouth and let out a laugh, a long, loud, insane laugh that Vesty, never having heard any Surfer Rock from the 1960s did not recognize as needing to be followed by the word 'Wipeout'. When it finished it's laugh, the thing scurried up the bookstack and over the top into the next aisle.

Catching her breath, Vesty peered about the aisle to see that they were in the Entomology section. Although this seemed appropriate, she never-the-less, opened her bookbag and drew out her new Encyclopedia.

As she had suspected, the book fell open to the page she wanted, and the four color illustration accompanying the entry was an exact match for the thing she had seen:

"Aracnarian: a rare or extinct band of Demons, with eight arms but no legs. These creatures have either very low intelligence or extreme insanity as a hereditary feature. Their inclusion among the forces of Evil has been disputed by some scholars, since they behave in a more nosy and greedy fashion, rather than maliciously. The last verified sighting of an Aracnarian was on Earth in Greece, May 19th, 2067 BCE"

"OOOooooohhhhh!!" Said a voice in Vesty's ear. She jumped away to see that the Aracnarian had circled around and clambered down the stack she was leaning against to hang from the shelves and read over her shoulder. Treating her to another insane laugh, it scrambled up and out of sight again.

Vesty decided to seek out her dorm room without further delay.


"No, Mom, I'll be fine. Umm, Mom, you can let me go now..." Kyri Ellison wriggled a bit in her stepmother's tight hug.

"But this is the last time I'll see you for months!" wailed the older woman. Well, that was true enough. Kyri would be spending most of her "days off" from IOU in extra training on campus. The letter of acceptance made it quite clear that her father had been indulged by Kyri being able to stay in the mortal realm so long, and now her training for "duties" appropriate to her station (whatever that was, exactly) would be full-time.

"Now, Dearest," sighed Mr. Ellison, "Kyri is a big girl now. You have to let her go on alone for a while."

*Big girl* thought Kyri. *That I am.* She was a good foot taller than Mom, who was of average height, and had broad shoulders inherited from her father. Only a reluctance to get her face smashed in had kept her from being the star of her high school volleyball team, instead of just a really good player. Of course she could have made *sure* she'd never be harmed, but that would have been... cheating.

That was the best part of her new college. No more hiding things. She wouldn't have to cover her face markings with makeup, wouldn't have to pretend she didn't have strange powers, wouldn't have to explain away strange visitors....Maybe she could even find out just who she really was.

Mom finally let her go, babbling instructions.

"Yes Mom, I will...sure...uh-huh..."

There was a blast of cold air from the refrigerator as the door opened by itself. A white glow not provided by the little bulb shone forth; when it died, there was a tall man with long white hair and ice-blue robes standing there.

"Kyri Ellison? I am Sven. I'm here for your transport."

"I'm ready!" Kyri picked up her bags and gave a last kiss to her father.

"Follow me." said Sven, taking her arm. She walked after him into the refrigerator, and the light took them.


Subject: [PBEM-RPG] Ah My Student Goddess, Move 1, Part 1


When the ceremony broke up, Kijima gave Miryn a RA survival packet and a Dorm T-shirt. Emblazoned on the T-shirt was Monty Hall's Dorm theme for this year, "Destined for Glory". Her first stop was COUP's Dis-information center where a terrified intern turned out an exact copy of the T-Shirt with the words "Irrevocably Damned" replacing the official slogan. As she waited for her new shirt, Miryn flipped through her survival packet. Included with the phone lists, legal notices and painfully up-beat "How To" manual were some info specific to her assignment.

As she looked over the dorm info, Miryn casually glanced at the large, round faced clock on the wall. The clock declared that it was exactly 6 PM. She didn't have a watch handy herself, as any timepiece that she carried on her person would quickly become about as reliable as most politicians, but it certainly didn't seem like 6 PM. A quick glance out the window confirmed that the sun was riding far too high on the horizon for it to be that late, so Miryn took a guess and decided that it was probably about 1:30.

"Waaait... Wasn't there something I was supposed to do at about that time...?" Miryn scratched her chin thoughtfully. A dull {boom} off in the direction of the 'Pent' shook her out of her contemplation with a start. "The LAUNCH! Oh crap, if don't hurry I'll miss the whole thing!"

One of the up-and-coming members of the WUSE community had scheduled the unveiling of his most ambitious (and arguably, his most stupid) project so far, for 1:45 today. The plan was to send up a small cluster of observation satellites into geo-synchronous orbit above IOU. The satellites would be equipped with a very special sensory suite that would allow them to closely monitor the eating habits of everyone on campus, allowing the cafeteria staff to accurately predict the most desirable foods that they might serve on any particular day.

These foods would of course immediately be removed from the day's menu.

Miryn personally thought that practically everything that the cafeteria served was more-or-less equally abhorrent, but she was still terribly anxious to watch them launch the half-dozen-minus-one delivery vehicles that they had set up out on the corners of the 'pent.' Since they had planned to launch the rockets once every fifteen minutes, as sort of a "Welcome Freshthings!" display, she could hopefully still catch at least four of them. But only if this damn intern would get her damn shirt! She turned an angry glare towards the intern in question, who somehow managed to cower even farther behind the table for several moments before the shirt was ready. When it was done, Miryn quickly snatched it up and hurried across campus to her soon to be former dorm room in Valhalla Hall.

"Alright, it says in here that I'm being moved to room 130 of Monty Hall. I suppose I ought to set that up with the HR." She ticked this off on the index finger of her right hand. "But I also wanna go see that launch. Can't miss that." She uncurled her middle finger. Then she glanced around at the unbounded chaos that was her dorm room, and sighed. "But I also better get this together so that I can move it to Monty. I guess there's nothing else for it."

Miryn licked her lips and focused her thought and will on the space to both sides of her. Quietly, she began chanting in the tongue of demons, marshaling her forces to action. The air hummed with energy for a moment, then the room spun in her eyes.

Miryn locked the song, and surveyed the exact duplicate of herself that was standing on her left. The one on her right in turn examined her curiously, checking if everything was in order.

"Now then," Miryn#1 began, "You," she pointed at Miryn#2, " go down to Monty hall." She tossed her doppleganger the RA Survival Packet. "And you," she nodded at Miryn#3, "Pick up this mess and put all our stuff in boxes." She glanced out the window towards the clock on the main hall. "I have a launch to watch."

"Hey now, wait just a minute!" Miryn#3 grabbed her shoulder as she turned to head out the door. "Who gave you the right to give the orders? You're the one who made the mess, so you clean it up!"

"What are you talking about?" Miryn#1 blinked. "We're all the same, so we all made the mess. And as to why I'm giving the orders: I was here first."

"Hah! If you were here first, then you must have made the mess, hmm?"

"That doesn't change the fact that I was here first!"

"Please," sighed and exasperated Miryn#2, "It's not like that really means anything. We'll all be together again in the end anyway, so we'll all have the memories, in a sense."

"But that's not the same as being there!" Whined Miryn#1 and #3 synchronously. They then proceeded to glare at each other menacingly while Miryn#2 simply bowed her head and covered her eyes with her hand.

"Look, I'm the one that's going, and that's final!" shouted Miryn#1 at her duplicate, her anger setting her entropy field swirling around her.

"And leave me to clean up your mess?! I don't think so!" Miryn#3 rolled up her sleeves and began to concentrated on her own entropy field.

All the while, Miryn#2 had been edging closer to the door, until by now she was standing in the door frame and watching the impending disaster come to a boil. She cast the pair in the room a withering glance, but noticing that they were beyond caring at that point, simply said in a tired voice. "Well, I suppose I'll just get going then, while you two settle this between yourselves." She shrugged and started walking down the hall. After two steps, she stopped and leaned her head back into the room. "Oh, don't forget to take care of this. Well, ja ne!" with that, she casually tossed the Survival packet to the floor near the door of the room.

Her duplicates, which were currently hurling small tendrils of focused entropy at each other, while rolling around on the ground snarling and clawing at each other, didn't acknowledge her, so she assumed that they had no objections. With a smirk, Miryn#2 started walking down the hall towards the exit closest to the Pent. "After all, no sense in wasting the opportunity, hmm?" Whistling a happy tune to drown out the fighting noises, Miryn#2 proceeded towards the launch.


Vesty tried to ask directions to her dorm, but all the mortals were preoccupied with something off to the side. She had just opened her book to a picture of an elderly silver haired deity holding a crowd of bizarrely dressed mortals at bay with an extremely small mace, when a loud roar followed by the scream of tortured air caused her to whip around and stare at a large metallic object blasting into the air on a plume of fire. Fascinated she wondered closer to get a better look. As she did she could not help but overhear several nearby students discussing the proceedings.

"Did you manage to get the disk."

"Right here."

"Great hand it here, this'll show them not to take the Student Liberation Organization lightly. Once we send this counter program to the satellites they will send back their information in reverse order. Thus in one stroke we will foil the dastardly scheme of the oppressors of the people. We will be heroes."

"We will get money."

"That too."

Vesty was dismayed these humans were conspiring to modify data, to change facts. How evil! She concentrated for a minute and read the information on the disk the loud one was about to insert into his device. She flipped several figures on the disk. Done, she walked off aglow with the knowledge that she had prevented a serious breach in integrity. Hopeful the poor benighted souls would soon realize the error of their ways.


After about ten minutes, a somewhat worse-for-wear looking Miryn#3 stepped out of the dorm room, a triumphant grin on her face. "And don't forget to clean out the sink!" She yelled cheerily into the room. After hearing the resulting grumbles of pain and protestation from inside the room, Miryn#3 began striding down the hall towards the exit, dressed in her new T-shirt and a pair of old jeans, the RA survival packet gripped loosely in her left hand. She glanced at the packet, and her mood darkened somewhat.

"Damn it, that traitor. There are definitely going to be some words with her later on." she grumbled to herself, as she began to skim through the material about her floor. The list of assigned students was particularly noteworthy. After looking through the packet again, just to make sure she wasn't missing something, Miryn stomped out of her dorm and went directly to Monty Hall and to the room of the HR.

The neonglow, air-brushed nametag on the door said, "Jimmi Legba III" and the message board sporting the palm tree underneath it said, "Come On In, Mon!" Miryn took the board at it's word, and stormed in so angrily that her entropy field flared and almost slammed the door off it's hinges.

She found herself standing, not unexpectedly, on a beach. Gradthing Deity Jimmi Legba hailed from the Caribbean Pantheon. It wasn't that he was in no hurry to graduate, it was just that he was in no hurry, period. Dressed in swim trunks, sunglasses and dreadlocks, Jimmi reclined on a beach lounger while one refugee from a Swimsuit Photo magazine fed him, and another massaged his feet. All this as the gentle surf of his private beach dimension rolled quietly in time to the unobtrusive reggae soundtrack.

"What's with this list?!" demanded Miryn.

"Ah, dere you are." Jimmi answered. "I was wondrin' what poor fool COUP would get to take dat floor." He raised up his sunglasses to regard Miryn's T-Shirt. "Must say dat fit's ya well."

"Cut the comedy Legba! How come every girl on my floor is named 'Phmith'?"

"Dat's a computer error, don't ya know." Jimmi snuggled back down in his lounger, and let the bikini model pop another grape in his mouth, "But I'm sure you'll get dis straightened out in NO time." The other model had stopped caring for Jimmi's feet and produced a stack of forms which she offered to Miryn, Jimmi continued, "Jus get doos forms filled out on each girl an send dem back down. I'll have someone type dem into da database."

Miryn seethed. "And just why should _I_ clean up this mess!!! I didn't want to be an RA anyway!"

"Ah ah." Jimmi warned without raising his voice, "Ya got to go wit da flow on dis now, girl. And I'll only give you as much help as I get. What goes around comes around, don't ya know."

Miryn glared at Jimmi for a moment, then snatched the forms from the model and lashed out with her Entropy field. The six short legs of Jimmi's lounger snapped simultaneously, but the Caribbean God floated there undisturbed while his chair collapsed to the sand.

"Wasn' dat a petty ding to do now." Jimmi chided her lightly.

Miryn spun on her heel and left the beach.


The helpful mortal at the desk told Vesty to "take the elevator" and pointed to a set of matched doors. Vesty went in looking for an 'elevator' but the little room was empty, except for a bank of numbered buttons on the inside. She was considering getting out her encyclopedia again to look up the word, several times on the way to the dorm she had almost decided to just carry it in her hand, when a very tall mortal with black hair entered the room. No wait, she was a Goddess, with faint pink goddess markings. Vesty was opening her mouth to say hello when, right on the heels of the other Goddess, a short Demoness with short dark hair and a stack of papers in one hand stormed into the room and slammed the button marked "13" so hard she left a fist shaped crater in the panel and sparks flew out from behind the buttons. The doors to the little room banged shut and the room itself lurched into upward motion, while the Demoness glared at the two Goddesses.

Kyri looked at the other occupants of the elevator as the frost liquefied in her hair. *I'll have to fix that as soon as I find my room.* The one was another goddess, apparently, and a bit of a grind, judging by the huge book she was carrying. Possible study partner? The one who'd punched the button was...a demoness! Kyri had never actually seen one before, though she'd been given plenty of warnings about them. She hoped the destructiveness was just a mood thing.

*She looks a bit older, relatively speaking, so she probably outranks me. I'd better be on my best behavior.*

"Umm...hi. I see you're going to the thirteenth floor as well. My name is Kyri Ellison. What's yours?" *Do I bow? Shake hands? They never got around to the proper protocol for greeting demons when you aren't going to fight them!*

Vesty had frozen when the she had seen the demoness enter the room. She fought down the urge to cower behind her much larger fellow goddess. When the other Goddess issued her invitation to talk Vesty grabbed it with a vengeance. She opened her mouth and let her thoughts burst forth as speech.


Vesty trailed off as she realized this might not be the best way to conduct herself while trapped in a small room with a Demoness of a much higher power than herself.

"Uh hi I'm Vesty?"

Miryn's glare unfocused for a few moments as she tried to make sense of what the apparently quite flustered young goddess had just said. With a start, she realized that she was in a confined area with _two_ goddesses, and they were _both_ making attempts to keep on her good side. *My, but this is an interesting turn of events...*

She contemplated grinning evilly at them, but that would probably not turn out terribly well, considering that the shorter one was still had more than half a foot taller than herself. It was statistically established in one of her confrontation classes in training that a considerable size disadvantage could take a good part of the menace out of most menacing looks.

Besides, the taller one- she successfully resisted the urge to tilt her head back and stare up at the very tall but rather uncertain looking goddess in question -had mentioned that she was going to 13 as well. This most likely meant that she was one of the freshthings under Miryn's supervision. According to the RA survival guide, though abuse of power was okay, needlessly harassing your charges was a definite nono; if you feel the need to grind a frosh under your thumb, find some pithy and questionably valid justification for it first.

Her immediately available options exhausted, Miryn simply leaned against the wall and directed a withering gaze at the elevator doors, which immediately began to rust. She then reached into the stack of forms that Legba had given her and pulled out one set, in triplicate. Thrusting it into the face of the tall goddess without looking up, she mumbled something to the effect of, "Miryn... {grumble, grumble}... RA, 13th... {grumble, snarl}... LEGBA {gnashing teeth, elevator creaks disturbingly, mumble}... forms...{waving the forms back and forth in Kyri's face, then shoving them into her hands}...return later...{shrugs and heaves an aggravated sigh, then proceeds to sulk in the corner.}

The elevator continued it's snail pace assent for several more floors while silence reigned. Vesty had been aware of a small disruption in her aura and after a moment of concentration she was able to pinpoint it. It was coming from the forms in Kyri's hand. They were radiating a sense of corruption. Vesty's resonance for Truth was so attuned to the written word that she scanned all documents within a yard or so. It was useful for detecting documents that were in need or restoration or renewal. A handy talent that saved her the trouble of making a physical inspection of every document she was responsible for. This feeling was wrong however, she could clearly see that they were similar to documents she herself had filled out prior to her admittance. They were not that old that they should be anywhere near that level of dissolution. Something or someone must have affected them. Almost against her will her head swiveled around to stare at the small demoness who was fuming in the corner opposite the two goddesses. *They wouldn't!* Vesty thought. *Surely they would not allow one of _those_ in an institution devoted to advancement and the pursuit of Knowledge! They're destroyers not builders!* She stared in horror at the being across from her. Her skin crawled and she felt the trepidation she had felt earlier give way to anger. This was unforgivable, that a Calabim would be here. There was no longer any doubt she could sense the corruption inherent in the bundle of forms the demoness was holding. This was intolerable that one of her kind would dare, that it would be allowed to enter! Vesty vowed to banish this foul fiend this, this 'Book Rotter'. However, how could she accomplish it? She was no warrior, no Malakim, she seriously doubted she could do anything that would cause this creature the least difficulty. She almost despaired at the thought she would not be able to do anything. Then she remembered she had one friend who could eat this demon for breakfast. It would be a week before she could use that avenue but... but... something else was wrong. Once or twice in her life, Vesty had had this feeling, which she experienced as a ringing in her ears and a little more. She was missing the 'Whole Truth' of the situation. Those one or two traumatic experiences had taught her to back off and figure out the details. But she couldn't be wrong about that 'Thing' could she?

The door opened to a group of windows and a large sign on poster board. "Welcome to Monty Hall, Floor 13!" it said, and then in smaller print reminiscent of clipped letters out of a newspaper "mAGnet 2 the WeIRd'st OF the WEirD!!!" At the bottom of the sign, conveint labeled arrows pointed to the right for girls and to the left for boys.

Cutting in quickly, Kyri said, "I think Ms. Miryn will be awfully busy with her responsibilities for a while. After all, she'll be *in charge* of the whole floor as an RA. (thinking: *hint hint, don't try to kill her yet, she might be livable if you don't hack her off too badly.*) She might not be able to get away for a while, isn't that so, Ms. Miryn?" Then Kyri took Vesty by the arm and hustled her in the direction of the girls arrow and away from Miryn.

"But I didn't SAY anything!" hissed Vesty.

"You were about to though!" Kyri stage-whispered back.

*'Wierdest of the Wierd,' huh?* Miryn mused as she glared at the backs of the retreating pair of goddesses. *Well, it appears that they have a good start _there_.* As she stepped out of the elevator, Miryn heard an audible {snap} ring from behind the wall where the elevator shaft would be. One of the cables holding the elevator up, having gone years without proper maintenance, had finally given way under this most recent assault, and the elevator began to plummet towards the basement at a slightly irregular 11.4 meters per second squared acceleration (high symphonic disruption zones can do weird things to the fundamental laws, and Monty Hall was nothing if not disruptive.) Gazing down the empty shaft at the swiftly departing elevator, Miryn uttered a slightly embarrassed "oops," and felt a little better.

*Hmm...., If the elevator's out, that means that little miss 'I was the first one here' and all of the freshthings living here are going to have to carry their stuff up twelve flights of stairs.* Miryn giggled quietly to herself, suddenly feeling considerably better. *And Legba's going to have to fill out the forms to get it fixed. Serve's `im right, that jerk.* A wide grin split Miryn's face as she turned towards the girl's wing of the dorm.

Twelve floors down, on ground level, Miryn #1 set four large packing boxes down and peered into the maw of the ruined elevator. With several bewildered freshthings standing at her back, she leaned in and examined a peculiar bit of damage on the bank of floor buttons. Miryn #1 balled her fist and fitted it perfectly into the small crater, then mumbled a tired oath. Leaning out if the elevator, she reached into the pocket of her lab coat and pulled out one of her 'out of order' signs, placing it on the elevator doors.(Why does she carry signs like that around with her? Three guesses, and the first five don't count.) The crowd of freshthings groaned, then started tromping up the stairs.

Twelve floors up, Miryn #3 felt a sudden exhilarating rush as a flood of essence washed over her. "Oooo, the fun begins." Attuned to Kobal as she was of late, this sort of thing happened whenever someone discovered at a particularly ironic moment that she had destroyed something important to them. "Musta been a crowd. Well, now I can afford to splurge a bit."

She cracked her knuckles and fed some of the essence into her currently running song. For a few seconds the room swam, and she braced heself against the wall and closed her eyes. When she opened them again, three identical faces greeted her own, a multitude of feet tapping expectantly. *still don't have it quite right in demon-tongue.* She shook her head to clear it, then addressed her near-duplicates. As it turned out, she had created a copy of each of the three previously existing copies. One looked just like her, in a pair of jeans and a dorm T-shirt. The other two wore a slightly rumpled green button-up shirt, black slacks, and a lab coat. One of them was holding a bag of popcorn, and was looking rather peeved. *Ahh..., the traitor.* Miryn#3-1 smirked mischievously as she spoke.

"Aright you lot, we gotta hand these out to all of the girls on this floor. You two," she pointed at her double and the angry double, "Start at the other end of the hall. We'll start here." She split the stack of forms in half and gave the other half to her double. Grinning at each other, they then split their respective piles so that each one was equally heavy on the newcomers.

Miryn #1-2 was still rubbing her sore shoulders after carrying four boxes halfway across campus, so she didn't notice the disparity. Miryn #2-2 _did_ notice, but she was badly outnumbered, so she didn't complain.

"Right then. let's hop to it!" Miryn #3-2 said cheerily as she dragged her still grumbling sibling down to the end of the girl's wing. "this shouldn't take long at all. with any luck, we can all be back together and on the Pent before they're through."

"Don't forget to skip the beanpole if you get to her before we do."

"I know..."

"Soo, finished yet?" She asked the sore looking demoness beside her.

"Not yet." Miryn #1-2 sighed. "Actually, I had the same idea you did..."

Miryn #3-1 blinked. "Huh? wait...how many does that make it now?"

"Nine, i think."

"Sheesh, better not let any of the profs see that. They'd freak."

Miryn #1-2 gave a dismissive shrug, then started towards the first door on her side.


Subject: [PBEM-RPG] Ah My Student Goddess, Move 1, Part 2 (Room 139)

The top floor of Monty Hall was a near match for the other floors. A tiny laundry room with only one washer and dryer was near the elevator. A pair of double metal doors stood open and the insufficient light of the corridor stretched beyond. Odd numbered rooms were on the left, beginning with 131, and even numbered rooms were on the right, beginning with 132. After 133, a space opened up with windows and some aged but sturdy furniture, clearly a common room. After 136, came a door with "Restroom In" stenciled on it, followed by a fire hose emplacement and then a door with "Restroom Out" stenciled on. There was a tiny notice in a frame on the wall mid-way between room 135 and 137, and Vesty again felt the tug of a document in need of restoration. The door to room 137, unlike all the others so far, was ajar. Finally, in a towering display of the bureaucratic mindset as mis-applied to architecture, rooms 139 and 130's doors faced each other adjacent to the wall at the end of the hallway and the door with "Fire Stairs, for Emergency Use Only!" stenciled on it."

*Whoops!* thought Kyri, *I drug Vesty all the way to my room.*

Before Kyri could apologize though, the smaller Goddess clasped her hands together and very seriously stated, "I apologize Kyri, I lost my perspective for a moment, Thank you for your intervention. If ever I can be of assistance feel free to call on me. I am to live here." Vesty indicated the door to 139.

"Now isn't _this_ a coincidence!" Kyri remarked brightly. "I'm assigned here too!"

Kyri pulled out her key and slid it into the lock. With a bit of effort, the mechanism clicked and the door swung open. Both Goddesses looked through, and their eyes bugged out.

If the Marquis De Sade had added a passion for neon bright velvet padding to long list of 'affectations', one of his entertainment chambers would have looked like the inside of room 139. In fact there weren't any beds or ordinary furniture to be seen. Standing in the midst with her back to the door was a figure in an ankle length chrome cape, with a mop of bright green hair and moth style antenna's apparently sprouting where her ears ought to be and extending another 'head's' height into the air and brought the tips about even with Kyri's nose. The antennas twitched, and she spun to face them with a flourish of her cape. Her skin was bright red, and her figure was supermodel class. She wore elf boots, fingerless opera gloves, and a harness that came within millimeters of losing this story it's PG rating, all of them made of black patent leather. Her face had no nose, and oversise (even for anime) eyes that were all pupil, and Goddess markings.

"Room-mates!" she cried with a huge smile. Then she leaped to the doorway and 'glomped' the other two Goddesses, dragging them inside in the process.

[Switch to SD resolution]

"Room-mates, Room-mates, Room-mates, Welcome Welcome, Welcome!" she sang as she drug Vesty and Kyri around in an improvised ring around the rosie dance. When she let go, the other two Goddesses had dizzy marks dancing around their heads. She drew herself up and smiled an even larger smile. "I am Aniitomica, Goddess of ...," she scrunched her eye's shut, hugged herself and 'shivered' with pleasure "...Unspeakable Acts!" She kept hugging herself but opened her eyes again, "I have come to the IOU all the way from Bar-zumm, which you call, ... a... 'Marrrz', I think, but Welcome, Welcome, Room-mates! Very glad to meet you, I am, Nik, Nik, Nik!"

As Kyri and Vesty shook their heads and recovered, Aniitomica recognized what Vesty was carrying in her hand, did double take and squealed as she leaped up to balance on the top of the tallest piece of equipment in the room.

"What is it?" asked a still mild groggy Vesty.

"A..A..A Thing In Which Words Are Written!" Aniitomica fearfully answered, pointing to the Encyclopedia.

"A Book?" responded Vesty.

"SSSHHHHH SHSSHSHSH SSSSSSSSSHH!!!" responded the panicky extra-terrestrial Goddess "Some words shouldn't be spoken! A Scribe Goddess aren't you. Aniitomica has much respect for Scribe Goddesses, really, really, really! Very helpful to the people are Scribes. But 'Things In Which Words Are Written' are Creepy, Creepy, Creepy! They scare Aniitomica a lot!! Nik,Nik."

Kyri boggled. *Afraid of books!? Won't get any help in Lit Class from her... And if I remember right, the only two religions on Barsoom turned out to be complete phonies. Then again, those books *were* written by a mortal...*

Vesty rocked back in shock, Scared of books!? Such a thing was unheard of. What sort of place have I come to...Vesty paused. Looking suspiciously at Aniitomica she detected a twinkle in her matte black eyes confirming what the symphony was telling her. Her fear was a prank and not entirely serious. There was a root cause at the bottom of her statement but on the whole she was not really afraid of Vesty's book. Vesty heaved a sigh of relief.

"Hey you three," Myrin, in a lab coat and different clothes than she'd been in before (also in SD for the moment) popped into the room, "I mean two. Fill out these forms and bring them to my room. I'm just across the hall..."

[Return to Feature quality animation mode]

"MEANIE!" Aniitomica erupted from her perch, the frightening book apparently forgotten. She leaped to the floor and snapped back her cape with a flourish. She extended her arm and her index finger pointed until it just touched the place directly between Myrin's Demon marks. "A MEANIE! Aniitomica likes _NOT_ mean people, and Meanie's make people mean to each other. Get Out, Meanie! These are the Sacred Precincts of Aniitomica of Bar-zumm! Meanies shall not enter here!"

Miryn #2-2, who was already in a rather rotten mood, issued a low growl in the general direction of the offending... thing, in front of her. The creature's appearance threw her off for a few moments, as she had never seen anything like this before, at least in the corporeal plane. *Hmm... Xeno-exchange division? Mutant lab rat?* The goddess markings on the creature's forehead cleared it all up for her in an instant though.

*An alien goddess maybe? Far away from home then... Perhaps i should introduce her to some of the home turf rules...* Miryn then caught sight of the room, and all thoughts in her head froze in place. Glancing back at the strange goddess's patent leather clothing, she figured that this was _her_ doing. *Oh my... This could be fun.*

Thoughts of violent confrontation fleeing her mind for the moment, Miryn backed away from the extended finger and leaned in the doorway, surveying the various pieces of 'furniture' that littered the room. Aniitomica lowered her had back to her side.

Hanging out with Kobalites all the time had shown Myrin that destroying someone's self image was often more fun than destroying their car. And few things tended to piss off the divine more than when you drew connections between them and their 'fallen' brethren.

"Hmm, a 'Meanie' now, am I? Well, i suppose you certainly are entitled to your own opinion, though I rather like to think of myself as 'Vindictive' rather than simply 'Mean.' It rolls off the tongue more nicely, y`see?" Miryn replied, smiling amicably.

"Now, under normal circumstances, I would be mopping your blood off of the floor with your skull on a stick by now, though you probably have some spill cloths around here somewhere, ne? But right now, I just have to say that I absolutely _love_ what you've done with this room." She started gesturing widely at the various implements of... stimulation.

Aniitomica's face lost some of it's resolve, clearly this wasn't the reaction she'd expected from the 'Meanie'.

Myrin smiled a little wider and went on. "That upright spreading rack in the corner, the one with winches and pulleys? I can't think of a better place to put it. I am going to have to check that all of this equipment is properly mounted down though, later. It's in the rules, you know." Myrin reached out and fingered a hidden seam in the leather of Aniitomica's harness. "Nice outfit too. I think a Lilim friend of mine gave me something like it once."

"Come to think of it though," Myrin put a hand to her chin in a contemplative pose, "I cant say that I ever expected to meet a _goddess_ of all people that might be interested in this sort of thing. `Cept for Urd maybe, but they say that she's different."

Myrin gave a 'whatever, it's not any of my business' sort of shrug, then redirected her attention towards Aniitomica. "I could have sworn that Ol` Andre, Prince of Lust, had a wrap on this particular school of perversions, but I suppose it could have worked out differently wherever you're from."

"Now, mind you, I don't go in for this stuff much; I rarely have time, and whips and stuff like that just seem to me to be a poor substitute for beating the snot out of someone with your own bare hands." She paused for a moment, the entire previous having been said in a quite calm and rather pleasant tone of voice, as if she had been talking about the weather. "But I know a lot of demons that would love to participate; after all, like I said, you won't find too many gods that are into this, and mortals cant usually take enough punishment to be truly satisfying. Just call me if you're lonely; I'll see what I can do." she finished brightly, then waved slipped two more sets of forms between Aniitomica's straps and strolled back out into the hall.

Kyri blinked hard, then realized she'd been holding her breath and exhaled. *Vindictive?* That wasn't good, but her estimation of Myrin's intelligence had gone up a couple of notches. On the other hand, she'd taken Comparative Religion in high school, and could think of some gods who might be very taken with Aniitomica's hobby...or worse. She sincerely hoped she didn't run into anyone from the Chilean pantheon; the stories made them sound indistinguishable from demons.

Hoping to distract the alien goddess from thinking too hard about the demon's words, Kyri said, "By the way, my name is Kyri Ellison. I hope we can be friends. Um, I appreciate that you wanted to make our room a little more homey, but I'm kind of used to sleeping on a regular bed. Where did you put the furniture that was here before?" *I'll need a dresser too...and the mirror isn't going to do me much good up there on the ceiling...*

Without turning back toward her room-mates, Aniitomica waved one hand. The instruments morphed. The things in the room were suddenly an ordinary bed and an ordinary bunk-bed, along with standard-substandard college issue furniture. A single un-opened dufflebag was against one wall. When Aniitomica didn't move, Kyri walked up along side her and saw she was quietly crying.

"Always careful," Anii sniffled, "Only use 'things' for surprises or distractions. I'm not like a meanie,...I'm not..."

"That is truth", Vesty walked up to the two other goddesses. "You are no meanie, darkness circles them. only light circles you. You wish to bring laughter to others. The meanie wishes only for her own pleasure. She laughs at others. You wish others to laugh with you." She looked up at Kyri and smiled. she then took one of Anii's hand's in her own. "We thank you for the effort you made to lighten our arrival I have left my home and friends behind and was feeling sad. I have come to a strange place and you have given me a new home and new friends. I thank you with all my heart and shall treasure the memory of my reaction to your surprise for as long as I exist. And now if you do not mind?"

Vesty dashed across the room and popped up onto the top bunk. "Dibs on the top bunk!!"

Kyri turned and realizing the change in the furniture, blinked. "Oh." Kyri blinked again, hard. It had been a *joke*, using Aniitomica's special gifts... She was so used to being the only person around who could do the "impossible", and having to hide it, that she'd never even considered *how* the Barsoomian had decorated the room. Well, the joke would be on Miryn when she came back to check the 'equipment.'

"Don't cry, hon. I was just too dim to get the joke. And Miryn, well, she is a bit of a meanie, isn't she? Now buck up, we've got lots of work to do to make this place presentable."

Kyri opened her oversized suitcase and began unpacking. "You don't mind if I take the single bed, do you? I need a bit of room." Fresh linen and blankets for the bed, with hospital corners just the way Mom taught her.

Several changes of clothing, enough to last until the rest of her things arrived...

Pictures of herself and family at graduation, and her old volleyball team.

CD player and lots of CDs, about three-quarters classical music and the rest a varied assortment.

Bathroom supplies.

And a small box of--Mom's chocolate chip cookies!

"Aniitomica, Vespy would you like some of these? They're my mother's best recipe."

Vesty popped down from the bunk and walked over to Kyri. She took one of the round objects from the tall goddess and examined it closely. It produced an odor that caused a physiological reaction in her body. Her mouth began to fill with liquid. Embarrassed she swallowed and turned to Kyri. "I thank you, I am not familiar with these things. What is their function? please.

Meanwhile, Aniitomica had also acquired a 'cookie' from Kyri's box. She turned it around in her hand. "A 'recipe' is? Can't read it at all!???"

Kyri blinked again. They didn't know what *cookies* were? Okay, Anii she could believe (though it might be another joke) but where had Vesty grown up that she'd never had cookies.

"A `cookie' is a kind of food, Vesty. You eat them. But only one apiece, because they have chocolate." And chocolate had just a little caffeine in it, which is why these cookies were unusually low on chips.

"And it would be more accurate for me to say they were made *using* my Mom's best recipe, Aniitomica."

Just in case they were also vague on the concept of "eat", Kyri demonstrated by taking a bite out of the one she held, chewing slowly, and swallowing.

Watching Kyri carefully, Aniitomica took an identical bite, but chewed rather more rapidly, swallowing at the same time as Kyri.

Vesty after the reaction merely smelling the 'cookie' has elicited was a little more cautious. Raising the small disk to her mouth she bit off the smallest bite she could manage. Chewing carefully she analyzed the reaction of her body to it. Mild pleasure, mixed with a sudden empty feeling in her lower region. Her stomach suddenly growled and she looked down at it in shock. Looking at the cookie in her hand she turned a suddenly pale face towards Kyri. "I think it hatched!" She said.

*oh. my. god.* thought Kyri. She really doesn't understand the concept "eat". She recalled half-forgotten instruction...

"Vesty...you haven't manifested in a fully physical body before, have you?"

"This is true." Vesty replied. Then with a little alarm "I have not broken it have I? It was a gift from a dear friend and I would not wish to break her present after less than a day.

Kyri reassured her "What you're feeling is called hunger. Your body wants food and is telling you so. If you let it go too long, your body runs out of physical energy. You'll need to learn when and how much to eat. If you eat too little, your physical form will waste away. If you eat too much at one sitting, you'll get a stomachache, and if you eat too much too often, your body will get fat. We should get you down to the cafeteria, since it sounds like your body needs food right now." *Am I going to have to explain "waste elimination" too? That would be sooo embarrassing...*

Kyri suddenly became aware of a munching sound, she turned, to find Anii finishing her second, third, maybe fourth cookie?

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Aniitomica cookie dibs another!" At which point she snatched another cookie from the box. With her free hand she waved Kyri toward Vesty, "'splaining continue. (Munchi, Munchi) Kyri-room-mate good at 'splaining. (Munchi, Munchi)"

"It is alright friend Kyri. I believe I have something here that will help me." Vesty said in a muffled voice. Kyri turned to see that the young goddess had disappeared into her bag up to the waist. Muffled sounds of things being sorted and tossed aside came from the opening. "Aa here they are" Vesty exclaimed as she backed out of her bag. With only her hands still in the bag she said. "Anii you may want to turn your back" Then not waiting to see if her suggestion was followed she pulled three books out of her bag. "My friends gifted me with these when It was learned I would be coming to the corporeal plane."

Vesty held the books out to Kyri. The top one was titled. SO YOUR GOING TO BE A FEMALE- THE CARE AND MAINTENANCE OF THE FEMALE BODY. It was about three inches thick. Vesty tucked it under one arm and looked at the other two books with an expression of doubt. "These were a present from the Norn of the past. I am not sure if she was not having a little joke on me. She presented the thicker of the remaining two to Kyri for her inspection. It was titled EVERYTHING YOU NEVER WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX BECAUSE YOU NEVER HAD THE PARTS BEFORE. The last book Vesty presented was a very thin one printed on cheap paper stock and with a lurid picture on the cover it was titled. PROPER CARE OF THE MALE. On the cover was a hunky man wearing nothing but a dog collar. "Do you think these will enable me to learn what I need to know about my new body?" Vesty asked.

"WAAAHHAAHA! Again Books!" Anii squeaked. "Need 'nother cookie calm Aniitomica down...AAAA!" Although Anii tried, Kyri lifted the cookie box up out of her reach...

Subject: [PBEM-RPG] Ah My Student Goddess, Move 1, Part 2 (Room 131)

Miryn knocked on the door of Room 131. She heard a muffled 'Come In' and entered.

On the left stood a boy, in a three piece suit, next to a matching bed/desk combination that must have cost as much as a small house. The boy regarded Miryn like a snake observing a mouse. Something about the choice of material in the suit...and his demon marks. Miryn would have bet a 100 piece toolset against a bouquet of flowers that this was a Balseraph.

Staring down the Balseraph caused her to ignore the other occupant of the room, who suddenly put herself in Miryn's face. The black haired and sensibly dressed demoness looked straight in Miryn's eyes said in a soft voice: "I know what you need."

"Sorry, no." Miryn waved dissmmissively, a small smile forming on her lips. "While I might not be adverse to some... "recreational activities" right now, I get enough offers from your sisters as it is, and I'm on official business." Miryn was certain that particular favor wasn't what the Lilim had in mind, but was always fun to see how different celestials dealt with the blatant stereotypes put on them. *Except for Calabim.* she amended. Pissing off another calabim might not be good for her health, and she had certainly had enough of such criticism herself, earlier on in her education here, before certain people learned better. Then again, most other calabim didn't mind being synonymous with 'destruction' since the knew it was true and genuinely enjoyed it a lot.

"Look at my things," said the Lilim, and Miryn glanced at the Lilim's side of the room, and suddenly noticed the mops, and brushes and other cleaning tools and supplies arranged with surgical precision on racks and hooks.

"I'm the best." The Lilim insisted, "You really can eat off my floors. And I also dust the ceilings. I never miss corners, or forget to clean the sink. I do windows, too. It's not your fault you get behind, poor thing, you have important things to do, and think about..."

The Lilim was close enough to kiss her and Miryn was fighting herself NOT to step back.

"I can clean your room in less than an hour. Let me start now. Just say yes and don't worry, housework doesn't cost _that_ much..."

"Gah-, wait, i mean-" Miryn's brain futily tried to process the fact that another living being was within centimeters of a very compromising situation with her, and she still hadn't been given much reason to attack this person yet. Despite previous innuendo on her part, Miryn hadn't ever been in any sort of intimate relationship with anyone before, and had abstained from socializing too much since she got to IOU, as she spent most of her time studying or working. "I mean, um... er..." thus, 'Speech Pattern Subroutine: Babble Mode' was engaged, as she tried to find some escape from this unfamiliar situation.

Miryn suddenly became aware of the stack of paper in her hands, as the bottom sheet of the stack deteriorated to dust. "The Forms! Yeah! I'm here to give you these!" Miryn seized this immediate escape route vehemently, frantically pressing a set of forms towards the Lilim, pushing her away. "Just, um, slide them under my door or somethin later. I'm the RA; I live in 130." as she backed towards the door, she looked around the room. "Hey, this is a double, right? Here, give this set to your room-mate."

"Why don't you just give them to me yourself?"

Miryn cast a puzzled glance towards the Balseraph, who had just spoken to her. *Naah...it couldn't be...*

"This is my roommate, Bis." The Lilim indicated the young man in a casual sort of way, as if rooming with men was perfectly normal. Maybe it was. "And I am Saran."

*They wouldn't! THAT is definitely in the Dorm Rules, and Legba wouldn't make an exception for a pair of demons.* She peered more closely at the Balseraph, this time keeping one eye on Saran, just in case she was planning to 're-state' her offer. *It _looks_ like a guy... Handsome too, but that's normal for them. Hmm, maybe a bit more of a 'pretty boy' than normal though.*

Bis noticed her scrutiny, and looked like he/she was about to say something. *Don't have time for this. Either Bis lied about _his_ gender in registration, or she is 'lying' about _her_ gender to me right now. Either way, it's his/her perogative.* Miryn snatched another set of forms off of the top of the stack and handed them to Bis. "Okay, just fill this out like you did in registration, and make sure it says the same thing on each copy. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have administrative duties to attend to."

Saran put on a pitifully cute look, "Are you _sure_ you won't consider my-"

"_NO!_- I mean, no, that won't be necessary, really!" Miryn put the stack of forms in front of herself defensively, then backed quickly out of the door, slamming it behind her. She then backed away from the door and leaned against the opposite wall. "That, I did _not_ need..." she sighed, before moving down the hall.

Subject: [PBEM-RPG] Ah My Student Goddess, Move 1, Part 2 (Room 137/135)

Grinning at leaving the Frosh Goddesses stunned, Miryn knocked on the door of Room 137, paying no attention to the little bit of faded paper with faded blue writing in the frame on the wall. The door was ajar, and what it led to was obvious as soon as she pushed it open.

It was a forest, bathed in the moon's silver light. Miryn stepped in, peering around for a path, she didn't see any. The sounds of small waterfalls and bird calls could be heard. Making her way a little farther away from the door, it seemed that the Pines and Douglas Fir's gave way to Redwoods a little farther on. Suddenly a creature flew just in front of her from left to right. Miryn had a momentary impression of a miniature dragon with half meter butterfly wings, but it was already gone. She took another step...

And with a sudden rushing sound found herself trapped in a net and held between two trees a little way above the ground.

"What's this?" said a voice. Pausing in her struggles, Miryn looked down at a a pale thin girl who was pointing a sword at her. She had fiery red hair and pointed ears. "What creature has trespassed here?"

"A strange thing.." said another voice, a black haired, pointed eared figure balanced on the branch above Miryn's head. She carried a bow with an arrow nocked. "A thing of some power I think."

"Beware!" Rising from behind some bushes, a third pointed eared, feminine figure, with long silver hair and reading glasses. She levitated in the air before Miryn with a huge and ancient book open before her. "This is a ravening Demon, well able to destroy!"

"Well met then to slay it on our Lady's threshhold!" Grinned the sword's elf.

Miryn was fed up. She lashed out and the net frayed into threads. She hit the ground with her sparking blue entropy aura building up to battle mode. "I'm the RA, Damnit! But, you wanna fight elfy-welf? Let's Go!"

The swords elf was ready to charge,...

"Hold!" came a voice from behind all and none of the trees. The calm tone had a lot of authority, somehow. The sword's elf stopped instantly. "Leienetha," continued the voice "is not the 'Arr-Eaa' the sheriff of these lands? And did We not concur with your own counsel that We should make peace with this officer at our first meeting?"

The silver haired elf floating behind the big book looked uncomfortable. "So did I advise your Highness, ignorant at the time of the official's heritage."

[Reality Shifts...]

Then into the space between the green boughed trees stepped such a vision, such a wondrous and ethereal sight that, born and bloodsworn hellspawn that she was, even Miryn the Raze-er could but catch back her breath. Golden and delicate of hair, long falling all down shoulders and past waist, to frame her silken, many tasseled garment came she. Willow thin and graceful as any breeze, legendary Aminicet, ever fair. Lighting the greenwood with her presence, flowers springing wence she placed her feet.

Her mage, book still before her did descend to her Lady's right and with leaps like the wilde Hart, her archer, now seen to bear a lute strapped to her back set herself upon her Lady's left.

Only her puissant Swordswoman held her place against the Creature of the Pit. "Princess," said she, "Thou can'st permit such creatures any leave. Bid us to smite it, by our holy oaths to keep thee from all harm!"

"Not so," the Princess spake, "We have declared and prepared for our acts with due consideration to all things. We shall not vary from our chosen course. Therefore, Jausserand, put away thy sword, and stand at ready to perform thy part."

With clear reluctance and a muttered oath, valiant Jausserand did'st do her Lady's bidding. Her silver bright sword found out it's scabbard home, and she herself did find her station, beside her countrywoman, archer and bard.

With elegant smile the Princess did to greeting then incline. "Be welcome, good 'Arr-Eaa' unto Our room. We have prepared a better welcome for thee than thou did'st at first receive."

Then did the princess incline her fair face unto her mage, and she, flipping anticly through her great volume, did'st come apon a separated page, which she then read. "Hello... I Leienetha am. This ..... my Royal Blooded Room-mate, Aminicet the Fair. These others, Jausserand and Linuvial, our neighbors, in thy parlance, save for this, that with the Archdean's blessing and appropriate taxes to her lackeys paid, our two rooms now are one so that Her Highness shall remain in proper state."

Incensed mutterings of 'bedamned private realms' did then escape the tightly pursed lips of Miryn for several moments hence, as did she endeavor to becalm her quite indignant ire for duty's sake anon. Presently, replied she , "Aye, an tha do be all fine`n well, such as it be, bot I kin`nae bloody well `ave ye jump`n me arse ever` time I `ave te tend te me duties `ere. I be more`n a tad bit ripped on that, right enough." roughly spoke she in the Lowest Tongue that had yet chanced on fair Aminicet's perfect, pointed ear, and Leienetha clicked her tongue at the indignity that her Highness must endure such foulness.

Miryn, on her own part, quite immediately dumb stricken by the manner in which her tongue did lash about of it's own accord, heedless of her unspoken thought, though obedient of her intent, if only that. And so dids't she clasp her jaw most firmly shut, silently praying that the muse which held her might release its tyranny of her mouth. When speak again did she, picking her words as carefully as she ever had from her mind and relaying them directly, as she saw it, to her tongue, she spake again.

"An` furthermore, might add I, I'll be `avin those arms frae ye chums the- oh, bloody `ell, na agin`. A`ight then, let's just be cuttin` te tha quick then, so's I kin git tha flam`n `ell out of `ere, for mercy be on ye if `n I ave te hear any more`o this screamin` bloody gibber, I'll go mad as a hatter, I will." That said, painfully as it was, then did Miryn dispense four sets of documents from the supply at hand, tossing them such that Leienetha dids't need to swiftly divest herself of her tome, that she might receive them ere they fell. "I'll be `avin those back frae ye on tha first leave ye `ave te return `em. An` tha do bett`r be soon, as I `ave nae the patience ta `ave it out with yer bloody daft selves agin`. Good day te ye!" and with that, so then did the 'Arr Eaa `o Tha Pit' turn smartly on her heel, and proceed to stalk hastily from the presence of Her Highness, Aminicet the Fair, and her loyal and steadfast retainers, heedless of the virulent glares and venomous imprecations muttered under the breath by those same fey defenders.

But Aminicet, graceful serenity embodied she, simply dismissed the Razer-er Demon, officer of the fickle and precarious fates of IOU, with a simple nod.

"Leienetha, did We not incline to address the 'Ar-Eea' in the simple language of this land, thus to keep her better at ease?"

"Just so, my gracious Lady," did the mage reply, "And for that purpose I did write out all the words, but, as I feared, the Grace the Elven Gods see fit to bless thy family with, ever may they reign, permits only the strongest wills to speake other than poetry in thy presence, and even then contests the field to keep thy ears in harmonious comfort always."

Then did Aminicet, with kind smile, accept her Mage's explanation, and bid her countrywomen and companions to retire to the heath, that they might complete the task upon them with due calmness and celerity.


[Reality Shifts Back...]

On the other side of the door, Miryn stopped in the middle of the hall and shook her head violently to clear it. "of all tha bloody daft things- AARGH! What the hell is going on here?!"

"Something wrong?" another Miryn, looking strangely harried at the moment, asked her as she walked up and looked her sibling in the eye. She then seemed to realize what she was doing, shuddered, and backed away a bit.

"This hall is like some sort of twisted freak show, you know that? You wouldn't believe what just happened..."

"Oh, I wouldn't be so sure about that. I just met an... interesting pair of demons down the hall." Miryn stopped to think about something, then added. "I wonder what the guy's side is like."

"Ugh... I don't wanna think about it right now. I'll bet panty raids are the least of our worries for this year. If what i've seen so far holds for the rest of the hall, then I wouldn't be surprised if the Horde and the Host did bed tossings on a rotating schedule in here... Anyway, I took care 139, 137, and 135, and You?"

"Umm, I skipped 133..."

At that moment. The door to 133 SLAMMED open, and a girl in sports gear on a rocket powered skate board skidded into the hallway, engines flaring as she pointed her board in the direction of the Miryns and the end of the hall, Skate AND Die written on her T-Shirt. With a roar she zoomed toward them, deftly steering around them and then bounced her board up to hit the emergency door and crash into the fire stairs. The sound of the board echoed up through the now open door and, from the regular shrieks and roars, reported that the skater had somehow retained control as she slalomed down the railings.

"Isn't this exciting!" The Miryn's spun their heads, and another girl, in a more than floor length black evening dress, matching black hair and a very pale and palerously thin and white face. She was in joyful awe of what was apparently her room-mate. "Do you think she'll die in a single splat or a long bloody skid?" continued the cadaverous girl.

[To Be Continued!]