Ah My Student Goddess #2

By: James Nutley (jnutley@acadia.net)

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Subject: Ah My Student Goddess Log, Move 1, Part 2 of 2


Myrin peeked in her own room as her 'sybling' went into 139. It was a triple, but there was only one bed and also a large WWII era metal desk with matching chair. *Lots of room for one person,* she thought, *Probably the only perk this job has...*

Wandering down the hallway, Miryn knocked on the door for 138. A muffled "Come In!" answered her, so she entered.

Scattered about the room, various impliments of sorcery and magecraft. On the bed to the right, with a pentagram rug half out of a box, sat an anglo girl with shoulder length red-gold hair, and a night-black cat perched on her shoulder. On the left, a girl with dark skin and tightly twisted curls, her side of the room clearly belonging to the 'Santeria' disiplines. From their body language, they were already getting along, and from their horrified facial expressions, they both recognised the meaning of the Demon marks on Miryn's forehead.

*Oooo, witches! Time for the song and dance...* Miryn drew herself up to her full height, what little improvement that was, and cackled maniacally.

"YES, FOOLISH MORTALS, COWER IN FEAR BEFORE ME, KNOWING THAT YOUR SOULS ARE MINE TO DO WITH AS I WILL. FOR, BY THE SACRED OATHS THAT BIND YOU TO THIS INSTITUTION, I AM..." Miryn paused for dramatic effect, glowering at the two girls while her entropy aura swirled in a forbidding blue maelstrom around her.

"Miryn, your RA." She said in a normal voice, as the aura blinked out of sight. "Now, if you'll please just fill out these form and return them to me later in room 130, I would be ever so grateful." she said, leaning into the room and offering up two sets of forms.

The two frosh Craftswomen continued to cower in their places for a heartbeat or two, then leaped up to take the forms.

"I'm Maya," squeeked the darkskined one, "Forms? No Problem."

"Gillian," sputtered the other girl, retrieving her form as well.

"Thank you!" chanted Miryn, flashing them her most innocent smile, before turning around and stepping out of the room. "Byeeee." She waved once, and shut the door.


Miryn knocked on the door of room 132, and it was swiftly opened by a plain but reasonably attractive anglo girl with brown hair cut in a plain but reasonably attractive style that only reached to her neck.

Miryn stepped in, and was confronted by her room-mate, a plain but reasonably attra... an EXACT duplicate. The two of them stood together and spoke, taking turns on every other sentence.

"Welcome to my/our room. I/we are Phmith."

"Please don't be put off, we are a group mind, a single conciousness spread between many individual bodies."

"Seventy-Six of us have entered the IOU freshman class this year, and we two will inhabit this dorm room."

"Should you encounter any of us throughout the year, don't hesitate to engage us in in conversation or ask us questions, even our male members will be completely aware of who you are and what we were discussing last."

"Seventy....six of you?" Miryn blinked a few times, thinking back to the previous room assignments that she had been given. *Well, I suppose this explains that...* "And you're all the same?"

"Well, male members have differences appropriate to their genders."

"And tend to be bald."

"Hmm... well then, just fill out one set of these forms, and make a photocopy. Then, you can either bring them to room 130, or give them to me if you see me on campus; I'm Miryn, the RA, by the way. There are a few of me hanging around, though I'm not terribly certain how many..."


Miryn knocked on the door of room 136, and again, someone inside said "Comein."

Miryn found two mortals in the room. One, another redhead, and clearly an artist of some sort, was sketching something on a lap pad, the other, a blonde, was trying to figure out what to do with three different guitar cases.

*Hmm... I guess they abandoned the random room-mate assignment deal finally. Probabaly wanted to cut property damage costs down after that fiasco with those freaked out martial artists last year. Still see the Saotome kid around, but I wonder what happened to the other one...Hideki... Hibime? That one would have made a good Calabim...* She shrugged and turned towards the two artistically inclined occupants of the room. "I'm Miryn, the RA, and I need you to complete these forms and return them to me. Just drop them by room 130 when you're done."


Miryn knocked on the door of room 134, "Please come in." said someone inside.

Miryn went in and found two Asian girls, One with long black hair and brown highlights, the other with short black hair with red highlights. Things in the process of being placed around the room indicated both occupants were Japanese.

"Good Morning, Onee-san" said the one with short hair, as they both bowed to Miryn, "this is Akazuki, Meiko," she indicated her long haired room-mate, "and I am Aoba, Hime."

*Wow, normal people. Will wonders never cease...* Miryn bowed back to them, rather less deeply though, and replied. "Actually, it's afternoon now. I'm Miryn, the RA of this floor, and I need to have these forms completed and returned to me as soon as possible. I live in room 130." She offered up two sets of forms.

"Thank you, we'll do that right away," replied Meiko with another bow. "It's quite pleasant to meet a polite Demoness on a warm summer afternoon."

"NANI?" squeeked Hime, her eyes going wide, "AKUMA DA??"

"Hime-san, o-gyougi yoku shinasai!" Meiko tried to step between Hime and Miryn, but it was too late, Hime had some kind baton in her hand and was spinning it about...


Hundreds of tiny, pastel colored puppies appeared in a swirling, nipping, maelstrom that so surprised Myrin it succeded in sweeping her back out the door and into the hallway where the ultra-cute swarm buried her. Meiko leaped to the door and slammed it shut, with the result that the puppies vanished like multi-colored soap bubbles popping.

Miryn lay on the floor for a minute or so, thinking. *A magical girl. I have a Magical Girl on my floor. Maybe two. Ohhh....I'm going to _kill_ whomever decided to put all these nutcases in the same place.* Slowly, she stood up. "But first, I'm going to deal with miss Aoba Hime..."

She started reaching for the door knob, but thought better of it. *If I break anything on my floor specificly, then _I_ have to go to maintenence to get it fixed... perhaps there's a better way to make our little Magical Girl see the error of her ways.* Miryn began rooting through her pockets, as if she were looking for spare change. Eventually, she actually did draw out a handfull of change, which she them began sorting through until she found a coin-shaped object that was roughly the size of a silver half-dollar. On once side, it had a backlit LCD screen, and on the other, a bank of pin-head sized indentations, with little letters above them, arranged roughly in the form of a standard computer keyboard.

She used a saftey pin to press the on switch, causing the object to sort of float in mid-air when she took her hands off of it. "Now, what to do... ah, I know." She began picking away at the keyboard, grinning, for a few seconds, before pressing the standby button. She then put the device under the third page of one set of forms, and wrote the name 'Aoba, Hime' on the name line on the first page.

She then wrote 'Akazuki, Meiko' on the second set, and put it on top of the first, and slid both sets under the door. Grinning evilly to herself, Miryn then began strolling down the hall to her next room. She had programed the 'reminder' coin to constantly float a meter in front of the face of the first person that it saw, hopefully miss Aoba, blinking the kanji for 'baka.' As this setting, in the past, had often caused the coin to knock things over whenever the person turned their head, Miryn was relatively confident that she would be seeing her little Magical Girl again in the near future.


Outside the door to room 139, a sudden roaring rush was heard, then a 'KABAMM!', that echoed up and down the emergency staiwell adjacent to Room 139 so loudly that all three Goddesses jumped a foot into the air.

Vesty clutched her chest and noticed that her new body seemed to be running rather rapidly. She was most definently not used to loud unexpected noises. Library definently discouraged them. The only loud noises she was used to was the detonation of her handgun. That noise was expected and in a way familiar.

She tentatively walked over and opened the door to the hall. Peaking out the door she spied the RA, and then blinked when she spotted another version. They seemed to be staring towards the stairwell. A second later a tall Cadaverous "human" joined them and looked in the direction of the stairwell as well, however where both Demons' expressions were one of bemusment the human's was one of exitement.

As Vesty looked on, more doors up and down the hallway opened up, to reveal the other occupants of the floor...

Before Miryn could say another word, her two instances and Lybatia were interupted by a ... contraption. It was a collection of spars and spheres, with one having a smily face promenantly painted on it. It rolled up on at least four wheel spheres, turned a camera sphere on an articulated appendage to examine both Lybatia and the two Miryn's, then rolled down the hallway to the door to Room 139 where at least one of the frosh Goddesses, startled by the noise of the rocket skate board, was peaking out.

"CRASH", several boxes of stuff went sailing to the floor at the feet of Bis and the Phmith's who were emerging to see what was going on. Mirym #1-1 had divested herself of the first load from the old room and ran down the hallway after the machine, shouting, "IT'SMINE!IT'SMINE!IT'SMINE!"

"Hey that's MY stuff you're throwing around!" yelled the Miryn #3-2 and Miryn #2-2 as Myrin #1-1 ran by them.

Myrin #2-1, standing infront of Room 136 marshalled her will in an effort to _not_ run carelessly after the machine. Suddenly, ...a chill ran up her back, a sniff of sulpher was in the air, and she REMEMBERED.


Miryn knocked on the door of Room 136, and someone inside said "No Admitance!"

"What the Hell do you mean by that!" replied Miryn as she bargged in anyway.

The room was stark, even for a dorm room. There wasn't a thread of color in it, other than the blond hair of one girl and the brown hair of the other, both cut identically short and above the collar of their identical black suits and ties. The dorm room furniture had been replaced by black metal furniture with lots of locking drawers. Both girls were inspecting or selecting high tech instruments from open drawers, including Really Big Guns.

In spite of how little sunlight made it through the window on this side of the building, both girls were wearing identical black sunglasses.

"Just a moment, Miss," said one of the girls briskly, "I have the authorization right here..." and held up a short metal baton with a red light on top.



Vesty looked on in surprise as the strange object moved towards her. She had seen similar things in Library.

Libary received daily shipments from Blandine of documents and plans created from the dreams of mortals and celestials. Some of these ideas were well thought out concepts that would someday become phsical reality. No doubt the strange device that had lifted her to this floor, once was one such. Others like the one her gun was created from, were the dreames of people who lacked the materials to create that which they dreamed of. Still others were the fever dreams of engineers created after multi day long working sessions. The object rolling down the hall towards her looked to have been created from one such as that.

Vesty knew of only one entity that created such things. Turning she called to her roommates. "We have company coming."

"Really?" asked Kyri as she checked her hair, makeup and outfit. An expert flip of the brush stripped the excess moisture from her raven locks and restored them to the normal bounce. "Animal, vegetable or mineral?" she joked.

Vesty looked closely. "Mineral I believe"

"Maaaachiiiine!" Vesty started at the strange sound, she turned back and saw another Miryn, emerging from Room 130, whose clothes and skin gave the strange and surely mistaken impression of having recieved multiple tiny bites. This Miryn was pouncing on the contraption that had rolled in front of room 139. "Must work on Maaaachiiine!" insisted the Miryn in a trancelike daze.

"HANDS OFF, I SAW IT FIRST!!" yelled ANOTHER Miryn, running down the hall towards the machine. In a heartbeat the two Miryns were struggling to wrench it from the other's grasp. Soon, both of them succeded, each tearing half the hapless machine away from the other.


"LADIES AND GODDDESSES," Yelled Miryn #2-1 up and down the hall, "MAY I PRESENT, THE FROSH IN BLACK!" Then she stepped out of the doorway of Room 136, two girls in black suits and sunglasses flanking her. They were both bent over and wincing since this Miryn had each of them in a painful grip on one of their ears.

"FIBs?" asked a positively cheerful Bis as he/she walked around Lybatia and the other Miryns.

"Oh my." Stated Meiko Akazuki from her doorway, Miss Aoba was no where to be seen.

"Well, Jill," grimaced the blonde FIB, "Our cover is blown."

"Time for plan B, Lill" answered FIB Jill.

"What's plan B, Jill?" asked FIB Lill.

"Hide in plain sight. This is the 13th floor of Monty Hall, no one will consider us out of the ordinary here."

"'Scuse Me. Sorry. Comin' Through." Weaving in and out of the female fresthings now filling the hallway came a rather young Goddess in a red and white t-shirt with matching slacks. She had long black hair and her Goddess markings were sort of like guitar picks. A small procession of other people tried to keep up with her but fell a little behind.

Then she slipped in between the black haired elf with the lute and the red-gold haired human with the black cat on her shoulder ("Hi Kitty," said the young goddess in passing) and came face to face with the two Miryn's holding the two parts of the machine...

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!! YOU'VETORNSKULD'SOWNDEITYFINDER AND3DDORMITORYMAPPERINTWO!!!!!" The Goddess then grabbed both parts of the machine and entered an three way tug of war where two appologetic but insistant versions of Miryn begged her to let them help her fix it.

As Vesty and Kyri stepped out into the hallway, the rest of the goddesses party caught up with her. First came a cute little girl with no goddess markings and very _yellow_ hair in a swirl around her head, she was followed by...

...two GODS. A tall blonde, and a redhead. Discussing their physique's would be redudant, pick your favorite male bodied classical Greek sculpture and you've got it.

The black haired goddess and the two Miryn's continued their tug of war with escallating franticness. The redheaded god turned to Kyri and Vesty, his blond companion followed his example. "Umm. Hi. That's Skuld, this is her roommate Terai..." he indicated the little yellow haired girl, "My roomate Limone," the blond god, "and I'm Snam. Skuld's machine found us down in 232, then came down here to you..."

*Oh, so the male demon must have come down the hall with them*, thought Kyri, who'd arrived in the hall late enough not to notice otherwise.

"Hello, Skuld, Terai *must be one of those child geniuses*,  Limone and Snam.  *Strange name, but what a hunk!*  I'm Kyri Ellison, pleased to meet you."

She looked Snam over again, with that slightly calculating gaze her high school friends would have instantly recognized. "So, Snam, do you have a girlfriend?"

"No,..uhh, why do you ask?"

He was telling the truth!  Vesty let go of a breath she hadn't known she was holding, then started in surprise as she felt her heart once again begin to race. Unlike before, this time there was no external stimulus to account for it, and she was at a loss to understand why. In addition she felt strangely warm. She raised a hand and wiped her hand across her brow.  A light coating of moisture seemed to be forming on her face.

Using her own talents, Kyri could tell he had no 'romantic' connections.  There was a reasonable binding to his room mate, appropriate for a pair of hetero males, a skattering of friends and ties to family. Suddenly the parts of the broken machine that the two Myrin's were holding 'morphed' in their hands, resulting in the rapid loss of balance of both RA's so that they fell uncerimoniously to the floor. <

"Poor Meanie!" purred Aniitomica through a toothy grin, then swept in front of Kyri and Vesty with a flurish of her chrome cape.  "Greetings Dorm-mates Snam and Limone!  Greetings Dorm-mates Skuld and Terai! I am Aniitomica, Goddess of Unspeakable ...."

In a single blur, Skuld had deposited both armfulls of broken machine in Terai's arms (she staggered, but managed to keep her balance) and leapped in front of Snam and Limone where she discovered she was too short to effectively cover the eyes of both Gods with her hands, "WHATAREYOU,YOUCAN'TJUST,HOW..." Skuld stopped and caught her breath, then continued, "How can you run around naked like that!!!??"

Aniitomica blinked at Skuld, obviously puzzled, then with a few quick 'unsnaps' removed her harness and slung it over her shoulder, "Is better go naked like this?"

As their faces and vision went totally red, Kyri, Vesty and Skuld noticed that Snam and Limone, while blushing, had the good graces not to develop nose bleeds. In a move they couldn't have equaled with a month's practice, the three Goddesses wrapped Aniitomica in her cape, lifted her over their heads and marched through the door of Room 139, with Terai in tow and the two Miryns reacquiring grips on the machine parts in Terai's arms. When all seven of them had gone in, Kyri stuck her head out of the room and said to the two gods, "We'll just kill our room-mate and be right back, so don't go away you two!" Then she shut the door.

Miryn, or at least Miryn#2-1, who was currently flanked by a pair of distinctly uncomfortable looking FIBs, looked thoughtfully at the embarrased gods and "hmmm"'ed. Then, without warning, she reached up and removed the sunglasses from Lill's face, donning them herself.

"Ladies, I believe now is an appropriate time for some descreet, mnemonic editing. Please carry on." she waved dismissively towards the two still somewhat distracted gods. *No way I'm letting _this_ leave the floor today. Much better to save it for some time more appropriately...useful...* She then removed Jill's sunglasses and handed them to Bis. "I assume that something _completely_ different happened here today, ne?"

"Ah. Yes," Bis smilled a WIDE smile and retrieved the little baton from FIB Jill's pocket. Bis proceeded to work the dials, "Something benign yet dis-heartening, almost forgetable, yet enforcing the notion that we DARE not cross the RA's will," Bis almost sniffed the the baton like a bottle of fine wine, then held it high. "Pity the baby goddesses and that Lilim bitch aren't here...LADIES, and you two 'men' down there, your attention please..."

In perfect syncronization, FIBs Jill and Lill retrieved additional sets of sunglasses from their pockets and slid them securly on their own faces.

There was a high pitched hum... and the baton shattered in Bis's upheld hand.

"HEY!" growled the two Miryn's standing near Lybatia.

"I didn't DO it!" insisted Miryn#2-1.

"Ha-hummm," rumbled a deep voice. Every face in the hallway turned toward the elevators, and the god standing in that direction. Towering up to within a centimeter of the ceiling. He wore a crew cut, a "Destined for Glory" RA T-shirt, and black jeans. The sleeves of the T-shirt were torn off and revealed tatoos on his well muscled shoulders, 'One Way' in an upward pointing arrow on his right, ranks of tiny skulls on his left, and each of those skulls sported horns.

In his right hand Miryn recognized the gunlike device as a sonic pistol, in his left hand, dangling by her hair, a VERY unhappy Saran. He tossed Saran toward the crowd and she rolled to a stop at Miryn's feet, hissing back at him like a cornered rat.

"Well, Well, Miryn," rumbled the god, "'little miss homemaker' and I were just discussing why she wouldn't want to 'engage clients' on my side of this floor. And here I find you, about to tamper with the minds of a pair of my boys. We're going to have a wonderful year, aren't we?"

Miryn under half lidded eyes, glared in contempt at her counterpart, and 'tsk'ed regretfully, shaking her head. "Still haven't developed any sort of sense of humor, huh Sargun?"

She removed the sunglasses and put them in her pocket, at the same time drawing out a small key-chain hung device that looked suspicously like a remote key for some sort of car, hiding it her palm. She peered at the Sonic Pistol in Sargun's hand for a moment. "Interesting toy you've got there. I assume it's liscensed for use within campus housing facilities?" She smirked mischieviously.

Sargun smiled, an action that showed off his teeth, which had been morphed into shark's teeth sometime before he started attending IOU. "I applied for a permit to use my firearms to protect the freshthings, but they'd only grant me permisson ... to annoy _you_."

"But I _like_ you," pouted another Miryn, "you're just like the boss monster at the end of a Quake level, Big, Ugly, and S_T_U_P_I_D_!"

Sargun adopted a mock thoughtful posture, "That would make each of your copies the pitiful little one shot creatures the player warms up on, wouldn't it, Miryn?"


Kyri returned her head into the room and closed the door.

Anii, wrapped in her cape from neck to ankles had been deposited on her own bunk. She was wimpering pitifully. Kyri turned to the mechanically-minded goddess. "Um, Skuld, Aniitomica isn't from around here, and she has a...unique sense of humor. Please excuse her."

Skuld was dividing her attention between the two Miryns and Anii. "Terai isn't from 'around here' and SHE doesn't get naked in front of boys!"

"Should I?" asked Terai with perfect naievite.

"NO!" answered Skuld, Vesty and Kyri in perfect unison.

Kyri looked at the Miryns trying to get the machine parts. *Let's see: Short, sharp teeth, likes machines but tends to break them, and multiplies. She must be...a gremlin! Funny, I don't remember that kind of demon from my lessons, then again I was kinda dozing during Infernal Hierarchy...*

"Kyri-room-mate, Vesty-room-mate, please don't kill Aniitomica." Anii wimpered.

Kyri turned to her cowering room-mate, "Anii, the word `kill' wasn't meant literally, but that's the last time I want to see you strip in public."

"Give that back!" Skuld snapped at a Miryn, then turned to Kyri, "Doesn't she have any REAL clothes?"

"Pleasepleaseplease, I can help you fixit up really!" begged the Miryns.

On the bunk, Anii was shaking her head.

"She's telling the truth," Vesty responded with her face in her hand, "Nothing but leather harnesses and straps."

"Does Aniitomica have to pay royalities to Infocom?" asked Terai.

"From Phobos, I'm not." Anii answered.

Skuld yanked another piece of machine from a Miryn, "NO, how do I even know you can SPELL Robot, let alone fix one?"

"I'll show you!" responded Miryn#3-2, then she dug a remote out of her pocket and punched the button.

"NOOOOO!" wailed Miryn#1-1, "To protect her on the way over I wrapped her in ..."


With a crash, skeletal, meter tall metal rat busted out of the box at Sargun's feet. Sargun leaped straight up into the air, his face contorted into what Miryn considered a comical mask of surprise. Somehow Sargun stuck to the ceiling and 'switched' his sonic pistol for a bazooka sized lazer sighted fire arm. He might have blasted the rat to bits but it skampered/rolled in among the freshthings and down the hall.

Miryn laughed out loud and was very pleasantly surprised to hear her girls laughing along with her, until she took her eyes away from Sargun and looked down at the floor, along which was skattered a very familier assortment of bras, panties, and other unmentionables. The girl's laughter was clearly pointed _down_ at the underthings, rather than up at the other RA.

"Jill, is that a pair of Gummi Bikini Briefs?" asked a boggled FIB Lill.

FIB Jill responded in perfect official deadpan, "Don't ask, Lill, some things humans were _not_ meant to know."


"...underware." finished Miryn#1-1.

"Look, Anii," sighed Kyri, "You can go naked in the room if you want too, but only if the door is closed and no boys are inside. OK?" Kyri looked at Vesty, she didn't seem upset by the proposal, although she was pretty new down here, *Why is Vesty upset by Anii's state of undress all of a sudden?* Kyri wondered.

Vesty, watching Anii timidly getting to her feet, was pondering the same question. *Why did I react like that? What was it about having Anii naked in front of Snam that made me so....so...?*

"CRASH!" A skeletal metal rat broke through the door to Room 139, tearing the insides out but leaving the edges and the latch shut. The robotic rat was all angles and wicked sharp edges, and it went straight to Miryn#3-2, heedless of bras and door remnants that were still trailing from it's spikes and claws.

Miryn#3-2 went into a paradoy of a proud mom act over the rat-bot. "What a good girl Nezumi-chan! You came right to mama and didn't let any old door stop you! Look at those pretty knife edges and impaling points! Aren't you just the most adorable thing Nezumi-chan!!"

Miryn#1-1 went _very_ red from embarrasment.

Meanwhile Snam and Limone still stood in the hall, "Are you all right?" Snam asked of the Goddesses as they looked in.

Anii srugged her cape back off of her shoulders. "Whew, glad stayed closed the door, nik, nik!"


The Miryns in the hallway were glaring at the swiftly dispersing and still giggling freshthing girls as they scrambled to retrieve their underware, so Miryn#2-2 was startled when Sargun jumped back to the floor.

"Not a bad bit of information gathering," the Malakim grumbled, "Now that you have an idea what I'd do, will you be able to counter?" But before she could answer him, the grim-faced god had spun on his heel and stalked back toward his side of the floor.

[To Be Continued!]