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Due to popular demand (, this is all your fault), I'm putting up the gaming logs for the "New Garaverse." I.e., the GURPS Space campaign that we've been running for so long, from whence has been drawn many of the characters on my web-pages (some showed up as PCs or NPCs, some didn't, but just partake of that background).

It started up, well, kinda silly. John Moore was trying to run a mish-mosh of Star Trek, Star Wars, and a little Indiana Jones thrown in for good measure. The rest of the group finally decided that they didn't want to have such a cinematic campaign (there were many times when "the needs of the plot" over-rode common sense), and when I, my spouse ( and one of the other players announced that we were going to leave, the rest of the group asked to come along. This left the former GM kinda out in the cold (we had a few more players than we'd been expecting, and one more just wouldn't have worked for us), for which I felt kinda bad, but at least these days he's settled in with a more cinematic group, doing White Wolf games and such.

The following logs are primarily of the Artemis Enterprises group of PCs. With the same players, but different characters, we later did the "Scruffy Traders" group. I have two logs for that -- one of which is my character's personal log and SHOULD NOT BE READ BY ANYONE WHO IS PLAYING THE GAME! (Why, yes, I *did* take the Secret disad...)

For that matter, nobody below the age of 18 should be reading Quicksilver's personal log, since she's such a hotshot and will go to bed with anything sentient (male, female, human, alien...), and occasionally I amused myself by getting a little graphic. Which also means any relatives of mine (Yes, you, Mom!) should also avoid it, for my peace of mind. The Albatross logs are fit enough for general audiences and don't leave out that much, anyway.

Timeline A (pre-split with John Moore GMing)

1 (episodes 1-7)
2 (episodes 8-9)
3 (episodes 10-11)
4 (episodes 12-14)
5 (episodes 15-18)

Timeline B (post split)

Artemis Enterprises

6 (episodes 19-24)
7 (episode 25)
8 (episode 26)
9 (episodes 27-28)
10 (episodes 29)
11 (episodes 30-37)

Albatross ("Scruffy Traders")

Albatross 1 (October 2, 154 - August, 155) [internal dates are wrong]
Albatross 2 (August, 155)
Albatross 3 (September, 155 - March, 156)

Timesync between the groups...

Silver's Personal Logs [Spoilers! Over-18 only!]

#01: October, 154
#02: November, 154
#03: December, 154
#04: Leap, 154 [the 13th month; party month]
#05: January, 155
#06: February, 155
#07: March - April, 155
#08: May - July, 155
#09: August - September, 155
#10: October - December, 155
#11: Leap, 155
#12: January - March, 156

In Nomine IOU
(see my writeup elsewhere)

RogueLdr GMing: Episode #1

In Nomine IOU meets _Oh My Goddess_:
Ah My Student Goddess!

Episode #1 | Episode #2

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