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>>>Of course I'm using it! It's a great idea! It works wonderfully- the players are using IOU as a sort of home-on-Earth, and racking up favors to the ArchDean all the time. They're seeing more of her than of their OWN ArchAngels! One of my players has even expressed interest in creating a Bright Lilim serving her...

> >AHHHHHHHHHH! <swoons happily> Oh, this sounds *wonderous*. I'm delighted. If you wanted to periodically tell gaming war stories, I would be deleriously happy to hear them... (I'd *tried* to make it useful, but to hear that someone's actually *using* my little scribblings. O;D )

I'd be glad to!

The first time they went on-campus (when they didn't know about the neutral-ground policy), a Malakim Of Michael used his resonance to detect a Balseraph (who was hittting on a human gal on the grounds). Not wanting to pull out the assault weapons in such a crowded place, they instead dragged the Balseraph into a bathroom and had an Ofanim use the Song of Motion (I think, my book's not handy- the one with teleportation) to stick the poor Liar 500 feet above the grounds.


One of the Campus Angelic police managed to work a quick miracle and save the demon. The players were *quite thoroughly* reamed out by the ArchDean, in fact, she tacked on an extra Geas just to keep from kicking 'em out. They needed her to tell them the location of a certain Diabolical Tether, and of course she tacked on yet another geas for that info.

She called in the favors and had the PCs run to Jamaica to bring back a University student from there. it became rather humorous, as she only gave the PCs the girl's name and major. There were two girls of the same name studying the same thing. A frantic round of who's who, involving an Impudite boyfriend much like Marcus, finally led to one of the PCs geting so frustrated that he called IOU (he called collect.... Geas/1?) and yelled quite politely at the ArchDean to give him some more identifying characteristics.

Not appreciating his tone of voice (or the international long distance collect call), the ArchDean added the girl's mother's maiden name and hung up. <grin>

After sorting out the proper student, the PC's re-boarded the plane to head back to IOU- forgetting that the lovely new guns they had purchased in Jamaica didn't jive with airline security! Another escapade, this one involving a Cherub Of Jordi using her cat vessel, got three of the PCs out of jail.

They don't owe anything to the ArchDean.... at the moment. They're still free-loading at IOU while an unlucky Ofanim (whom the Impudite boyfriend put a shotgun blasty into) tries to talk Eli into giving him a new vessel. If he can *find* Eli. The player is considering asking the ArchDean for one.... <evil grin>

OK, that's War Story #1. If you want more, let me know, I'd be happy to send 'em as they come.