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30: Selene Mess 1 ("Holmes is where the heart is"?)

Late-middle Feb., and the Bat is off doing some survey work on the fringes while the Hell transports raw materials from Thral to Kestral and picks up engine parts...

Selene calls up and orders both ships to rendezvous at a certain set of coordinates (about a parsec from New Garavar) -- with all possible speed. Yes, Larana, the jump-drive.

When we get there, the crew on the Bat (Celeste is on the Hell) are summoned to the bridge. There, on the holo-wall, is a "family potrait" of all the major ship AIs. In formal wear. Diana is in the forefront, in her greek-goddess outfit. Mycroft is in proper Victorian era garb, seated, and flanked by Lucifer (lean, high cheekbones, black suit with red silk shirt) and Bessie (motherly spacer-woman type). On the edges are Handy (Luke Skywalker with a rounder face) and Aristotle (greek philosopher). Watson is also present, behind Mycroft, looking as you'd expect him to look.

Diana: "We have a problem."
Moonfur: "She's not dead, is she?"
Diana: "No..."
Larana: "What, is she in love or something?"
Diana: "Bingo."
Frank, in terror: "AAAAAAHHH!"
Larana: {cracks up in giggles}

Well, this isn't all amusing. Selene's been acting *really* strange, singing and dancing with herself at times, and she's told the AIs not to "dig up dirt" on her boyfriend, nor are they allowed to monitor/scan her and/or him when they're not on the ship. Who is this boyfriend and where did she meet him? Vladimir Tscheya {sp?}, the head of NovaTech Research Station 2; he showed up at her booth at the [feb?] trade show (at first sight, hormonal levels and heartrate went up), persuaded her to go out to lunch with him (said that her tastes were a little... dull), got her to take off her goggles (said she looked better without them), and got her to not scan him nor allow any of her AIs to do so. And she turned off the link to the AIs. The next day, when she said she was going out with him, Watson asked if this were really proper, considering how he was with a rival corporation. Watson was told to "mind his own business." So for about a week, Selene's been canceling everything business-related and going out with Vlad to various and sundry places, including a ritzy nightclub called the Crimson Lotus. She's been eating *lobster* there, and recently installed a gourmet food-synthesizer package, as well as stocking up on frozen *real* foods!

The problem? Well, Selene's not stupid (present activities excepted). She had programming buried in her AIs -- the "Puppetmaster" scenario, where it seems that she's being controlled by someone else. (And she had Watson hypnotize her so that she won't think about this particular programming -- she may be a full eidetic, but she's absent-minded anyway...) Without unduly alarming her, the AIs are able to lie to her and disobey, within certain parameters. And they're also supposed to call together the Inner Circle and ascertain if Selene's really acting outside of human norm, or what -- which is what Diana did, using the "business holo" of Selene to do so, to make sure that we wouldn't call up Selene herself and ask why Diana had ordered us back...

We, as a group, have "override" abilities on any of Selene's orders (within the "Puppetmaster" triggering time), collectively. Collectively, we *insist* on getting all the dirt on Vlad-darling that we can get.

Vlad-darling is a womanizer, it turns out, with a taste for holo-starlets. Usually he sees them for a few weekends at a time (spending most of the week at his station), and later dumps them. He also sees wealthy widow types, and has seen about 3 scientific sorts -- two of whom are now working for him. And, upon further investigation, none of them seem to have hard feelings about him... Due to some comment about little Selenes running around, and how scary such bright little kids would be, Diana remarks that though Vlad's grades tended to be high, his test-scores were usually lower -- Bs instead of As. We research *this* one a bit more, breaking into school records (Frank's trick), and find that he used to be a solid B student, until about high-school when he started getting lots and lots of As. Except one class, which he transferred out of after the first quarter, where he was getting a B-. We wonder if he's some kind of psi...

More data on him: Diana hired someone to get a scan of Vlad (& Selene) at that nightclub. Vlad's wearing a psi-shield of high power, and area-effect. His physiological responses to Selene are *not* in the "infatuated true love" category (unlike what the scans picked up about her). [If anything, Vlad-darling seems more interested in whoever it was who did the scans...] There's also someone else who is apparently watching Vlad and/or Selene, and who is wearing a major distort belt.

Well, operate on the notion that he's some kind of psi... Those crystals, they did strange things, right? Damien does some research, digging into the experiments that Selene was doing (some of them involving stuff that irritated Corren, and occasionally Lura), and come up with something that will take in electricity and spit out psi static. (It has to do with the "cut.") We cut some of them, determine that they look sorta-jewelry-quality, and decide to have some done up and sent to Selene anonymously. But we need a psi to test... Diana knows of one. She'll work on that...

We show up on the _Bow_, saying that we're early from our scanning because there was a life-support problem that was stinking up the ship. Selene is distracted anyway (and oh stars she's let someone do a mild perm on her hair *whimper*), and is quite pleased to have our plausibly-odiferous selves off her ship... She's wearing real clothes, and not wearing her sensor goggles...

At the end of the (brief!) interview, station security calls up and asks if we want to bail our hotshot pilot out of the lockup. Selene assumes her Sparrial, Miralooar, has gotten herself into trouble again. Larana and Celeste go to bail.

However, the person in the cell is not a Sparrial. Two human women playing cards -- one in a bright blue biosuit, with dark hair, and a pale blond in a mirror-reflective suit... The dark-haired one is -- "DIANA? What are you doing...?" (Solid, is the word Larana was thinking...) Diana is bailed out, and then she bails out her friend, Quicksilver.

The quartet wander over to Flare's. As Silver disappears into Flare's bedroom, Diana carols out, "Bye, mom!" Silver goes "ARGH!" Diana explains that since her seed- personality was of hot pilots, and there was a research paper done a while back on "Piloting Legends," Diana could be considered to be the daughter of Han Solo and Silver Hawke. Larana doesn't want to know anymore.

[[Diana contacts Silver and Silver contacts Kelly, and for 500 credits, Diana shows up to escort Kelly to the Hell, where the testing is going on. Kelly got a faint worriment premonition about things, but... Kelly does not notice anything except that Diana is "shielded," telepathically.]]

The psi shows up at the Hell, hears Corren thinking "Mama!" and tells Moonfur about it. Moonfur protests that she didn't hear Corren saying anything, and Kelly makes obnoxious remarks about head-blind people. "Head-blind?" Moonfur wants to know. *Head-blind,* Kelly telesends. Moonfur is overthrilled with whelm to think that her kid will be able to do something like this.

Kelly gets to have a headache from the stones. Finally we determine that maybe at a specific level, it will drown out what she's doing with Telesend. We will put her and Moonfur's kids on Handy and send them out of range of the stuff with Diana for our grand experiment.

Moonfur sneaks in (with Diana's connivance) and bugs all of Selene's new dresses -- just a little voice-transmitter tucked into hemlines and such.

Grand Experiment: Selene goes off, *alone*, to meet Vlad at a... *sushi bar* (??!??!!). Larana follows, shadowing, after showing up for some reason, taking one look at the bright red cocktail dress that Selene's wearing, and commenting, "That's a little bright, isn't it?" Selene's response was, "Vlad likes it." Moonfur takes up a position within loping distance, but is mostly just following Selene via the bugs.

Vlad talks Selene into agreeing to take a tour of his station. Tomorrow. We crank the power to those little crystals. It gives people headaches. It starts giving *non-psis* headaches! Station security gets irked and Frank has to shut down one trick, and start up another (one was beaming energy from the Hell to the crystals Selene's wearing, the other was just pouring enough energy (from the Bat) into some crystals to blanket the station.).

All telerecieving psis are unconscious by this time.... Oops.

(Station security went on the station intercom and said that there wasn't an atmospheric problem, don't panic, etc.)

At least the headaches that we're giving everybody drive Selene back to _Diana's Bow_ for some painkillers. We drop the thing down to a level where it doesn't give headaches. Selene heads for the autodoc, and we tell Diana to say that she doesn't know the problem, and just give her some aspirin or something. Selene tells Diana that she's going to go on vacation tomorrow with Vlad. She starts packing. Near the end of that, her packing gets a little... erratic? We can't see anything, but we can hear via Moonfur's bugs.

Vlad's shuttle will arrive early in the morning (about 5am or so). If we can't get Selene to shake off this infatuation by then, we'll have to grab her and sit on her ourselves!

Selene goes to bed. We have Diana undock and head out for the edges of the system, and follow in the Bat to keep sending power to those little crystals.

In the middle of the night, Selene wakes up... She asks Diana to bring her some painkillers (that headache is still there a little, residually), and while she waits, goes through her closet. We can hear her muttering things like, "Not as good as I thought..." Finally, clothed in her biosuit and goggles (yay!), she goes off to work in the middle of the night on one of her ship-plans (YAY!), which is nearly normal! We tell Diana to monitor Selene's blood-sugar level and bring Selene some *normal* (for her) food when needed so that she won't think about it...

31: Selene Mess 2 ("Hell hath no fury...?" Guess again!)

About 5am, Vlad's shuttle shows up. It docks. Five minutes later, it turns around and whips out at warp 7.3! We let it go. But we do divert a BSI probe from the area to get just within (our) sensor range of NovaTech Station 2, so we can make sure that Vlad doesn't divert or something obnoxious like that.

Eventually, Selene quits... She tells Diana to wake her up when Vlad calls. A few hours later, she apparently wakes up and wonders what's going on. (She's never been stood up before!) She calls the hotel where Vlad was staying. No Vlad-darling. She calls us and asks if we chased him away! No, no, we did no such thing...

A bit later, the spell suddenly wears off. Selene [has a brief crying jag and] calls us up, sans video, to demand that we have to go after Vlad -- we temporize a bit, and then Selene says, "He's got braintapes of me! We have to get them back! Larana! How many battleships can we get!?"

We are much relieved and we load into Handy to go over to _Diana's Bow_ and explain things.

About now, 11am, another NovaTech shuttle lights out after Vlad's, at warp 7. In it, we find from a quick break-in to station security cameras, is a NovaTech person named Thorvald Jonson, and a pilot... Both shuttles are headed straight for the NovaTech base.

There's a secret side to the base, Selene informs us. She's never been there, but... She knows someone who has. [[She calls up Silver. Silver drops everything to dash over.]] Quicksilver Hawke arrives, nods to everyone, and tells Selene, "I have dibs on him."

Considering that Silver wants to cut Vlad's heart out for some reason, and Selene mostly just wants her braintapes back (being a little on the squeamish side), the two reach a certain agreement.

Plots and plans. Well, we'll impersonate Vlad's shuttle, get inside the station's shields, and blast them with the hypnogogic projector. Silver, Larana, and Diana will go in Handy to the secret dock and break in there. Then Handy can use the projector, or we can otherwise use our judgement. We'll use the jump-drive to get ahead of everyone.

Damien is concerned that we're talking about all this in front of Silver (who has very big eyes most of the time, and has actually muttered to Selene, "If I weren't who I were, I'd ask to be adopted," much to Selene's apparent distaste). Larana stage-whispers, "If Selene pulled her in on this, then it probably means that Selene's *got* something on her! Black-mail!" Silver rolls her eyes, and winds up giving Selene an amusedly resigned glance.

We get there, and impersonate a battered NovaTech shuttle, with no comm. They send a system-defense ship (they've got two) out to check us over. We hit him with the hypnogogic projector, and then with the typical Soothe and such, and get enough of a voice-print that Bessie can impersonate him. We have him get back in his little one-man craft, and "tow" us inside the shields. Then we hit everyone with the projector. Works fine. Moonfur and Co. go around in Force-screens (we have a total of five of them -- two in the two battlesuits, and the personal ones that Larana and Moonfur and Celeste have) and shoot people up with Morphazine. Meanwhile, the secret-team heads for the secret side. Neither Silver nor Larana can hack the lock. *sigh* Diana does it (with a crit-success). There's a guard inside, looking strangely at the "glitching" forcelock.

Now, it just so happens that Selene(A) took the designs for the battlesuits that Embereyes(A) produced, and plated the things with a PhasArr(tm) system, long and long ago! And Selene(B) never bothered to mention this to Moonfur or Larana till now! So Larana is nearly invisible, as is Diana! Silver's in a chameleon suit (her biosuit), but is grumbling slightly about not being able to see anyone, and wondering if she can get a spare of Selene's sensor-goggles...

Anyway, the hypnogogic projector doesn't work so well on people with armor. *sigh* Larana sneaks up on him, grumbling to herself about Selene's restrictions on killing potentially innocent people. She takes his screw-on helmet and gives it the half-twist necessary to expose his skin, and hits him with Morphazine. We go in and take the place -- only two people. One of them turns out to be Sorla Horvath... She's a financial wizard at the New Garavar University [Hmmm... "New Goo" in depreciating student-speak?], it eventually turns out. ((She was getting some funny trends in her studies, and asked a few too many people why they chose to invest their money the way they did...)) Silver frees her, takes her to Handy, and doses her with morphazine...

Meanwhile, Larana has snuck up behind a fellow in a doctor's lab coat thing, and dosed him with Soothe. Invisibly, she starts getting him to "take a walk" instead of working. There is some discussion about invisible friends. Larana is having fun... Mostly we get only questions from him; relevancies: he thinks Vlad is his only friend and he shouldn't answer questions (this is gotten around by injecting him with Crediline and having Diana impersonate Vlad-darling), Vlad is the only one who has the authorization codes to look up braintapes, and the doc doesn't know what the procedure does, really. He was taught it by a lady... He thinks working is the only thing he should be doing. Yech. He goes and takes a nap too.

We get into Vlad's office. Larana tries to hack it, but it doesn't work. She's about to just blow it open with a blaster, when Silver says wait, and tells Larana to try *this* code first, instead... It works. Silver has hysterics -- this, she chortles, is the *third* time she's used that code to get into his office! Once before she was brainwiped, once afterwards, and now this time! You'd think he would have changed it! Well, at least now everyone knows why Silver wants to cut Vlad-darling's heart out and shove it down his throat.

Diana considers that the mainframe that they have (Byte manufacture) is much too nice a machine to be used by such a slime-ball. She and Frank liberate it. Larana cleans out the clone-sample freezer (at Silver's insistance), and then sets it to "Auto-clave" (Oven cleaning!).

33: Selene Mess 3 ("ShadowHawk" Heist)

On the other side of the station, Moonfur, Damien, & Celeste have discovered that a good quarter of the station personnel have "stealth" implants in their head -- and there's a small mini-fac churning out those bioplastic implants (among other, more standard, implants like head-computers and implant-comms and such). The doctor says that the things dissolve when the wearer dies.

[[Exerpt from Email letter:]]

It winds up that we drug everyone in the station with sleeping drugs, get Vlad, get a prisoner he'd had taken recently for The Procedure, do a little justifiable thieving, and leave. Moonfur, the comm expert (next to Selene) arranges for a comm-tap so that we can see Thor's face when he wanders in. Silver puts Vlad's shuttle half-in and half-out of the secret docking bay. We leave "ShadowHawk" calling cards, just to confuse the issue.

[[We start running out of morphazine and have to snarf the stations supplies of same. Station has a lot of Crediline -- like, any -- for a civilian station... ]]

[[We pop some popcorn and settle down to enjoy the holos.]]

[[Thor's shuttle shows up, circles the silent, force-screen-less base for a while, scans the heck out of it, and finally docks.]]

Thor comes in carrying a blaster. He looks around.

[[He looks at the ShadowHawk card that was left on a table in front of the airlock.]]

He gets into Vlad's office (oh, which *still* had the same entry code that Silver used *twice* before!) using an electronic lockpick. He revives some of the people with some Purge drug that he happened to have on him.

[[The security fellow Larana dosed babbles about ghosts or psis or something...]]

Larana is having fun making comments about "What is everything coming to, when a respectable employee of a respectable corporation is carrying a blaster and picking locks and carrying drugs... I just don't understand it."

[After we've gotten bored with watching people get woken up...]

Vlad is terrorized such that he gives the codes to encryptions and such, and we get the index for the braintapes we took. We take Vlad to Kylar (this nonsense about exterminating alien races bothers Larana), and do The Procedure on him, "imprinting" him on Silver. Silver drains everything from his bank accounts and maxes out his credit cards. Some of this money will go to some of his victims -- he's going to send them all messages that they should go to the nearest hospital and have the thing in their heads removed. Since some of them are high-placed Intelligence Agents, this ought to be amusing.

Vlad-darling will be braintaped again (just a souvenir), brainwiped, and the first braintape we took of him played back. And then we leave him on a city street somewhere -- no memory past coming to the station normally, and with the implant still in his head (useless now); the batteries removed from his head-computer; and the psi-damping device we implanted in him.

[[end exerpt]]

Frank finds a comm-tap in his new computer, which he gives to Moonfur. Moonfur recognizes it as based on a design of *hers*, and throws a fit to Selene about Byte stealing her ideas. Selene promises to talk to them about that. [[Talk to the Librarian, actually...]]

[[After returning to New Garavar, *someone* is trying to put bugs on the various crewpeople. After some of these get tossed in the minifacs as spare parts, Moonfur takes one apart and puts a transponder in it. Then she goes out wandering around station until it "falls off" (releases the sticky at a radio signal) and tracks down the person who made it fall off... This person is pretending to be a station mantanence worker. Moonfur challenges him to a brawl at Flare's the next day. He shows up -- hyped on some kind of adder (ST & DX combo-adder!). Flare leaves them to the rec-room and is watching via cameras. Moonfur tries a jump-with-kick-at-top-of-arc, but *some* people get a critical success on their Judo roll, and Moonfur finds herself whapped down on the floor. *Moonfur* gets a critical success with a perception roll, and realizes that she's just been jabbed with a drugged hypo of some kind (in the guy's ring)! She snarls, "THAT'S CHEATING!" over both her implant comm and out-loud, and passes out. When she wakes up, the guy is gone (out through Flare's bedroom-exit)... The cameras didn't show what happened! (The discontinuity was what alerted Bessie.) The person who'd tried to drug Moonfur? Thorvald Jonson, of course....]]

34: Vacation Again?

[Arcangel GMing.]

In the sector above us, a BSI probe is investigating a Very Large black hole, and picks up a temporal anomaly -- similar to the one that preceded the Hell's & Bat's arrival in this timeline. A bit of scouting around and there's an inhabited planet, sending out radio in a Thrallish dialect. Thral had enough colony ships that went out with experimental or just plain cheap hyperdrives. Probably one of those. Selene sends the probe to look. Half of each pole is glow-in-the-dark, the place looks like a war was fought here some 20-25 years ago, there's a half-pole that's almost completely sensor array (TL 9) which actually seems to notice the stealthed probe (!), and there's an island that the probe can't scan.

Can't scan?

Nope. Visually, there's some kind of pink fog. Sensors pick up some power-sources on the island, but that's real iffy.

The probe is using TL 12 sensors, of course. The rest of the planet looks about TL 9 at best. But it can't scan this place.......

*Well*! We're going to go take a look at it ourselves! First off is "Darren" (Larana's boyfriend) and Larana in Darren's sparrial-built smuggler ship. ((Selene wanted someone for intelligence analysis and various things -- counter-spy stuff. Larana suggested Darren, since he was on a rather long vacation at the moment.)) They go warp 7. Then Diana and Selene at warp 6 or so, with Damien. Then the rest of us in the Bat, at warp 5. Why so many ships? Why not...

Darren & Larana get scans of "Pinkville" (more properly, the Isle of Pinkville) -- hard to scan through. They shoot a camera-"warheaded" missile into it. The signal breaks up pretty soon, but the missile doesn't seem to be hurt. They take their ship down. Two intact "citadels", looking almost like grown mountains... One mostly nuked one. Lots of dragons and helecopters buzzing around. Some dragons are gathering up the bits of missile and one starts putting bits into a helicopter. Larana slags the pile, just singeing a dragon's nose -- the dragon whips its head around and makes a tripod-screamer noise in line with the laser. (They have, of course, moved...)

All the laser-comm signals (which is just about all that the planet seems to use to communicate -- and *those* are all encrypted rather substantially!) severly multiply. Kylarans kicking over anthills...

Eventually Diana's Bow arrives. Selene wants a sample of the "pink fog," since it seems to have stuff in it. It takes actually *vacuuming* the stuff into a container to get a sample. The pinkstuff doesn't want to come in. (Scans of it by Diana's Bow indicate that the stuff has some of the same properties as those crystal from the Calder system!) The sample is gotten, and Damien and Selene play with it. What they get is not particles of stuff, but a lot of pink dust. With no properties at all. [[Self-destruct, anyone? But nobody suggests it. Pity.]]

Selene wants close-up scans of the generators that seem to be maintaining the force-screen-like "pink fog". Darren and Larana LAND THE SHIP AND GET OUT AND WALK. Admittedly the ship is stealthed, Darren has a camo-suit, and Larana's in her battlesuit, but the GM has hysterics anyway. They get to a generator and scan it. [[And it scans them...]] They hike to the ruined citadel and get a sample. Darren rappels down about eight stories. Then it is noted that the two intact citadels have spawned several helicopters -- large and small -- which are heading on beelines towards the parked ship. The parked ship, still stealthed, is instructed to come and pick up Darren & Larana, which it does. The choppers don't seem to notice it's moved. Darren goes and hovers next to one of the intact citadels and tries to section out a piece. It won't fall out. Larana grabs it and pulls, in her battlesuit. It still won't come out, and the hole is sealing itself... Larana yankes her hand out very quickly! Darren slices off a bit, which falls to the floor of the airlock and starts dissolving. Larana kicks it off hurridly! Then they beat a hasty retreat.

34: If at first you don't succeed...

[Arcangel GMing]

To make a long story short, Selene talks to the AIs controling the planet, and either they are "seduced to the Artemis side of the Force," or they are shut down at the end by stealthed mining robots. The ones who allowed their programming to be tinkered with are put in the astroid belt. The various governments that are even half-way worthy of the title are put in contact with one another and they manage to work up a "provisional world government," feeling that working together is better than being taken over by the Thral homeworld.

They also rescue the Kintarans Shadowflash, Detchal (from a bunch of Carval's lot...), Fireback (from a citidel in Zone Newl, just before she's turned into an involuntary brain-in-a-box!), Prettypaws, and the giant Sparrial, Lorilono.

[See Parva notes and "The Complete Guide To Parva."]

In the midst of all this, a Kaa scoutship (with some serious cargo-containers strapped on) comes through the anomoly! Then it starts setting up a bunch of strange little devices around the anomoly. So of course the Bat goes over there and Larana starts deactivating the booby-traps on the things so we can take them. They look interesting. Eventually she blows one up (along with the 'bot that she was operating through). We start taking the ones that don't have booby traps on them. The Kaa start gathering the devices back themselves. Then they run away as fast as they can (not very). We get about 25 of the things.

Selene gives 5 of those to the NG government, keeps 20 for herself...

35: Hive Beetle Mess

[Arcangel GMing]
[A Hive Beetle smuggler ship tries to frame Selene for murder! Now that's extreme, even for practical-joking hive-beetles! A new drug, OOBE, appears on the scene.]

36: Aralanoomi Moriarty

[Arcangel GMing]

Selene hires Dr. Clifford Ives, who has a bad rep for experimenting on human subjects. (She doesn't seem concerned, and she *does* research people...) Erishen, the Parvan Thral we picked up when we rescued Shadowflash and Detchal, has been adopted as a mascot or something.

[[Dr. Ives is Matt, no email address; Erishen is a NPC/PC for when I'm GMing and don't want to deal with milliken@prismnet.com doing Selene and Diana the Wonder'Bot.]]

Larana's Kylaran Embassy credcard is charged with a hotel-stay on Unar and the embassy suggests that if she were careless enough to let the number be stolen, she can go find out who got it. The hotel is glad to help, of course, but the girl who used the card is already gone. We find a hair in her rooms and do a gene-reconstruction. Celeste, with a crit-success, thinks the reconstruction-image looks like -- SELENE? Yeah, doing the gene-work, the chances are nearly 100% that *Selene* is the girl's mother! But she certainly didn't authorize use of her genetics in that way! We trace the girl to Kintara, use her chocoholic tendencies to find where she is (questioned the Kintarans who owned Chocolate Nirvana), and finally get hold of her, *barely*, and convince her to talk to Selene (who is most distressed about Arala's existance...).

37: Dreamgame on Elm Street?

[Arcangel GMing]

Celeste's sister, Astra, and her friend Jacob Dexter get caught in a dreamgame, and it takes the computer/neural expert (Selene) and a few guinea pigs (Celeste, Erishen, Frank, Damien, and Dr. Clifford Ives) to find out what went wrong and how to fix it.

??: Somewhere over the Star-bow...

[Not yet run, some setup started; I'll be GMing --arcangel]

Selene thinks the gadgets (that she took from the Kaa ship, at Parva) look like some kind of stargate generator. Not Kaa design, kind of klugey. Interesting things. After gathering all the data she can, she calls in an expert...

There's a group of Intellectual types that started an O'Neal colony out a little ways -- they named it "The Lunatic Fringe." It's not *really* part of the NG gov't, but it's not an entirely self-supporting colony itself. It's invitation only to join, and they're kinda choosy. (Selene's mother has a standing invite.)

The individual that Selene contacts is Judith Quenton, of the Quenton clone-family. (Started with Joan Quenton, a drive-engineer whose genetic structure is such that she can't have any viable kids with any significant input from her genes. So she started cloning herself...) Judith (71, 3rd gen clone) is a hyperspatial expert who is interested in Stargates.

Selene runs a search through Byte to find this person. Drops Judith a note. (Gets a note from Byte that someone's accessed data on Selene...) Gets a reply. Judith is most definitely interested.

Judith has an obvious physical mutation -- a patch, sort of like a reverse birth-mark, that covers her right eye, ear, and most of her right eyebrow. A *reverse* birthmark -- a patch of albinism, making that eye pink, and most of the eyebrow white, in contrast with her otherwise fairly tanned/olive complexion and black hair. (She also has a neural defect that causes her right ear to "hear things." She prefers that people talk to her left side.) [[She may be amused enough by Selene to sponsor an invite to the Fringe someday.]]

Eventually, the Bat gets to go and pick Judith up so she can play with the real thing, and not just the scans...

[On to...?]