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**Mar 1, 155**

I nibble on Thor's ear to wake him up. He says, "Salome?" I say, "Mm-hmm." We kill about an hour. He offers to take me out to lunch. I accept. We show up at the ritzy hotel where Vlad-darling is staying. "Fancy!" I say. Thor: "What?" Me: "Fancy hotel." Him: "Oh, yes..." He takes the seat that can watch the lobby. I turn on my recording jewelry. We're perfect cover for each other -- and all to the better that we're not co-conspiring!

Hm. Thor's said that he'll probably drop into the club at some point ("A step up from where he last saw" me, he said). I wonder if he'll want to dance near Their table? How amusing. Our pleasure is our business. I am having an absolute ball!


One last evening of Silver, and then Diana takes it from there...


Busted. The Falkayne and Hawke show was taken to a Security jailcell. Not really *our* fault, that barfight. I mean, the guy *was* bothering us. Diana just pitched him a little close to one of the other tables, and one of his arms got in the way of someone's face... really not our fault at all, though I'm going to have to have a talk with Diana about using that Kintaran-style strength of hers... Does she want people knowing that she's "augmented to heck and gone" or does she want to fake being "just a human"?

Playing strip-poker passed the time pretty well, though. Even if she did cheat by listening to the order the cards were shuffled in.

She got bailed out by some of the Artemis crew. They were pretty surprised to see her! I guess they didn't know that she wasn't just a hologram anymore.

[[Silver/Salome has been playing switchie-games for the last few days, overlapping herself -- but this is not so silly as it seems, because *Diana* has been doing Silver-impressions, and making it quite obvious that the two *are* in two different places at the same time.]]

[much later]

Diana gets me to get Kelly to volunteer for something the White Lady's friends are testing. 100 credits. So I talk Kel into it, and Di goes and picks her up. Wish I knew what they were up to... But I get the impression that my info came in at least a little useful.

**Mar 2, 155**

Most stars-awful headache today, round about lunch-time. Yech. Whole bloody *station* had one, but they said nothing was wrong with the air. Lost me some business.

**Mar 3, 155**

At a most distressing hour of the morning, I get a call. From Her. She wants me to come and give Her the info about the secret side of Vlad's station. She sounds annoyed. I phone in about a sprained ankle to the Crimson Lotus, breeze by Flare's to change to Silver, and get picked up by one of the Inner Circle of Artemis. The Inner Circle consists of one Kestralian named Damien, Moonfur the Kintaran, Larana Kestral the Kylaran royalty or whatever, Celeste Ryder, and an engineer named Frank Whisk. Damien wonders what Selene's doing letting me know about all their Inner Circle stuff -- the tech these people are displaying is... incredible! They've got some way to outrun Vlad's shuttle, which took off at warp 7 a few hours ago, and I know for a *fact* that _Diana's Bow_ only pushes warp 6. Not to mention that Thor headed out just a little after, in *his* exec-shuttle. Anyway, Larana mentions, *sotto voce*, that it's probably becuse Ms. Holmes has some serious blackmail on me. No kidding. Not to mention that I want to skin Vlad-darling alive.

I finally get to see Moonfur's unique kids. I hope I'm still around in ten years, when her boy-child grows up. I bet he'll be cute.

The mysterious Artemis hi-speed drive is nasty, and most people ride it out on Soothe or stronger drugs. The stealth system is discussed openly now, and they're going... to... impersonate... Vlad's... shuttle.

**Mar 8, 155**

We listed in, pretending to be the shuttle, with damaged communications. One of the station defense fighters came out, and they hit him with some hypno-ray -- I got him to say everything was all right, and then Bessie (the _Bat's_ AI) got his voiceprint. I convinced him to get back in his ship and take us in through the station's forcescreen -- *easy* hypno-job. We do this. The _Bat_ sprays this hypno-ray all over the station, except for the separately forcescreened secret side. Diana, Larana (in the invisible battlesuit), and I go over in the _A Handbasket_, dock at the secret side, and it winds up that Diana hacks the lock. Larana walks up to the helmeted, suited guard, takes his helmet off, and doses him with Morphazine. I wish my biosuit could go camo like that.

We are safe from the hypno-ray because of some really hi-tech personal force screens that I have been loaned one of, by Moonfur. This is really weird. The Inner Circle has some fun toys.

Larana goes and gets the doc, I go and rescue yet another S.H. person, though nobody I am -- economist or something for the New Garavaran University, who was kidnapped. I put her on Handy and dose her with Morphazine.

[Larana feeds the doc Soothe and Crediline, and talks to him as an "invisible friend." The doc fellow is saying things like Vlad's his "only friend" and other pathetic nastiness.]

Larana wants into Vlad's office. She's about to blast the doors down. I say, "No, wait! Try *this* code!" and rattle off the one that I used to get into the place when I escaped. It *works*.

We take the computer there, the disks, the mainframe in the other room, lots of the strange drugs, a portable clone tank, and the stealthed brain implants that the Doc gives us enough info on... They're *brain* implants, *loyalty* implants! THAT'S what "The Procedure" was -- a braintape is run through the program, an evening on the mainframe, and then played back after the victim has one of these implants in her head. YUCK!

We've run out of Morphazine for the station, and are using the drugs out of *their* medbay. Moonfur puts a tap into their comm and security, so that we can see people's faces. She finds my predecessor's comm-tap -- nobody else found it, but she never got out to start receiving... *sigh*


Vlad-darling showed up, with a story of "pirates" on his tail. (He can't have known about Thor -- his sensors aren't that good -- but probably thought that the _Bow_ would be on his tail.) We are, of course, faking the person on-duty. Celeste and I go out and play "escort" in. Moonfur, Diana, and Larana are waiting for him to open the doors. As soon as they dock, Vlad & co. get blasted with the hypno-ray. Vlad is hauled onto the _Bat_. I move the shuttle over so that it is half-way into the secret dock. We dose people until about the time that Thor's shuttle is about to show up. (The _Bat's_ sensors have a scan-range that is totally unbelievable.)

We go and hide a little ways away, stealthed, and munch popcorn while watching the show.

Thor (and his shuttle's pilot) circle around a little, scanning the heck out of everything -- the screens on both sides of the base are down, and there's a shuttle half-way docked... Finally, he enters by the main gate -- and finds the faked "ShadowHawk" card that *She* did up! (Thor has a *blaster* in hand -- and the expression on his *face*! Ha!) He finds the guard that Larana freaked; he's babbling about ghosts and psis! Thor hacks into Vlad's secret office with an electronic lockpick, and is most perplexed by the things we took. He seems also bewildered by the ShadowHawk card we left precisely in Vlad-darling's seat.

Larana is having fun: "I just don't know what things are coming to, when a respectable employee of a respectable business goes around with a blaster, Purge, and starts breaking into offices. I just don't know..."


Vlad breaks like a dry twig -- as soon as Larana brings in the monowire, and I start cutting his clothing off him with a vibroblade. He can't use his power to make people like him, because we put one of those Calder crystals in his head, which will generate electricity and hurt him when he makes psi energy; he can't tune us out with head-computer programs, because we took the batteries out. And now he's given us the codes, and we will go to Kylar, and we will put a loyalty implant in *his* head (so that he will stop fainting when we question him), and he will Love me, and *that* will be *that*.

[[This is what happens. Silver gets Vlad to transfer all his money (including maxed out credit cards) to her, and send messages to all his little drones to get the thing taken out of their heads -- this includes the NG Intellegence agents that he had. (He thought SH-Prime was an Intelligence agent...) Then she dumps him off, with the old braintape (not "imprinted"), in a bad part of town. Unfortunately, the SOB vanishes. *sigh* So next time he gets dropped on top of the police station... Silver arranges with Selene to have a clone of "mom" done up in the portable tank, and this is done.

In here, Silver checks herself into a detox-center at New Garavar and burns out her Star Fire addiction -- there are a couple of crit-failures in there, which make her very unhappy. Fortunately, she doesn't have the strength or coordination to break out, by that time.

Simone's braintape is played back. Diana (and Selene) put up clouds and a "Heaven" atmosphere for waking Simone up. Simone is not terribly amused. Silver takes "Mom" back home. About a week later, Silver heads back to the Albatross, since it's likely to be going *far away* from New Garavar for a while...]]

**Apr 1, 155** [??? [should be 21st of April, Simone woken up!]]

What an auspicious day for a ship with a hive beetle engineer to be setting off. Fortunately, the entire run is uneventful.

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