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24601, Imp
Antero, ex-Creation Grigori
Keri (Bathkerioth), Girl Scout Malakite of Stone (retired)
Bethany (Beth-haran), Lilim of the Game) [No, not my Betharan...] [] (retired to guest-NPC status)
Caleb, Malakite of Creation [] (retired)
Chad (Chadril), Ofanite of Creation
Etseviah, Bright Lilim of . . . Oh, let's not spoil it for you.
Fou-Lu, Outcast Grigori of Judgment []
Hiram, Malakite of Creation (recently IST Destiny) []
Konetos, Malakite of Lightning
Leo, Renegade Calabite of the War Fire
Liriel (Courtney), Balseraph of the Media []
Meridae, Free Lilim
Min, Calabite in the Guard (ex-Baalite)
Moonshadow, Bright Lilim of Creation
Private Addi, celestial of, um... ...Free Celestial Free Seraph
Rhiel, Mercurian of Creation
Salathiel, Habbalite of the Game at Large
Vaina, Orphan Cherub of the Wind (retired guest-NPCness)
Yrian, Cherub of Lightning

NPCs of Note

Lurkers Of Note

Liz, from Fiat Justitia; also plays Mallory (IN IOU)
MasonK, research assistant.
Maya, English, Evil, Elegant, and many other things beginning with E.


T -3

Raspberry Swirl and Briefcases (Bethany) [Asmodeus]
Girl Scout Sisters 4-ever! (Bethany, Keri) [Ms Sally Gayle, Amana]
Anonymous Informers (Bethany, Liriel, and guest-starring Terry!) [Gary, Debbie Rodriguez, Annie]

T -2 to T -1

Bad Days All Around (Keri, Bethany, Liriel, and guest-starring Terry!) [Amana/Amy, Bezkiri, Ms. Gayle]
Letter of the Law (Bethany, Keri) [Ms. Gayle, Bezkiri]

T -1

Hope in the Night (Fou-Lu) [Jediael, (Song)]
Sanctuary (Fou-Lu) [Amy/Amana, Bezkiri]

Moving Day!

NPC Log: Azalier
Getting Closer to the Truth (Liriel, Bethany, Keri) [Bezkiri, Amy/Amana] {Home Videos! Ellen/Urilibana/"Moonlight," Tarian, Jean, Yves}
A Memo to Jeanites
Moving Day in New York (Liriel, Bethany, Keri, Fou-Lu) [Amy/Amana, Bezkiri, Jean] {Home Videos! Lilith, Lucifer, Jean, Eli, Kathriel, Miriam, Jediael, (Hassan & Alan, but not by name)}
What're we doing? STUFF! (Caleb, Chad, Hiram, Moonshadow) [The Old Guy, Veruthea, Dominic, Eli, Kathriel, Jean, Lilith]
A Dialog
Settling In (Betharan, Moonshadow, Hiram, Caleb, Keri) [Aditi (Lilith's Second Shift secretary), Jean, Lilith, Urichislon, Beitris, Bezkiri, Kathriel]
Making Mountains of Molehills (Liriel, Fou-Lu, Keri, Caleb, Chadril, Hiram, Betharan) [Amana, Shabie (reliever of Lightning), Kathriel, Jean, Lilith, Eli]
Stories and Songs (Keri, Caleb, Hiram) [Kathriel, Aslaug, Amando]


Bathkerioth's Report
Debriefings (Betharan) [Beitris, Nehemiah, Mnason, Luke]
Party Planning (Caleb, Betharan, Hiram, Moonshadow) [Eli, reliever, Millicent the OctoCherub, Aditi]
It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time (Moonshadow, Hiram, Caleb) [OctoCherub, Zawenta, the Harpmaster, Tomas, Lauren]
Stories, Sadness, and Sex Lessons (Fou-Lu, Chadril, Keri, Liriel) [Jediael]
Hooked (Moonshadow) [Lilith]
Comforting the Sad (Moonshadow, Chadril, Caleb)
Lilim of Lightning Unite! Or not. (Betharan) [Celeste]
Email at the Halls of Progress (Caleb, Hiram, Liriel, Fou-Lu) [Tarian, OctoCherub, Hannah via email, Jean via email, Lilith via email]
Various Virtues (Hiram, Caleb, Moonshadow) [Eli, Kathriel, Eats-Pizza-Too-Fast/(Phantom of the Kitchens)]
Unexpected Bargains (Liriel) [Lilith]
Tech and Bets (Liriel) [OctoCherub, Urichislon (unnamed), Nahashibezek (Nahash), Hush the reliever]
Old History, Old Grudges, New Hopes (Chadril) [Eli]
Party Planning II (Caleb) [Tarian]
Party Planning III (Caleb, Hiram) [Eli, little reliever]
Angel Chocolate and Party Planning (Caleb, Chadril, Fou-Lu) [Caleb's Reliever, Eats-Pizza-Too-Fast/Phantom, Tia, Kathriel]
Lessons and Loving (Caleb, Keri)
The Clothes Make the Judge (Chadril, Fou-Lu) [Kathriel, Eats-Pizza-Too-Fast/Phantom, Veruthea, relievers (inc. Sebeti, Kaylin), Cori, Belinda, some Lilim]


Old Friends, New Acquaintances (Chadril, Keri, Caleb, Hiram) [Saropiah, Keren (the Lilim In Red), Lureena (a Creationer), Urichislon, Sered (ex-Creation Grigori), Deborah]
So You All Meet in a Bookstore (Hiram, Moonshadow, Keri, Caleb, Chadril, Fou-Lu, Liriel) [Pizzacurian, Urichislon, Deborah, Sherri, Brandi, Keren, Saropiah]
Elohite vs. Weird Lilim, Round 2 (Betharan) [Beitris, Nehemiah]
Grigori Permissions, Step 1 (Fou-Lu, Chadril) [Eli, Saropiah]
Bonds and Debts (Moonshadow, Keri, Caleb, Hiram) [Deborah, Keren, Spider-monkey Cherub, Luke]
The Virtue of Virtues and Brights (Caleb, Moonshadow, Hiram) [Deborah]
Appointments with Lightning (Betharan, Fou-Lu) [Jay the Spider-monkey Cherub, Beitris, Jean, Nehemiah]
Points of View (Fou-Lu, Chadril) [Urichislon, relievers (inc Sousi), Maroth, Spider-monkey Cherub]
New Accommodations (Caleb, Keri) [Kathriel, Phantom]
Loose Ends (Liriel) [Salva in the OOCs, Azalier (unnamed), Bezkiri, Gary, Terry, Amana]
White Chocolate (Chadril) [Tia, Lucinda, Eli, a reliever chorus]
Tickled Green (Moonshadow, Hiram) [Spider-monkey Cherub, Deborah, Brandi, Sherri, Pizzacurian]
Email to Moonshadow [From Tomas]
Won't You Be My Neighbor? (VerybriefMoonshadow, Liriel, Fou-Lu)
Betharan Administrivia 1
Shhh! A Library! (Fou-Lu, Liriel) [Jediael]
Lilim on the Job (Betharan) [Azalier]
NPC Log: Azalier
Email and Snuggles (Caleb, Keri, Bethran) [Salem via email, relievers (inc. Dillon, Caleb's Reliever, Beitris)]
Email to (and from) Hiram [Hannah via email, mention of Madian]
Email to (and from) Betharan [Jean via email]


Email to, and from, Hiram [Hanna via email, mention of Madian]
Betharan and Nehemiah Toss Email At Each Other
Email from, and to, Liriel [Lilith via email]
NPC Log: Azalier Visits Knowledge
Another Trip to Austin (Betharan, Moonshadow, Chadril, Fou-Lu, Hiram) [Deborah, Eli/HeyYouiel, Joe the mundane, Tomas, Zara, Jordan, Betharan the Younger]
Email, Vows, and Honor (Bathkeroth, Caleb) [OctoCherub, Eli, Numerous Relievers]
Betharan Administrivia and Email [Nehemiah via email, Jean via email]
NPC Log: Celeste Asks Her Mother Questions
Conversation, Problem-Solving, and Psychoanalysis (Betharan) [Beitris, Nehemiah]
Pressed into Service (Liriel, Chadril, Caleb) [Salva, other relievers, Rachel, Tommy, assorted Elohim]
Hiram and Hannah Exchange Email (With comments from Madian and Censorship Central)
We're Off to See the Archangel... (Hiram, Moonshadow, Liriel, Fou-Lu, Chadril, Caleb, Keri) [Brandi, Sherri, assorted relievers, Saropiah, HeyYouiel, Jediael]
Invitations (Moonshadow) [Lilith, Jean, Eli, relievers]
The Free Voice #1 (Summary Version)


Malakim at Dawn (Hiram) [Saropiah, Goshin, Osburn, Mnason, Eli]
Snakes and Virtues (Hiram, Fou-Lu, Liriel, Chadril) [relievers (inc. Espe), Saropiah, Kathriel, Phantom of the Kitchens, Tia, Dariel]
Unexpected Propositions (Caleb, Keri) [Eli, a new-made reliever]
Celestial Theology (Betharan, Fou-Lu)
Hiram and Hannah, Emailing Again [Mention of Madian]
Housewarming Party! (Just about everyone.) [Brandi, Deborah, Urichislon, Rexanna, Gale, Con, Tia, Kyna, Maisy, Nashanna, Melody, Lyanne (mentioned Lilim), mention of Veruthea, relievers, Keren, Tomas, HeyYouiel, Jean, Lilith, Tarian, Dariel, Urilebana, mention of Staciel]
Princes Discuss Matters
Meridae, Interweaving (Meridae) [Nashanna, relievers]
A Taste of the Marches (Betharan, Liriel, Moonshadow, Hiram, Fou-Lu, Chadril) [HeyYouiel, Deborah, Keren, Beitris, Salva, the Tether-top guards, assorted angels, Little Red Riding Hood (wolf-eared), Fire-hat Dalmatian, Chessie the Catgirl, cat-lizard, Kathriel, Nehemiah, a gnome, a fairy, Alina, Gosheven, Songmaster Lupin, the sandshark]
The Cliff Goes All The Way Up (Caleb, Keri) [brief Deborah, Urilebana, Tarian, Dariel, the Tether-top guards, assorted angels, Palben, Cornelio]
Higher Powers (Betharan, Liriel, Moonshadow, Hiram, Fou-Lu, Chadril) [Kathriel, assorted everything, Nehemiah, Chessie the Catgirl, Songmaster Lupin, Lucifer, Beleth, Lilith, Gabriel]
Coal and Dog (Liriel fics)
An Interlude
When the Cold Dark Waves on the Shore Break (Keri, Caleb, Liriel) [Unnamed angels and Lilim, Gabriel, Kathriel, Lilith]
That's no Moon; That's an Ofanite! (Meridae) [relievers, pink-eyed Elohite (Idumiel), Mnason, Beck, Adaiah, Shoaniah, Leiah]
How the Fallen are... Mighty? (Chadril, Betharan, Fou-Lu, Liriel) [Lilith, Gabriel, Nehemiah, Jean, assorted angels and Lilim, Carson, Tarian, Urilebana, Miriam (Song)]
Intervention Email (Betharan & Carson)
Nine and Ninety Ways... (Chadril, Fou-Lu) [relievers, Jediael]
Reaching out past the walls that can hold you (Chadril, Fou-Lu) [Jediael, relievers, Keren, Lilim, Serena, Ren, Lilith, Ezbon (unnamed)]
Arming The Hero (Chadril, Fou-Lu) [briefly unnamed Ezbon, relievers, Veruthea, Carver, mention of Keiiah]
Waking from Nightmares (Caleb, Keri) [relievers(!), Jediael, assorted angels, Ezbon, Caleb's Reliever]
Arming The Hero, part II (Fou-Lu, Chadril) [Veruthea, Keiiah]
Organization (Betharan) [Carson, a Young Malakite Of Capital Letters, nosy reliever, HeyYouiel/Eli, Jean via email, Celeste via email, Urichislon, Beitris via email]
A Little Time Alone (Liriel) [Bezkiri]
Liriel's Report
You March in the Marches, Right? (Private, Meridae) [Beth-Aven (but not by name), Pars (Parshandatha), the OctoCherub, assorted Sparkies]

A Little NPC Fable - Zach It may not have happened like this, but this is probably how he tells it...


Fascinating (Private, Meridae) [Spot, Spot's Friend, Ra'amiel (the Thunder-Lizard Angel of Thunder), Jean]
A Meeting of Malakim (Hiram and Sundry Others) [Sasara, Betzalel, Casidhe, Mnason, Goshin, Osburn, Trahaearn, a couple Lilim]
Armwrestle - Loser Volunteers? (Hiram and Sundry Others) [Casidhe, Sasara, Betzalel, Osburn, Trahaearn, Goshin, Mnason, Lilith]
An Email to Bathkerioth
A Phonecall of Malakite... (Liriel) [Nicholas/Carmichael, Bezkiri, Jean via email, Salva via email, a War-Seneschal via email]
Judges (Chadril, Fou-Lu) [relievers, Kathriel, Tia, Phantom, Marath, Etecius, Dominique]
Triadic Preparations (Keri, Betharan) [Jean via email, Madian via email, Beitris via email, Ra'amiel the Thunder-Lizard]
Cookies Make Everything Better (Bathkerioth, Caleb) [relievers with speaking roles, Phantom, Tia, HeyYouiel/Eli]
Semantics (Betharan, Caleb, Keri) [Bezkiri, Amana, Madian, Iturea, Jada-dan]
Long Lost Lovers. Really. (Betharan, Caleb, Keri) [Madian, Iturea, Jada-dan, Bezkiri, mention of Liana, Jean via email]
Police Coming Online (Hiram) [Mnason, Emma]
Safe, Sane Elohite. Really. (Betharan) [Nehemiah]
Fried Resonances and Unusual Propositions (Betharan) [Nehemiah]
What Does Discovery Have To Do With It, Anyway? (Betharan, Hiram) [Nehemiah]
Know Thyself (Liriel) [briefly Salva, relievers, Zeke, Jediael]
Friendly Mercurian, Rhiel-ly (Meridae, Rhiel)
"Yay, I'm abnormal!" (Private) [Jeshohaia]
Unexpected Brainbreakings (Meridae) [Idumiel, Malakim, relievers]
Putting Brains Back Together (Meridae, Rhiel) [Veruthea, Idumiel]
The Seraphim Council is in Session
A Private Makeover (Private, Meridae) [Jesh, Veruthea]
Seeking Lost Knowledge (Bathkerioth, Betharan, Caleb) [Lionel, Leoniah, Jediael]
Old Wounds (Chadril, Fou-Lu) [Tia, an Elohite, relievers, Eli]
A Scribbled Note
Prayer (Chadril)
Chewing Out The Hired Help (Liriel) [Salva, Nahash in email]
The Healing Powers of Pizza (Chadril, Fou-Lu) [Abdiel the reliever, Lex the Pizzacurian, Ezbon]
A Briefing of Lilim (Betharan, Hiram) [Beitris, Urichslon, Celeste, Urilebana, Veruthea, Tia, Jean via email]
NPC Log: Elly, aka A Media Impudite in Shangri-La (featuring Fou-Lu briefly; also NPCs Morgan, Thahash, and Lilith)
Gifts and Shopping (Private, Yrian, Meridae, Rhiel) [relievers, Malakim, Carver]
Yrian's Interim Report #1
Just the FAQs, Ma'am! (Meridae) [Spot, Spot's Friend, Millicent the OctoCherub, Jay the Spider-monkey Cherub, unnamed Kyriotate, Seraph, and Mercurian]
So What Should I Be When I Grow Up? (Meridae, Rhiel, Yrian, Private) [Spot, Spot's Friend, some other relievers]
Well, That Didn't Go Too Badly (Fou-Lu) [Lilith, Theodorae]
Controlled Learning (Private, Yrian, Meridae on the balcony)
The Energy That Reflects Me In Your Eyes (Betharan, Hiram) [Nehemiah, Ezbon, Kit (not Kitsune), Tula, Jean]


Enter the Guard
Yrian's Interim Report #2
Basic Training, Part One (Private, Meridae, Rhiel, Yrian [Creation Seneschal and Weasel-Cherub guard: London Tether]
Basic Training, Part Two (Private Addi, Meridae, Rhiel, Yrian) [Feb]
Yrian's Interim Report #3 [Jean via Email]
The Guard Wants YOU! (Keri) [Meedy, General Garg]
Grigori at Large (Fou-Lu) [Tia, Kathriel, Meedy, Jediael, relievers, unnamed Zeke]
The Free Voice Gains Another Employee (Liriel, Hiram) [Elly, Salva]
Unwise Wagers (Fou-Lu, Chadril) [Ophir, Maroth]
Fashionably Late (Antero) [Hadad-bezek, Irbez, Leoniah, Lionel, Jediael]
Interview With the Impudite -- and Vice Versa (Fou-Lu, Liriel) [Salva, Elly, mention of Saropiah]
Fast Learner (Private Addi, Meridae, Yrian) [Spot, Spot's Friend, Jesh]
Shangri-La Superior World Tour: Knowledge (Addi, Meridae, Yrian [Spot, Spot's Friend, Lionel, Leoniah, Jediael])
Shangri-La Superior World Tour: Song and Creation (Addi, Meridae, Yrian) [Miriam, Eli, Phantom, briefly the Harpmaster, assorted Malakim]
Email to Bathkerioth
Lilim of the Valley (Hiram, Fou-Lu) [Nashanna, Celeste, Origami Seraph, Urichislon (no lines), Veruthea (no lines), Urilebana, Tarian]
The Three Inquisitors, Plus One (Fou-Lu) [Urilebana, Dariel, Tarian; Ophir]
An Interlude
NPC Log: Triad of Creation? [Dariel, Tarian, Urilebana, Maroth]
NPC Log: Seeking Knowledge [Dariel, Jediael, cameos by Tarian, Urilebana]
Brain-Breaking for Fun and Enlightenment (Fou-Lu) [Dariel]
Self-Knowledge is Good (Fou-Lu) [Jediael]
I'm Very Concerned (Antero) [Private Jacob (not by name), Lucifer, Lilith, Simone, Magnhildr (not by name), General Garg, Menan]
Looking Out a Wrinkle in Time (Betharan) [Nehemiah; Fikriyya, Abiasaph, Nsarl, Aitan in flashback, Jean in email]
Tears Clean the Scars of Memory Away (Betharan) [Leoniah, Lionel, Ray, Fikryya in flashbacks, Beth-aven]
Laid-back Judgment (Hiram, Betharan) [Hishmalluh, Madian, Liana, Jazericad, Nehemiah]
A Rolling Stone (Keri, Betharan email) [Little damned souls, Mnason in email, Jediael in email, Jean in email, Eli in email, Jay the spider-monkey Cherub, Jeat]
Email to Betharan [To/From Jean, Beth-aven, Nehemiah]
So this Balseraph and Djinn Walk into an Angel-Bar... (Liriel) [Private Jacob, General Garg, Menan]
Interview with the Archangel. Of Creation. (Liriel, Caleb) [Elly, Salva, Caleb's Reliever, Eli-of-course, Tia without lines]
More Email, this time instigated by Nehemiah (Beth-haran) [Nehemiah]
An Interlude
Cookie Acquisition and Lilim Interviews (Keri, Caleb) [Tia, relievers]
Old Acquaintances, New Surprises (Hiram, Liriel) [Madian, Liana, Jazericad]
Bosses (Hiram) [Mnason, Emma, various Malakim IST Discovery, relievers, Eli]
Talkin' Renegade Blues (Warning - Spoilers! Don't read if you don't want to risk IC and OOC knowledge!) [Quinn]
Recruiting Tactics (Moonshadow) [Deborah, Brandi, Sherri, 2 Impudites of the Guard, General Garg, Menan]
Mothers and Daughters (Betharan) [Nehemiah, Liana]
Sirens (Liriel) [Achim, Song]
Conversations at the Pub (Liriel, Fou-Lu) [Nashanna]
Antero's No Good Very Bad Day (Antero, Min) [Lilith, Private Jacob, a Malakite]
Confirmations (Moonshadow) [Secretary in Liberty Hall, Impudite, Menan, General Garg]


Choice to Choose (Addi, Meridae, Yrian) [Jean, Ra'amiel, one of Jean's secretaries]
Of Letters and Articles (Elly, Liriel)
Cop With Orders (Hiram) [Sleek Lilim, Gemalli, Emma, Assorted Angels, mention of the triad (Hish, Madian, Liana)]
Reunions (Chadril, Fou-Lu) [Nashanna]
Interlude: Playing With Knives (Yrian) [Alina]
An OOC - mostly - Interlude (Liriel) [Nahash]
Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Lilim (Chadril, Fou-Lu) [Jay the spider-monkey Cherub, Gemalli, Sleek Lilim]
Meeting the Chief of Police (Chadril, Fou-Lu) [Mnason, Emma, IST Discovery angels, assorted Lilim]
Requesting a Newsfeed (Hiram, Liriel) [Nashanna, relievers]
An Interlude in the Far Marches
I Think You Know My Name (Betharan) [briefly Liana, briefly Madian, briefly Hish, Amana, Nehemiah, Jordan, Betharan (the younger)]
A Conversation in an Austin Hotel
Redemptions I Have Known (Etseviah, Hiram, Mirabella) [Beth-Aven, Tether-top guards, random Lilim]
Shangri-La City Tour: Garg's Place (Fou-Lu, Chadril) [Urichislon, Ezbon, Kurodo]
Master of the Guard (Fou-Lu, Chadril) [Garg, Kuroudo]
Come to You Across the Divide (Fou-Lu, Chadril, Etseviah, Hiram, Mirabella) [Urilebana, Lilith]
Marching Orders? (Moonshadow, Hiram, Mirabella) [Urilebana, General Garg, Menan]
It's Objective Ice Cream Meridae [Kathriel, Semachiah (not by name), Idumiel, Chemariah, Veruthea]
More Painting, and Not A Skulker, Honest (Meridae, Yrian, Antero) [Jediael]
Seraph 101 Questions (Addi) [Chun-Bezek]
Still Not A Skulker (Antero, Addi, Meridae, Yrian) [Jediael]
Filing For Interlibrary Loan (Betharan) [Nehemiah]
The Short Form? Big. (Addi, Yrian, Meridae, Rhiel) [Urilebana, weasel-Cherub, London Seneschal, Feb]
Incurring Library Fines. (Betharan, 24601) [Abiasaph, Fikryya, Nehemiah, Jean, Jediael]
Email to Betharan and Nehemiah from Jean
Equipping a Snake (Rhiel, Meridae, Yrian, Addi) [Feb, weasel-Cherub, Urilebana, Pizzacurian, Veruthea]
Addi's Letter to Judgment
Meeting the Neighbors (Min, Addi, Yrian) [Feb, Datalore, mention of Garg]
Perceptive Resonances Are Annoying (Rhiel, Meridae) [Talitha, Feb, mention of Aslaug and Amando]
And on the Seventh Day...
Reporter Deals (Liriel) [Nicholas, Bezkiri]
There Goes the Neighborhood (Fou-Lu, Etseviah) [Meedy, Garg]
We'd Like to Report... (Meridae, Rhiel)[Feb, Mnason, Jay the Spider-Monkey Cherub, Ahiezer-Bezek]
The Free Voice #2 (Sample Page)
A Fan Visits (Liriel) [Elly, Salva, Mitylene]
Meridae Revisits the Elohite Party (Meridae) [Chemariah, Kathriel]
Coming Into London (Fou-Lu, Moonshadow, Hiram) [Sherri, Deborah, briefly Harpmaster, briefly Phantom, weasel Cherub, The Royal College of Music Seneschal]
To PLANTS! (Yrian, Addi, Min, Meridae, Rhiel) [Lena, Semachiah, Horem, Amando, Aslaug, Rosh, Roxane, Turi]
Freedom and Malakim and Relievers, Oh My! (24601, Mirabella) [Azaliar, Chittem-abdibezek, Hakkatan-abdibezek]


Redemption Etiquette (Meridae) [Spot, Spot's Friend, Feb, Idumiel, Eli]
Interlude: Free Sunglasses (One per Lilim)
The Presentation of the Plant (Addi, Min, Rhiel, Yrian) [Feb]
Elohim Eavesdrop [Rhiel] (Bezek-Arash (unnamed))
Discussions of... OOO, SHINY! (Meridae) [Idumiel, Eli]
A Cherub, Two Seraphim, and Unpleasant Resonance Results (Addi, Yrian) [Feb, Bezek-Arash in email]
Interlude: A Flashback
SHINY SHINY SHINY (Meridae) [Idumiel, Urilebana, Ahiezer-Bezek "the Intervention Specialist"; brief appearances of: Horem, Lena, Semachiah, Aslaug, Amando, Millicent the OctoCherub]
Something Stinks and It's Not Fou-Lu's Wings (Fou-Lu, Hiram, NPC'ed Moonshadow)
Evening and the Shadows Will Come (Betharan) [Nehemiah, Fikryya]
SHINY SHINY Oh Right I Need To Find Rhiel! (Meridae, Rhiel) [Idumiel, Chemariah, Eli, Assorted Elohim]
So What's Someone Like You Doing in a Place Like This? [Moonshadow, Mysterious Customer]
Seraph-Botherers (Addi, Yrian, Rhiel, Meridae) [Feb, Idumiel, Spot]
Jacket and Boots or New Recruit? [Moonshadow (partly NPC'ed), Hiram, Mysterious Customer, and NPC'ed Fou-Lu]
You Want To Join Up. Really. Hiram ["Will," Jenny, Urichislon] MAJOR SPOILERS! Spoiler Free version
Vogon Poetry or Anticlimax? (Yrian, Meridae, Rhiel) [Feb, Mnason, Emma, Hot-dog Lilim]
Should Auld Acquaintances Be Forgot? (Liriel) [Zimmermann, Lucinda, Philemon, Kadris]
Inconvenient Interruptions (Liriel) [Zimmermann, Lucinda, Philemon, Kadris]
You're a Malakite, aren't you, Kenshin-san? (Liriel) [Zimmermann, Lucinda, Philemon, Kadris, Ashna, Harbona-Shaalbim aka "Kenshin," Hitomi, Michi, and that's the sound of the GM crying, that is.]
Talk Fast, Drive Faster (Liriel) [Ashnah, Harbona-Shaalbim, Hitomi, Michi, Jamin]
Trading Favors (Liriel) [Ashnah, Harbona-Shaalbim, Hitomi/Jamin, Michi]
Can't We All Just Get Along? (24601) [Lena, Semachiah, Horem, Carver]
Balseraphs Abounding (Hiram, Liriel)
...can't break even... (Liriel, Betharan) [Nehemiah]
Interlude: Heaven, Hell, Home. (Liriel) (Liriel posts as a personal essay in some secluded section of the Free Voice, both the online version and the printed edition. There's a disclaimer that these are her personal musings, and not to be read as some sort of mission statement for the Free Voice.)
Interlude: Interesting Discoveries
Getting Together Again (Hiram, Moonshadow)
Interlude: A Dialog
Getting Together Again, Part II (Hiram, Moonshadow)
Imp-ertinent Discussions (24601) [Horem, Lena, Semachiah, Carver]
We're on a Mission from . . . Janus! (Liriel, Salathiel) [Kathriel]
Rules? Rules are Good. (Salathiel, Liriel) [Kathriel]
Auld Acquaintances (Salathiel, Liriel) [Kathriel, Nehemiah, Betharan]
Interlude: Games and Gambles, an Excerpt
Discovery of Debriefings (Salathiel) [Betharan, Mnason, Zoar-Amana]
Talking Shop, Part 1 (Salathiel) [Mnason, Zoar-Amana]
Talking Shop, Part 2 (Salathiel) [Mnason]
Interlude: Translations
Finding Lodgings (Salathiel)
Mao (Salathiel) [Ezbon]
Assumptions (Hiram, Moonshadow) [Gareth]
Minor Revelations (Hiram, Moonshadow) [Gareth]
Balseraphic Interrogations (Hiram) [Gareth]
Interlude: Betharan and Nehemiah
ACME Demon Distressing! (Hiram, Etseviah) [Gareth, Babs, Aggie, Tom, and Jerry]
Clothing Makes the . . . Something (24601) [Semachiah, Lena, Horem, Veruthea, Relievers: Filia, Kaylin, Leeny]
Purity, Like Bubbles in the Night (Hiram, Etseviah) [Ethanim, Aggie, Babs, Tom, Jerry]
Relatives and Relations (Antero, Lempivalta) [Hassan]
Loose Ends in London, Part One (Hiram) [Ethanim, Tom, Jerrymice]
Tech Support (Ash,Konetos) [Celeste, unnamed NPCs]
Awakening to Purity (Fou-Lu, Etseviah) [Aggie, Babs, Jerryfish]
Loose Ends in London, Part Two (Hiram) [Ethanim, Tom, Jerrymice]

Some Weeks Pass (SWP)

Judgment Email to Addi [Madian]
24601 Sends Email to Novalis; she replies [Novalis in email]
T+9: This Will Sting (Yrian, Addi, Meridae, Rhiel) [Feb, Jean, Jean's Mercurian Secretary]
Late T+9: Seraphim Are Very Truthful (Addi) [Feb]
Late T+9: We're Worried About Civilians! (Rhiel, Meridae, Yrian) [Jessica, Millie]
Email from Meridae to Mnason [Mnason in email]
Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Judge (Fou-Lu, Salathiel) [Ezbon]
For Great Judgment (Fou-Lu) [Dominic, Mira]
There's a Seraph to See You, Boss! (Fou-Lu, Addi) [Nashanna]
Interlude: A Hint of Green
Talking With Family (Beth-haran, Salathiel [Betharan, Jordan, Bezkiri])
Running Errands (Fou-Lu) [Ezbon, Simone, Adaiah/Adrian]
Clothes Make the . . . Habbalite? (Salathiel) [Veruthea, Kathriel]
Adventures in Angel Chocolate (Salathiel) [Kathriel, Dariel, Urilebana, Tarian] CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS for Salness!
The Symphony Is Making Hints: Sal Spoilers (Salathiel) [Tarian, Kathriel, Urilebana, Dariel] (full of spoilers!)
Two Habbalah and a Lilim with an Agenda (Salathiel) [Ezbon, Urichislon]
Party Time! (Hiram, Mira) [Various People Including Kath and Phantom]
The Souls of the Party (Mira) [J'Henri, Coreiah, assorted celestials]


Small Favors (Liriel) [Jediael, Kathriel]
Recruiting Drive (Liriel, Salathiel, Fou-Lu) [Ezbon, Urichislon]
Not All Washed Up (Salathiel, Vaina) [Mnason, Emma, Eureka]
Passing the... Cherub (Salathiel, Vaina, Fou-Lu)
Plotting and Introductions (Liriel, Fou-Lu, Vaina, Etseviah) [Ezbon, Elly, Salva]
Personal Investigations (Salathiel) [Elohite, Mercurian] Warning! Full Mercurian Resonance Sweep On Sal! PCs Beware Major Spoilers!
Perils and Powers (Salathiel) [Ezbon, Urichislon, Nehemiah] You know? More spoilers.
Toys for Everyone! (Salathiel, Fou-Lu, Vaina, Etseviah) [Urichislon, Ezbon, Kathriel, Phantom]
The Show Gets On The Road (Liriel, Fou-Lu, Vaina, Salathiel) [Etseviah, Ezbon, Urichislon]
The House of Ancient Rest (Liriel, Vaina, Salathiel) [Fou-Lu, Etseviah, Urichislon, Ezbon, assorted ethereals]
Meeting Madam (Liriel, Vaina, Fou-Lu, Etseviah) [Urichislon, Ezbon, assorted ethereals] - Also known as "The Log Beth Left On Overnight."
The Monkey Ways (Vaina, Fou-Lu, Liriel, Salathiel, Etseviah) [Ezbon, Urichislon, various monkeys]


Journey to the West (Vaina, Fou-Lu, Liriel, Salathiel, Etseviah) [Urichislon, Ezbon]
Breaking Up Is(n't) Hard To Do (Liriel, Salathiel) [Urichislon]
Red Herrings and Yellow Dresses (Liriel, Salathiel) [Urichislon]
All Heaven Breaks Loose (Fou-Lu, Vaina, Etseviah) [Ezbon]
Fox-Smiles and Fox-Bargains (Liriel, Salathiel) [Urichislon]
True Names and Other Hazards (Liriel, Salathiel) [Urichislon]
Lucifer's Apple (Fou-Lu, Vaina) [Etseviah, Ezbon]
Ancient Guardians (Salathiel, Liriel) [Urichislon]
No Swimming (Fou-Lu, Vaina, Liriel, Salathiel) [Etseviah, Ezbon, Urichislon]
Master of Appointments (Fou-Lu, Liriel, Vaina, Salathiel) [Ezbon, Urichislon]
Secrets Upon Secrets (Salathiel) [Ezbon] (Contains spoilers for both PC and NPC; those who do not wish to know OOC information should avoid!)
Angels In The Bath (Vaina, Fou-Lu, brief appearance of Ezbon and Salathiel) Should be no major Vaina or Fou-Lu spoilers, right?
Confessions Between Angels (Salathiel) [Ezbon] Yes, more spoilers when those two talk. For both of them.
Interlude: Filthy Clay
Dinner Party, Plans, and Pairing Up... Or Not! (Liriel, Fou-Lu, Salathiel, Vaina) [Ezbon, Urichislon]
Interlude: Questions For Those Left Behind (Beth-haran the Elder, Nehemiah)
Walking in Gardens (Fou-Lu, Vaina) [Shan]
Interlude: A Secret Confrontation (PG-13)


It's Better In The Morning? (Liriel, Salthiel, Fou-Lu, Vaina) [Ezbon, Urichislon]
Interlude: Co-workers in Hades
Walking the Labyrinth (Fou-Lu, Liriel, Vaina, Salathiel) [Ezbon, Urichislon]
Interlude: Trusting to Treachery
Enemies or Allies? (Fou-Lu, Liriel, Vaina, Salathiel) [Ezbon, Urichislon, Philologus, Zair-Zaccheus]
One Blessed Thing After Another (Liriel, Salathiel, Vaina, Fou-Lu) [Ezbon, Urichislon, Philologus, Zair-Zaccheus]
More Obstacles To Navigate (Liriel, Fou-Lu, Salathiel, Vaina) [Ezbon, Urichislon, Zair-Zaccheus, Philologus]
can you hear the calling of the raging wind and water? (Liriel, Fou-Lu, Vaina, Salathiel) [Ezbon, Urichislon, Philologus, Zair-Zaccheus, dragons and Superiors and swords oh my!]

Returned To Shangri-La (2002ish)

(I may have some of the RTSL+X wrong. Er. I'll try to sort them out eventually.)

Fou-Lu Reports In (Fou-Lu) [Dominic]
Small Rewards (Liriel) [Bezkiri, Bezekezer, Jediael]
We Moved, Wish You Were Here (Liriel) [Salva]
From Liriel's fan club with love... Submitted to The Free Voice, signed with the pseudonym "Burning Sword"
Administrivia and Unexpected Relations (Salathiel, Beth-Haran) [Beitris, Joe, Jose, Galen, Eureka, Tikka]
Archangel Meetings and Habbalite Gossip (Salathiel) [Jean, Ezbon] (Contains probable spoilers for the Habbies)
No Sticks, Dangit (Salathiel) [Veruthea, Carver, Dariel, Ezbon in the OOCs] (Includes a resonance result, check 6, on our favorite Habbie, and some other slightly spoilery things)
NPC Interlude: Trick Questions [Dariel, Ezbon] So darn full of outright, blatant spoilers for our favorite green Habbie...


Visiting Desire (Salathiel) [Carl, Shelley]
Debriefings in Heaven


Tours and Glossing (Salathiel) [Carl]
Enter the Calabite (Leo, Beth-Haran) [Beth-Aven, Tarian and Urilebana briefly]
Cross-Species Flirting (aka Snakes in Latex) (Leo) [Beth, Aven, Tarian, Urilebana]
Come Meet My Dad (Fou-Lu, Liriel) [Nashanna, Salva]


Fitting In (Salathiel, aka Thea)
Not a Sonic Screwdriver (Liriel, Leo) [Madam]


Books, Beer, Boggling (Leo) [Eureka, Jade]
So, New Around Here? (Leo, Hiram) [Jade, Eureka]
Habbalah in Hot-Tubs (Salathiel) [Carl]
A Lilim, a Calabite, a Malakite, and a Reliever Walk Out of A Bar... (Leo, Hiram) [Jade, Eureka]
Inefficient Tactics, Mercurian Angst (Salathiel) [Gershom]
I Know You Know I Know... (Salathiel) [Betharan Younger, Teb, Hetti, Kong]
So a librarian, a mad scientist, and a spy walk into a club... (Leo, Hiram, Salathiel) [Gershom, Kong, Butterfly]
Hell Coming to Us in a Handbasket (Fou-Lu, Salathiel/Thea, Leo, Hiram) [Teb, Butterfly, Shelley, Kathriel]
Getting the Hell Heaven Shangri-La Outta Here (Salathiel/Thea, Leo, Fou-Lu) [Teb, Butterfly, Doctor Wu, Kong, Assorted Desire Lilim]
Suicide Kings (Hiram) [Assorted Superiors]
Shop-Talk Between Ex-Gamesters (Salathiel) [Teb, Beth-Haran the Elder]


Some Clarifications (Fou-Lu) [Nashanna, Salva, Dominic]
Scars (Salathiel) [Kathriel] Possible spoilery hints. Possibly not.


Trading Favors... On the Stock Market (Leo) [Meedy, Rhea, Lisa]
Touring the Guard (Leo) [Tish, Kuroudo, Ethanim, Jade, Bella, Celia, Talitha-Cumi]
Brains are Sexy (Leo) [Jade]


Job-hunting (Leo) [Shelley]


Urban Renewal Projects (Leo) [Shelley, Kathriel, random gang members (inc. Achim, Tom, and Will)]

RTSL+15 (or more)

Leo and Min's Marches Adventure, Scene One (Leo, Min)

Babylon City Episodes

House Rules

* Lilim resonance may pick up more than one Need of the appropriate level, depending on GM's and/or Need-possessing player's whim.
* Resonance-fry with less than a CD6 may last a much shorter time, when it would be un-fun to have it last hooooours.
* Artifacts with an Activation number, in general, can be activated one of two ways: if you use the listed Essence, it activates. If you don't use the Essence, roll against the Activation target. (Some artifacts may be exceptions.)
* Song Grenades (aka Celestial Chimes) can have an activation (this counts as the "safety"), or they can activate automatically upon breakage. (They may be made sturdier than normal, e.g., requiring a Strength roll to break... or they may not. Heh heh heh.)
* Craft (skill-specialization) uses higher of Perception or Precision, and flavor text of the created item will differ appropriately. Someone who does both... can do both, adding skill level to either Perception or Precision, depending on if they want the Solid Craftsmanship or the Artistic Stuff, at a given stage. (Forge a solid blade, then decorate it, say.)