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Oct 1, 154 Silver wakes up and escapes from NovaTech Station 2.
Oct 2, 154 Silver reaches Pelageos, is picked up by Albatross
Oct 5, 154 Albatross heading to Unar, midtrip.
Oct 7, 154 Albatross At Unar.
Oct 9, 154 Albatross arranges a cargo to Kintara for 20,000 creds and only a couple of cy. The KLF tries to hijack ship, is foiled by Kelly.
Oct 11, 154 Silver flubs her computer's password.
Oct 23, 154 Albatross evaded Pirate-trap -- a distress beacon from a small prospector -- because of Kelly's precog.
Nov 12, 154 Albatross headed for the nearest station to report the pirates. Picked up Irari researcher -- clueless fellow, Student of PseudoMammalian Fauna. Dropped him off on his planet to study his critters, after we sold him a stunner. Left the Irari there, with luck nothing will eat him, and someone will check in on him in a year or two.
Nov 23, 154 Albatross picks up Occident, traveling as "Jim Setton," heading for the Calder Metals stop. On to Himario -- home of ursinoid aliens. Only two days out of our way for the Caulder stop. "Jim" doesn't mind. We land tomorrow.
Nov 25, 154 Albatross gets to Humario
Nov 26, 154 Albatross: Next morning. No Parvari. Jim gets into Silver's trunk
Dec 7, 154 Get to Calder around the 7th of December. SH letters exchanged. Send back: "Will be there in two weeks, barring pirates."
Dec 15, 154 New Garavar Station. Silver meets with Selene.
Dec 20, 154 Selene purchases shuttle-salvage rights from Parvari.
Dec 21, 154 Selene gets shuttle's flight recorder data from Silver.
Dec 25, 154 On way back from rescuing Moonfur's kids' samples, the Bat finds the NovaTech shuttle down near Irar.
Dec 27, 154 Parvari sells something to Flare, prompting Silver to investigate the Kintaran.
Lea 1, 154 Silver meets Flare.
Lea 4, 154 Artemis sensors installed on the Albatross.
Lea 15, 154 Albatross is off again, into trouble and deep space...
Lea 17, 154 Albatross made our first stop at Thral.
Lea, 21, 154 Albatross picked up Student of Soil Microbiology, who will, like all Irari, talk your ears off about his specialty. He's headed for a research base down thisaway.
Jan 1, 155 Albatross rescue the _StarChaser_ and its Kintaran crew from drunkeness.
Jan 4, 155 Albatross gets to the Irari base's pirate attacked remains, pick up survivors.
Jan 6, 155 Albatross gets in to Jordan's Station.
Jan 7, 155 Albatross takes the pirate ship (9 hrs after arrival at Jordan's)
Jan 13, 155 Albatross delivers/picks up Karalooar cargo; Awolloomara joins crew.
Jan 16, 155 Albatross visits Alardin; Erica and Joanna rescued.
Jan 24, 155 Albatross at Sparrion. Silver meets Bradford Holmes and ship, works the day for him.
Jan 25, 155 Silver gets a box from "Woolly", leaves Holmes' Sweet Home.
Feb 7, 155 Kelly is kidnapped and rescued.
Feb 8, 155 Albatross crew checks out psi school, leads; meet Thor, who hires the ship. Three days or so to K'Kree.
Feb 9, 155 Warren finds out that our "Accountant" is actually a "Financial Investigtor" for Novatech -- rather than going through Accounting channels, he reports directly to the Vice Pres. for Operations (who also includes Accounting). Amusing.
Feb 10, 155 Kelly & Silver have a little talk with Thor...
Feb 11, 155 Arrive at K'Kree; ship combat. 16 hours to catch up with escaping ship.
Feb 12, 155 Ship combat; Albatross wins, pilot suicides. 16 hours back to "research station 5"
Feb 13, 155 Silver demands "combat pay;" People are rescued from "5".
Feb 16, 155 Albatross back to Sparrion for patch up; on to New Garavar.
Feb 23, 155 Albatross arrives at New Garavar. Silver finds out about Selene & Vlad; Diana asks her assistance.
Feb 28, 155 At the Crimson Lotus, *Her*, and Vlad-darling. Scans are taken.
Mar 1, 155 Kelly gets to be a test subject for Calder crystals.
Mar 2, 155 Hell-crew gives NG station a headache with Calder crystals.
Mar 3, 155 Selene calls in Silver, to go Get Vlad.
Mar 8, 155 They take Research Station 2, and Vlad. Get the data they want. Silver kicks her Star Fire addiction in a little over a month. About a week later, Silver heads back to the Albatross, since it's likely to be going *far away* from New Garavar for a while...
Apr 1, 155 Etalon joins Albatross; start run with Dr. Hill.
Apr 3, 155 Mitsy and Silver have astrogation contest; Silver wins (though close match).
Apr 20, 155 Albatross finds Stalker base, former castaway, Stalker starmap, planetful of Stalker bases, Stalker AI.
Jul 1, 155 Albatross finally get back to NG, and get a week of being debriefed. IHO job.
Jul 7, 155 Albtross arrives at Parva. Lon, Vanlit, Ber-mil, Mossekay.
Jul 8, 155 Albatross visits Parelavan, Telet, Brisha, Peko, Newl, Wasoltiv.
Jul 9, 155 Albatross endures Denar, Tokar, Zarrain, Carval Incidents: Silver shot, Dr. Jones rescued. Next, Zone Lon, then trading on own.