Index of Vehicles

(Currently, only starships, designed from GURPS Space.)

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Many of these have the house-rule of access to contragrav at TL11 or even TL10. More fun that way. Some are from other pages, marked with a "*" -- if a link is broken, please tell me.

??, fast passenger ship: 8000 cy; $11,832,000

The Albatross, old TL10-11 freighter: 2500cy; $12,388,500 (new)

Atalanta class TL11 fast personal transport: 190cy; $1,483,450

The Bat out of Hell, weird TL12 "Houseship" / Research Ship: 1000cy; $6,177,000

Chigge Von Richtofen, TL10 fighter ship: 585 cy; $10,133,000 * [Broken! Author contact me?]

Chiggs Fighter: TL9-10 fighter ship; 145 cy; $1,583,000 * [Broken! Author contact me?]

Diana's Bow, TL11 "Houseship" / Research Ship: 1000cy; $4,948,000

Earth Fighter: TL9 fighter ship: 155 cy; $2,623,000 *

Earth Transport Ship: TL9 Navette: 270 cy; $5,863,000*

The Hell, TL10-13 mega-freighter: 100,000cy; $716,419,000

Husky class TL11 freighter: 400cy; $969,750

Kaa-Bane class TL11 destroyer: 5000 cy; $28,359,000

Living Starships * (really a race; it's off-site)

Sante Fe class TL11 freighter: 1000cy; $1,768,250

A TL 9-10 battlesuit *