Various Fiction

This is stuff I wrote. I hope it amuses.


If you include "Biblefic" as original, that is. (Lilith not being in the bible, per se.)

Lilith: Framed (This is not In Nomine Lilith.)
Scruples, a Quicksilver fic (gaming character; arguably fanfic).
Quicksilver in the Shadows of Two Towers. (a semidrabble)
The Cross (friendslocked, because someday I may try to sell it)
A fairy tail about a spider (unfinished)
Drabble: Queen of Roses setting
NSFW Fairies: How To Make Your Mushroom House Total porn, friendslocked.
Drabble: Third Oldest Profession? World Within the Crystal microfic

Lord Alchemist Drabbles

These are what started my Epik Trilugy. I changed details here and there, as needed.

Laws of Inheritance
Survive Contact
Late Rescues Are Better Than None
Wedding Oaths
An Unexpected Complication -- has a few flaws in it, but I had an image. If I write a sequel to the Epik Trilugy...

SH Drabbles

These started as backstory on a character -- an NPC character, even! -- from a game I was in. Due to popular demand, they are quite probably continuing into the actual game. With sea-changes where necessary.

Universe Background
Little Beginnings
Growing Up
Not the Saint
What, Never?
...Get You Anywhere
Three Drabbles: Poisoned Chameleon, Combat Accountant, Misstep
Lost Angel
It Just Keeps Getting Better
Getting There (I & II)
Bad News
Retracing Steps
Two Drabbles: Research, Looking For Trouble Teddy Bear Picnic Teddy Bear Picnic by Courses
He Says, She Says
Private Investigator Musings
Privacy of Thieves


This is stuff that you will probably get more out of if you know the setting I'm borrowing.

Anime Fanfic

Saiyuki: Alternate Universe Fic - What might have happened if a single tragedy had been averted?
Saiyuki: Which Way is West? (Crossover with In Nomine SSO* game)

Getbackers: Hevn is kidnapped!
Getbackers: Ban and Ginji, Housesitting!
Getbackers: Stitching Together
Getbackers Meets Girl Genius, a drabble
Getbackers: No Need for Ginji? a drabble
Getbackers: Sparkbending? a drabble

Gargoyles - Complications (unfinished, and probably will never be finished, darnit)

Avatar, the Last Airbender: Compromises (A Zutara, not safe for work, and thus friendslocked)
Avatar: Walk Into Our Houses and Burn

Bleach: Other Lives (In Nomine crossover)

Kim Possible fanfic

I'm informed that this is referred to a "keego" (Kigo?) in the fandom... But hey!

The Wrongness Begins
Result of Wrongness
Wrongness for Breakfast
Very Cute Wrongness

Harry Potter fanfic

Drabble: Choices (Bottom-most drabble; In Nomine crossover)
Drabble: The New DADA Teacher (In Nomine crossover)
Drabble: Tired Owls (Top-most drabble)
Drabble: Distant Kin (Second drabble; crossover, but not with In Nomine)
Drabble: Toppling the Triangle

EverQuest Fanfic

Yeah, I'm an EverCrack addict, on the Mac. Al'Kabor server, Pathfinders of Al'Kabor guild. Yeah, some of these are my characters. But I think there might be some amusement to my attempt to make sense of the game without adding, say, an ecology or any of the stuff the d20 EverQuest game put in.

EverQuest 1
EverQuest 2 (This has some sorta-smut in it, but not explicit. Perhaps not worksafe.)
EverQuest 3 (More semi-smut, only even weirder.)
EverQuest 4 (Sort of a continuation to the above, so probably not worksafe either.)
EverQuest 5 (A comment about mammeries, and little else of trouble.)
EverQuest 6 (A bit more semi-smut contemplation. I'm so mean to my characters.)
EverQuest 7 (Shouldn't be much smutty here.)
The Ballad of Lirya "Leaps In Without Looking" Potter (Not precisely fic, but more a recounting of a nasty little corpse-recovery, somewhat in-character.)
MOB stands for Mobile Object

World of Warcraft fanfic

WoW minific 1

Everquest (above) meets In Nomine (below)

In Nomine fictions

Some of these are not quite worksafe, since people were trying to make me do Superior Slash. And then they read it and their little brains broke! Muwahahahahah!

Nybbas: Phantom of the Soundtrack (Worksafe)
Yves/Kronos: Shattered Glass (Not entirely worksafe?)
A Sorcerer (worksafe, but for mild language)
J/D/A: Companion to another's fic (Probably not worksafe)
Making Angelbabies (Not worksafe)
Don't Land on the Angels of Final Justice! (Fairly worksafe, overall)
A Final Justice fic
Lilith-Gabriel: Gabriel is Disturbing (Worksafe)
Lilith: Harvesting Forces (Worksafe, likely)
Lilith: Remembering Adam (Not entrely worksafe)
Adventure Seed: The Armies of Love
Alliances (Andrealphus/Kobal, for A/K5ish. Not really worksafe)
Michael is not drunk enough for this (Not entirely worksafe for discussion, not actual description)
Can't sleep. Word will eat me (Worksafe; more a character study, though I have some notions)
Angel of Music (Worksafe)
Ponies for the Inquisition (Worksafe)
Ponies for the Inquisition, Part Two (Not as worksafe as the first one, but not too bad)
Games Superiors Play (Worksafe)
Knotwork (So not-worksafe that it's friendslocked)
Princes and Powers (Worksafe)
A Little Dialog (worksafe)
Legos (worksafe)
Drabbles: Obligations, Angels and Angels, Choices
Drabble: Angels and Angels, Part 2
Drabble: Egyptian Summers (top drabble)
Drabble: Kai's Power Cute (tangentially about one of fadethecat's characters)
Drabble: In Disgrace (Crossover with things best left unsaid)
Drabble: Lust and the Media (Not worksafe, but, well, short)
Post-Fall Fic
Carver and the Redeemed Cherub
Carver and the Redeemed Mercurian - exceedingly not worksafe. Here are comments on it and on the first chunk.
In another universe Alternate Universe, not strictly worksafe.
A Jada-dan snippet
Another Jada-dan Snippet
Drabble: Young Jada-dan
Drabble: *squeak*
Drabble: Purity
Drabble: Separation
Drabble: Play
Drabble: Gifts
Drabble: Risky Tactics
Drabble: Mariel
AA Kai, Dance Instructor
Just Lion Around (Eli/Jordi, non-explicit, I swear the only pun is in the title)
Happy Birthday (Birthday fic for EDG! With one of his characters.)
Vacation, Part 1 (Fadethecat's birthday fic! With her characters and some of mine, too!)
Vacation, Part 2
Vacation, Part 3
Sleekflight Says Hi
Ficlet: Balance Is What You Make Of It
A Reflection Fragment
Thirty Dimes in the Jukebox (sequel to Phantom of the Soundtrack)
Drabble: Secrets Uncovered
Drabble: To the Devil, His Due
Drabble: Naked Came the Lilim
Sariel's Belated Birthday Fic (A possible SSO future continuity.)
A minific with my Betharan, Lilim of the Game
Another Day in Hades (Also SSO backstory continuity)
Boarding School for Hadean Imps (Also SSO backstory continuity)
Full Moon Race
Drabble: Why?
Half-drabble: Burn Like Cities in Your Wake
Bleach-In Nomine crossover

The iSporks

A while back, a set of quiz-memes went around, of One True Pairings, for In Nomine. As in, answer questions about which pairings are favorites, which are canon, which you know others like but you don't, which are like a car-crash, which you'd rather spork your eyes out than read...

Of course I took it as a challenge.

A/K, Key Minor (Alaemon-Khalid, Should be worksafe, pretty much)
...Hurt the Ones We Love (Asmodeus/Blandine, not precisely worksafe though it could be worse)
...Or Not (Asmodeus-Fallen Khalid, sorta-kinda worksafe)
Banana Split (Kobal/Haagenti, and only iffily worksafe, but I'm told it's funny)
Once Upon a Dream (Blandine/Lucifer, and basically worksafe)
This Is So Totally... (Doxas/Rex, basically worksafe)
This Old City (Asmodeus-Salem, worksafe; title is a pun on "This Old House," a PBS program about fixing up old houses.)
And That Old City (The sequel to the above, also 99.5% worksafe, despite having Andre as a viewpoint character.)
Annoying Princes (Blandine-Valefor, basically worksafe)
Points of View (Asmodeus/Novalis, not worksafe, and friendslocked; I guess email me if you want to get a copy of it...)
Grass (Novalis-Saminga, not what I'd call worksafe, and creepy)
...Is Not Gold? (Lilith/Valefor, probably vaguely worksafe)
Andre's Guest (Laurence/Andre, semi-worksafe.)
Dust (Andrealphus/Kronos, for A/K3 or 4 or something. Not worksafe)
Car Crashes (Gabriel/Dominic)
Drabble: Communication (Gabriel/Asmodeus)


Some of this is linked. Some not. I'll separate it out as needed. Alternate history In Nomine stories.

Heir to Command
Confessions in the Night (same timeline as Heir, above)
Advisors (same timeline as Heir, above)
Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate
Drabble: Leading with Laughter
Crackfic: Set a Spy

In Nomine Smut

Okay, from before I had Livejournal. This stuff is all not safe for work. Do not click on it if you are underage or liable to be offended. If I get even one complaint, I'll hide it all away again. 'kay? 'kay.

Balseraph Propaganda - what the scandal sheets in Shal-Mari print.
A/K 1 (Asmodeus/Kobal) - in which we learn that Kobal is a trashmouth.
A/K 2 (Asmodeus/Kronos)
Andrealphus, Early in Hell


Well, there's more than a few of these. Might as well put them in their own section now.

Stormsfic - Princes and Powers
Stormsfic - The Prince Is Dead; Long Live the Prince
Stormsfic - Alliances
Stormsfic - Ninety Percent Desperation
Stormsfic - Whispering to the Wind
Stormsfic - Falling
Stormsfic - Trust
Stormsfic - Turn by Turn

Interesting Times

It started as one fic. Then it... grew. Lots. I currently have these in the order of writing, not necessarily internal chronological order. For an attempt at chronologal order, see here.

Interesting Times
Interesting Times - Another Angle
Interesting Times: "Driven" by Siadea!
Interesting Times - A Nameless Aftermath
Interesting Times - A Masochist Says...
Interesting Times - Captive
Interesting Times - Survivors
Interesting Times - Empty
Interesting Times: "Three-Dimensional Blindfolded Chess" by Siadea!
Interesting Times: "The Shaggy Dog" by Pat!
Interesting Times - Pawns
Interesting Times: "Hollow's Eve" by sariel_di!
Interesting Times: "Le Roi Est Mort" by sariel_di!
Interesting Times - Lilith
Interesting Times: "...Lama Sabachthani?" by General Chaos!
Interesting Times: "Vive Le Roi" by sariel_di!
Interesting Times - Gone to Graveyards
Interesting Times - Hope
Interesting Times - Aftermath of War
Interesting Times: "Plus Ca Change" by Prophet Marcus!
Interesting Times - Consequences
Interesting Times - Policies
30 Second IT Summaries 1
Interesting Times - Paladins and Diplomats
Drat you, Incandescens! (A link to a very nice song.)
Interesting Times: Sappers (by GenChaos)
Interesting Times: Survivor's Guilt (by GenChaos)
Interesting Times - Loose Ends
Interesting Times - Strange Bedfellows (Bottom drabble)
Intersting Times: Unwelcome News and What Came Of It (by GenChaos)
Interesting Times - Reflections
Interesting Times: One Note In All The World by Ledenyca
Interesting Time Log: The Laurentine Lilim Meets with His Boss (GenChaos, myself, and a peanut gallery)
Interesting Times: Second Chance (by arconius)
Interesting Times - Repercussions
Interesting Times - Flight
Interesting Times - Obligations
Interesting Times: Crazy Life (by harlecerule)
Interesting Times - Nesting
Interesting Times 30 Second Summaries II
Interesting Times - Plucking Scene (some smut, not worksafe)
Interesting Times: Almost Back in the Saddle (by prophetmarcus)
Interesting Times - Loopholes
Interesting Times - Tactical Vulnerability
Interesting Times - Questions
Interesting Times: Penance (by GenChaos)
Interesting Times Log: Mutual Interrogation (genchaos and sariel_di)
Interesting Times: Belated (by Letiwolf)
Interesting Times - Choices
Interesting Times - Tethers
Interesting Times - Players
Interesting Times - Practice Games
Interesting Times Log: Laurence and Betharan (Game-Daggers 1)
Interesting Times Log: Redemption (Game-Daggers 2)
Interesting Times Log: Schedules (Game-Daggers 3
Interesting Times - Payment
Interesting Times - Rebuilding
Interesting Times: Pilgrimage (by incandescens)
Interesting Times - Unexpected Errors
Interesting Times - The Other Shoe
Interesting Times: Retrospective (by pyrephox)
Interesting Times - Eyes of a Child
Interesting Times - Reunions
Interesting Times - Splint or Crutch
Interesting Times - Mice
Drabble: Interesting Times - Desperation
Drabble: Intersting Times - The Uninvited Fairy
Interesting Times - Promises
Interesting Times - Patience is a Virtue, Not a Mercurian
Interestin Times - Be Careful What You Wish For
Interesting Times: Still Remains (by sariel_di)
Interesting Times - Employees Wanted
Interesting Times: Who Alone Suffers... (by fadethecat)
Interesting Times - Issues
Interesting Times: The Quality of Mercy (by fadethecat)
Interesting Times: True Hope is Swift (by fadethecat)
Interesting Times: Nothing but Despair (by fadethecat)
Interesting Times: Misery Acquaints a Man with Strange Bedfellows (by fadethecat)
Interesting Times - Memorials
Interesting Times: Should Be Past Grief (by fadethecat)
Interesting Times: I Must Fight the Course (by fadethecat)
Interesting Times: Redecoration (by genchaos)
Interesting Times - Mice in the Walls
Interesting Times: Proper Perspective (by siadea)
Interesting Times - Justice
Interesting Times: Plus Ca Meme Chose (by prophet_marcus)
Interesting Times - Chat Logs
Interesting Times - 30 Second Summaries III
Interesting Times Log: Betharan and Laurence in Chapel
Interesting Times - Bleeding Edges
Interesting Times: fadethecat's 30 Second Summaries I
Interesting Times - Cushioning the Shock
Interesting Times - Associations
Interesting Times - Payback
Interesting Times: Shoot the Moon (by sariel_di)
Interesting Times: The Ancient Rules (by sariel_di)
Interesting Times - Spectators
Interesting Times - Kingmakers
Interesting Times - Interlude (Saturday Morning Cartoons)
Interesting Times: Talkers Are No Good Doers (by fadethecat)
Interesting Times: Conversation (down a few; by fadethecat)
Interesting Times - Moments of Peace
Interesting Times: Suicide Kings (by sariel_di)
Interesting Times - Changing Pains
Interesting Times - Farewell Gifts
Interesting Times - Silence of Ice
Interesting Times - Plowshares, But Not
Interesting Times: Neither a Plowman Nor a King (by siadea)
Interesting Times - Expectations
Interesting Times: Reliever Fanfic Crack Sariel_D, me, and incandescens...
Interesting Times - Novices
Not Quite Interesting Times - Fluff
Interesting Times - King's Pawn Forward One
Interesting Times - Last Joke
Interesting Times - Bring the Popcorn
Interesting Times - Prismatic Search
Interesting Times: Furfur the Abandoned (by ledenyca)
Interesting Times: Take All the Swift Advantage of the Hours (by fadethecat)
Interesting Times - Bell-Curves
Interesting Times - Backstage
Interesting Times: On a Lonesome Road (by fadethecat)
Interesting Times: Mama I've Been Crying (by fadethecat and ledenyca)
Interesting Times - Queen of Swords
Interesting Times - Talking
Interesting Times - Council Politics
Interesting Times - Logfic: Gaining an Apprentice
Interesting Times - Failure
Interesting Times - Heroics
Interesting Times: The Glorious Game (by sariel_di)
Interesting Times - A Dream Is What You Make Of It
Interesting Times - Suggestions
Interesting Times - Rudy
Interesting Times - Growing Up
Interesting Times - Winning Tactics
Interesting Times - SpiritBusters

Dangerous Liaisons

Was Strange Bedfellows-no-reference to the adventure seed in Superiors 1, nor to the adventure in e23. Name changed since I thought of a better one.

...Hurt the Ones We Love (Asmodeus/Blandine, not precisely worksafe though it could be worse) Was originally an eyespork but.. there got to be more.
A Meeting of... Minds (Soldekai/Staciel, Not entirely worksafe; originally an iSpork.)
Scenes are part of the Game (Asmodeus/Blandine, utterly non-worksafe, and in fact friendslocked) (Here is a non-friendslocked one.)
Beleth: The Morning After (By incandescens/Maya, but part of this series!)
Dreams of Revenge (Not worksafe. Also friendslocked. Here's an alternate.)
Stolen Moments (Not entirely worksafe)
Lead Me Not Into Temptation (Basically worksafe)
Confession (Not worksafe)
Limits (Not worksafe; possibly squicky)
Hope for the Best (Not worksafe, and friendslocked)
Thirty Second Summaries 1

Dangerous Liaisons AU

Taking something from DL above, and twisting it...

For Love and Justice (Mostly worksafe)
Long Distance Relationships (basically worksafe)

Superior Soap Opera fic

Once, I wrote: SSO stands for Superior Soap Opera, which I ought to be updating more than I do. *sigh* And any moment now, I'm going to separate all the SSO stuff out into its own segment...

Lo, and I am separating it. I am also including some which are not technically dependent on the SSO timeline, but which I have decided to snaffle into it; those may be linked above, as well.

Nybbas: Phantom of the Soundtrack (Worksafe)
Thirty Dimes in the Jukebox (sequel to Phantom of the Soundtrack)
Making Angelbabies (Not worksafe)
Don't Land on the Angels of Final Justice! (Fairly worksafe, overall)
Jean-Lilith: SSO* Lilith Likes Thunderstorms Too (Not entirely worksafe, depending on the workplace)
Lilith-Gabriel: Gabriel is Disturbing (Worksafe)
Lilith: Harvesting Forces (Worksafe, likely)
SSO* Andre is Obsessed
A Future SSO* Fic: Emerald (Not worksafe)
Drabbles: Obligations, Angels and Angels, Choices (Obligations does not depend on the SSO timeline, but I snaffle it.)
Saiyuki: Which Way is West? (Crossover with In Nomine SSO* game)
A Future SSO* Fic: Emerald II (hopefully creepy but worksafe)
SSO*: Lilim Rescue, part 1
SSO*: Lilim Rescue, part 2
SSO*: Lilim Rescue, part 3 - Andresmut Interlude.
SSO*: Lilim Rescue, part 4
SSO*: Lilim Rescue, part 5
SSO:* Lilim Rescue, part 6 (Not Worksafe.)
Carver and the Redeemed Cherub (Carver originally showed up in SSO, but this and the next one are quite free of SSO continuity.)
Carver and the Redeemed Mercurian - exceedingly not worksafe. Here are comments on it and on the first chunk.
SSO: Lilim Island, part 1 (Essentially, Lilim Rescue is one chunk, and it seems to have a part 2 brewing in my brain.)
Lilim Island, part 1 and 2 together (totally non-worksafe)
Future SSO Drabble; Redemption
SSO Drabble: Renovations
Carlfic (1), Carfic (2), Carlfic (3)
Superior Strip Mao (Friendlocked, but I have this - which goes down at once if anyone complains! Warning, SMUT!)
Another Day in Hades
Boarding School for Hadean Imps
SSO backstory: Penalty Cards
SSO - Lilim Island: Ahinadab Not Safe For Work! Friendslocked.
SSO - Lilim Island: Banishing Nightmares (incomplete)
SSO - Lilim Island: Banishing Nightmares II (still incomplete)

The A/Ks

I did Asmodeus/Kobal. Then, refering to it as A/K, someone wondered which K. So Azzie/Kronos. Now, I seem to have a vague commitment to doing all the As and all the Ks. Normal pairing of seme/uke is suspended. Assume not worksafe unless it says otherwise.

Alaemon/Khalid (Should be worksafe, pretty much)
...Or Not (Asmodeus-Fallen Khalid, sorta-kinda worksafe)

I also did some poetry. Some of it is IN-filk, sort of. Some of it is teenage angst. You have been warned. (The In Nomine stuff is pretty much at the top, though, so it might be safe to sneak a peek.)