The Real McCoy

Why the title? Because my other address is, of course...

Anyway, this is my index, aka my homepage. It's going to be kind of sparse, because I prefer to get verbose on other pages. So there. (This page last updated 8/8/01. (Next to last update was 8/30/00. Eek.))

For the In Nomine Collection (INC), go here.

I no longer maintain the INC, but it's still cool!

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Gaming War Stories are here -- not just my own, but links to other people's PBEM archive-pages. <broken links here>
And here is an Excel file full of names, including a really simple random name selector macro. It's about 200K.

In case you hadn't found this place via some comment from or, I like GURPS. I co-authored GURPS Illuminati University. Then I wrote IOU in In Nomine.

And then they made me the In Nomine Line Editor -- 9/26/97. And I edited several books, and wrote material for several books. Not in that order. Most recently (2000), I co-authored GURPS In Nomine.

I started an archive of GURPS characters (but someone else runs it now).

Ditto some star-ships, designed with GURPS Space. (Note: there were racial designs listed beyond my Characters link, and some robotic designs. Go there, look around...)

And I've worked on In Nomine characters too!

Why have I passed on so many things? Simple. See here. And here, though her name is misspelled slightly. (Cayce, not Casey; she was born on the 17th, the Illuminator announcement is on the 18th.) It's also why it takes me SO long to fix broken links.

Other stuff I've done...

I also have friends, whose web-pages I will stick here as I get around to it.

Some more characters!
First Church of Mad Scientist:
Chimera Publishing (Nice place with lots of SF&F art):
Other links I like [under construction]
The Bujold Nexus (the work of Lois McMaster Bujold); also links to:
Ash and Pookey (and the cats): <broken link, repair later>
Argon Zark (obviously into WUSE-style NerdPunk); great stuff!
Collie's stuff :

(Picture of me)

The obligatory picture of me (best viewed using jillions of colors)




My spouse says that I paid the 15 points for Beautiful Appearance (that's GURPS talk). I can't figure out how he figures this, most of the time. This was the official wedding portrait, so I guess I look okay in it (I'm wearing some makeup, which I normally don't bother with). But he says this even when I'm wandering around in a T-shirt, haven't brushed my hair, etc! I dunno about him, but I'm definitely going to keep him. <big sappy evil grin>




I got this cute award thing (with the key). Says I'm a real good GURPS site. I guess this means I need to tidy up my GURPS links. *sigh*

This page was crafted with Adobe PageMill<TM>, a WYSIWYG HTML application for the Mac ($99.95), which had numerous problems with Now Menus for a long time, and crashed the system regularly upon quitting out of the application. It seems to be behaving itself recently (we did some stuff like reinstalling the system, so we'll see), so I'll stop cursing the NAME of Adobe every night. (Maybe -- I think it's still having subtle problems... Therefore, I am experimenting with NetScape Navigator Gold, which also includes a WYSIWYG editor, and apparently does everything PageMill does and more... Heh heh heh.

Turns out that I need both of them to get one pretty decent editor -- PageMill 1.0 doesn't understand about "&" and "=""" in links (such as in the GURPS Web-Ring, above), but NetScape Gold has some other misfeatures. I'm looking at getting either yet a third editor, or upgrading to the next version(s) of PageMill or NetScape or both. *sigh*

I've upgraded to the next version of PageMill as I type this (we'll see if it breaks the WebRing code like PageMill 1.0 did), and it now does paragraph by default instead of linebreaks. I'll have to see if I can do my prefered linebreak method easily, or if I have to downgrade... Finally found it -- under "Tagging paragraphs" instead of "linebreaks," but I can do them from the keyboard! Yay! (Shift+Return, it turns out.) I can adapt to that... Now, if it doesn't crash the system upon quitting out of it, as PageMill 1.0 did, I will officially consider PageMill 2.0 a Feature.

(Which doesn't keep me from using plain old Alpha to edit the raw HTML from time to time. I don't believe I'm actually learning this stuff some...)

PageMill 2.0, despite my suspicions, didn't break NetScape Gold; I just found an obscure bug with the version I have, which NetScape will shortly hear about -- it doesn't want to save a file that's in a directory that has a backslash in it. PageMill 2.0, however, *does* have certain flaws -- in particular, if it finds a "broken" bit of HTML in a file it's reading, it breaks it *worse* trying to parse it, instead of being sensible like NetScape Gold and just setting the weird stuff aside and not trying to edit it further. You see, I'd been playing with some files with PageMill 1.0, and PageMill 1.0 broke the files subtly. NetScape Gold didn't have any problem, but PageMill 2.0 started barfing and corrupting the files *worse*. Pretty sad, when it's not even compatible with its earlier version's bugginess. *sigh*
Among other broken things, I think the Blue Ribbon GIF, above, is corrupted somewhat, but I don't know how to fix it for sure. If anyone wants to look at the Source for this index and tell me, I'd be grateful.

Thanks to Mike McLaughlin, who gave me the correct code! He notes a nice URL for doctoring HTML code: .