Abby's Puppies.

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Nov 29 - newborn pups during c-section.

Nov 29 - newborns during first feeding at home.

Dec 1 - Pups at two days of age with iPhone to show size.

Dec 4 - Abby feeding 5 day old puppies.

Dec 11 - Abby feeding 12 day old puppies.

Dec 18 - Abby listens to TV while feeding pup. As seen in this video, one of the pups is sleeping on his back. Both Abby and the other pup do this regularly.

Dec 19 - Learning to walk.

Dec 19 - 20 day old pups feeding.

Dec 21 - first trip outside.

Dec 23 - playing.

Dec 25 - introduction to moistened puppy food.

Dec 27 - Abby demonstrates "butt-tucking" for her puppies.

Dec 28 - Abby continues her attempt to teach pups to play.

Dec 31 - Pups learn to carry and come.

Jan 2, 2012 - One pup tries to nurse while the other plays with mom.

Jan 2 - Pups play in dog blind while mom butt tucks.

Jan 9 - Abby shows pup how to carry bumper.

Jan 12 - 3pm - Abby plays with pups.

Jan 14 - pups continue clicker introduction and are regularly offering sit.

Jan 14 - blond pup stands attentively.

Jan 15 - pups play chase with glove.

Jan 17- Abby's pups are introduced to water.

Jan 17 - pups cross wobbleboard.

Jan 17 - pups run full length tunnel...almost run over by Abby who was teaching them.

Jan 21 - pups are regularly exposed to different types of this case river rocks in a water heater pan.

Jan 21 - pups sleep together in the same crate; the box with pine shavings that they use for bathroom breaks while inside is shown to the right.

Jan 26 - Tuesday was shot day, Wednesday was eye exam day...but today was FUN day by the pond.

Jan 25 - pups play in corner of yard flooded by big rains.

Jan 29 - pup plays with empty pecan tree pot.

Feb 7 - Blondie, now called "Q", left Saturday with his new owner. In this video Tuco demonstrates the introduction to casting that both puppies have been getting a couple of times a week. Pieces of kibble are tossed simultaneously with the puppy's name to release them from their sit. This process has been used with all our pups since 1995 and it has seemed to make teaching handling easier.

Feb 23 - Abby watches as Tuco makes a water retriever.

Feb 23 - Tuco makes water retrieve with in and out...but fades with the wind going over.

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