Tuco Training Setups

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Water marks from August 21, 2012. The left hand mark landed about 210 yards from the line and was launched from a Zinger Winger, angled back left to right about 45 degrees. The path to the mark was 40 yards water, 20 yards across the peninsula, 30 yards across the next water, then out and up to the mark. The right hand mark was launched from a Thunder 500, right to left, angled back about 30 degrees and landing about 160 yards from the line. As with the right hand mark, path was water, land, water, land. The Thunder 500 was fully loaded, but only a single shot was fired as Tuco did the right hand mark first. There were four loaded zingers at the left hand station and a second, safety mark was launched as Tuco entered the second piece of water to straighten his line as he had begun to square that entry. He reappeared on the proper line and went directly to the long mark. We also ran a couple of cold water blinds. Both were easy; the first was a short entry with a 30 yard swim to a bumper on the shore of an island. The second blind had a 10 yard entry, 30 yard swim, and 10 yards out on the opposite shore. The second blind involved a "back, nick" when Tuco began to break down shortly after entering the water.

Land/water marks from August 23, 2012. The long left hand mark shown in the picture landed approximately 175 yards from the line and was launched from the Thunder 500. Tuco ran this one first as a single and completed it without requiring any assistance. The line was approximately 80 yards on land, then 40 yards through shallow land/water areas, across a high dike, through a channel on the other side of the dike, then out on land. This mark was then rethrown and a second mark was shot from a hand-held dummy launcher, landing about 70 yards from line in the edge of the pond. Tuco picked up this double then ran a couple of short (50 yard) land blinds placed about ninety degrees off line to the marks.

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