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Labrador Retrievers are a very important part of my life. My wife, Tresha, and I currently own 3. The picture above, taken several years ago, showed 4 generations of our dogs. From the left: Willie, 13+, Lulu, 11+, Luna (7+), and Abby (4 months). Willie, Lulu, and Luna are now gone, but Luna's daughter Abby (now 8+) still lives with us along with 2 other Labs on 14 acres near Creedmoor, Texas, USA. Creedmoor is a small town located south-southeast of Austin, Texas.

All of our Labs have competed in various AKC and UKC events, mostly involving retrieving work but occasionally agility, conformation, and obedience.

Abby and Dusty, born September 21, 2007. We kept them from the breeding of Luna to CH MACH Prospect's Slam Dunk MH UD MXP3 MJP3. Both are semi-retired although they still train regularly and occasionally compete to support clubs to which we belong. Both have their HRCH and MH titles as well as their UH title and train at the field trial qualifying level.

Our youngest is Tuco, born November 29, 2011. Tuco is Abby's son from a breeding to FC Blackwater's Last Resort. He is qualified all-age and is our 6th generation master hunter. He now spends most of his time training for field trials.

Chance, Corky, Tarn, Pandora, Rascal, Classy, Lulu, Willie, Yoda, Riser, Luna and Clint highlight my gallery of lab friends who have crossed over the rainbow bridge. Click on their individual pictures for more information about them.

We train regularly with members of the Alamo (San Antonio) Retriever Club, the Waterloo Amateur Retriever Club. We occasionally participate in conformation, agility, or obedience events but spend the great majority of our time on field work, including both hunting tests and field trials.

Please consider adopting a rescued Labrador. There are many reasons why Labs might become available for adoption and, unfortunately, there is usually a wide choice of sex, color, and ages of dogs available. For information about rescued Labradors available in the central Texas area, click here. For information about rescued Labs in other areas, click here.

Visit LABMED to learn about an Internet-based organization devoted to assisting rescued Labradors in need of medical attention.

Visit Wing-N-Wave Labradors for a wealth of links on canine health and genetics.

We are not in the business of breeding dogs, but we occasionally (about every 2 years) have puppies , which usually go to established competition homes. We also have titled yellow males, and frozen semen from a titled black male carrying chocolate, available for stud to bitches which meet our guidelines. If you are interested in acquiring a Labrador Retriever, please start by reviewing information at the Labrador Retriever Club (LRC) website about things to look for in selecting a puppy . The LRC website also has a searchable directory of members who are breeders.

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